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[GIFTED] You're Welcome Cards

If you read this site regularly, you know that I am constantly doing three things: 1.) making insensitive remarks with little to no regard of how it will effect my career, 2.) shamelessly promoting myself, the subtext screaming, "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, AREN'T I FANTASTIC?!", and 3.) looking for hi-larious and disrespectful cards to send to my loved ones.

I ask you, as the most commercialized season is upon us: what is more hilarious and disrespectful than these You're Welcome cards, designed by yours truly?  NOTHING, THAT'S WHAT. 

You should definitely buy them.  They're $9.99 for a set of six (that includes envelopes, jerks), and they make the perfect accompaniment to the fabulous gifts you give everyone.  

Click here to buy them.  You can pay via PayPal, or any major credit card.   

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