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[YOU'RE WELCOME] Valentine's Day Cards

Oh, man.  Valentine's Day is upon us and you only have a limited amount of time to scramble around and try to get your loved one something that makes up for all of the inconsiderate things you've done all year.  And while there's no card that says "Sorry I routinely ignore you and/or forgo sex in favor of watching my favorite TV show" or "Sorry I rarely shave my legs because we're comfortable and personal hygeine has fallen on my priority list," there are plenty of cards out there that say "I love you," without forcing you to get all mushy.

Because hey, no one wants to get one of those sappy cards from Rite Aid that, at quick glance, look like a sympathy card.  The last thing you want someone to think when you give them a card is, "Are you going to murder me later?"

Want to buy any (or ALL) of these cards for your jerk boyfriend or girlfriend?   Check out this gallery for a full list of the cards and links to purchase.

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