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[GIFTED] Gowanus Furniture Co. Cutting Boards

So, you live in New York City and pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a devastatingly small apartment.  If you lived in Buffalo, you'd be living in a waterfront mansion for what you pay each month in rent, your mother likes to remind you.

That's why when you live in New York City, it's important for everything to be functional.  Your ottoman opens up and houses all of your DVDs.  Your bathtub doubles as storage for your BBQ coolers.  Your Brita pitcher not only stores drinking water, but also doubles as a basin for collecting your tears whenever it comes time to write out another rent check.  WHATEVER.

So, I love these cutting boards (starting at $90, Gowanus Furniture Co.).  They're beautiful and handmade, but they're made to fit over your sink, fit over your stove, AND be mounted on your wall when not in use if you have no cabinet space.

See more photos after the jump.

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