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[GIFTED] Style RX Pill Case

There are moments when you're reminded how fantastic life really is.  It's usually when you're drinking on a rooftop as the sun goes down, or at the birth of your child or something. 

And then there are moments when you're reminded how fucking terrible it can be.  That's usually when you or someone you care about are diagnosed with an illness.  Their life changes in an instant.  They're going to a million doctor's appointments.  They're having to take tons of medications.  It sucks.  But as they negotiate their new normal, you should check in on them and bring this Style RX Pill Case ($34, Inspired By Dawn).  If they're now having to take tons of medication, they'll appreciate having a fun, sleek cover for their boring, standard days-of-the-week pill container. 

Please note that Style RX sent me a sample because they thought I might like it. I liked it, I gave it to my mom to use, and here we are.  

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