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[GIFTED] Fotostrap

 When you were a kid, cameras were for losers.  Who was pointing a camera at you?  Your mom, at the Grand Canyon.  Your dad, on the Tilta-a-Whirl at your local carnival.  That creepy, moustachioed photographer the school hired to take your "portrait" each year. 

But then you grew up and realized that everyone loves the person with the camera (okay, except maybe Princess Diana, RIP RIP) because they are in love with themselves and a camera allows them to be the center of attention.  All of a sudden, your friend went from the dorky kid to the cool, artsy photographer.  "Let me capture your true beauty," he'd practice saying in the mirror, trying not to roll his own eyes right out of their sockets.

And, really, who could really be considered a loser when they're carrying around a $1,000 camera?  That's pretty badass.  If you want to help your friend look even MORE badass with his egregiously expensive camera, get him a Fotostrap (starting at $85)—a custom, monogrammable camera strap made out of leather and canvas (the canvas comes in 11 different colors and a number of limited edition patterns).  With the Fotostrap, he'll be able to snap those wedding photos/obnoxious photos of his girlfriend/Anne Geddes-style terrifying baby photos in STYLE.  

And what's even better?  Fotostrap donates 10% from each purchase to Fotolanthropy, a non-profit that gives portrait sessions to inspiring people who are overcoming adversity.

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