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My 5 Best Gifts: Taniya Nayak from HGTV

Let's face it: giving the perfect gift to someone is like standing on top of a mountain and shouting, "HEY EVERYONE, I'M NOT AN EMOTIONAL CRIPPLE!"   

My 5 Best Gifts is a recurring feature that asks people to give up the goods on the best gifts they've given or received. 

If you've ever watched HGTV even once, you probably know who Taniya Nayak is.  She's appeared on Destination Design, Designed to Sell, Bang for Your Buck, and is the current host of the new show, House Hunters on Vacation.  In addition to all of all of this professional stuff, she is absolutely adorable and hilarious.    

Here's Taniya's 5 Best Gifts:

1. Jo Malone Candle ($65, Jo Malone): If you read this blog regularly, you'll know that I typically say that candles are a gift you gift someone you don't care about.  Taniya, however, gives it a personal twist by pairing the scent of the candle with the scent of a person (or, THE SCENT OF A WOMAN)

"With all of my travels, I wanted to get my hubby a little prezzie that subtly reminded him of me while I was away," says Taniya.  "He had bought me a Jo Malone fragrance for a recent birthday, so I bought him the candle in the same scent and left it on his nightstand. My scent is Vanilla and Anise."

2. Custom Framing of something special: "If someone you love has been featured in a magazine or newspaper, get it custom framed to show how special it is to both of you," says Taniya. Yes, there's no better gift for a narcissist than framing their accomplishments.  My dad framed the first article of mine that ever ran in Every Day With Rachael Ray magazine.  I would hang it up, if I had an office, that is.

3.Slippers ($39.95, Red Envelope): "I found monogrammed slippers on Red Envelope and it was the perfect man gift," says Taniya.  "A really good, quality pair of slippers with the giftee's initials shows on them show that you put thought into it and that you feel that they deserve some luxurious comfort."

4. Reclaimed Letters: I used to think I had a really modern style until I realized what an affinity I had to grungy old reclaimed signs.  Taniya's on the same track: "Pick up various letters for a kid's bedroom or for a friend with a cool office," she says.  "They're also great for a quirky apartment with an eclectic style." 

You can find a ton of different letters all over Etsy, like at this shop.

5. Collectors Items: "About 3 years ago, I started collecting Starbucks city mugs from all of the places that I visited," says Taniya.  "The ones that I collected have been replaced with a new style, so whenever I find my classic mug somewhere, it's like just found gold!  The reason I love this as a gift item is because I'm a huge coffee lover, I love to entertain, and I love to travel. It covers all bases for me. An item that costs $10 bucks will get endless thanks you's and ear-to-ear smiles from me.  Find out what your friend or loved one has a special affinity for and perhaps you can even start a collection for them! It will make gift giving even easier year after year."

Wanna be featured on My 5 Best Gifts?  Email me!

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