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[GIFTED] Skull Ice Cube

In the fussy world of fancy, $25 cocktails, there are less and less opportunities to look badass. Nothing served with a cardamom salted rim is badass.  Nothing with cucumber in it is badass.  

So you've taken to ordering a whiskey neat to prove that you're mysterious and utiliarian and not into being "showy."  But every once in awhile, you pine for a little touch of something special.  Something that says, "I treated myself tonight" without transforming you into a "woo girl" clutching a peach puree gin cocktail with more mint leaves in it than gin.    

The Skull Ice Cube Mold ($12, Gamago) is exactly what you've been needing.  What's more badass than a goddamned skull ice cube the size of a baseball hanging out in your drink? Also, it's still just an ice cube, so it won't junk up the taste of the pure alcohol you adore the way that other cocktail acoutrements will.  WIN.   

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