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[GIFTED] The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook

Let me say this: I'm really sick of my female peers who got Mad Men fever and wished aloud that they could go back to the 50's and 60's, where women were rarely hired as anything but secretaries and were routinely sexually harassed.  MAN OH MAN, WISH WE COULD GO BACK TO THOSE DAYS.

HOWEVER, drinking in the office all day, only to break for a lunch consisting of a giant porterhouse steak and oysters rockefeller?  That's something I could get behind.  Fortunately, The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook ($11.32, Amazon) gives you all of the tools needed to eat and drink like those handsome bastards did back in the day, whether you want to finally be able to master the martini or a delightfully crisp Beef Wellington. Heart medication sold separately, right Roger Sterling? 

Please note that I was sent a sample of this book to check out.  I read it, I liked it, and here we are.  

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