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6 Gifts for the Discerning Foodie 

A decade or so ago, nobody really cared about food.  At least, not in the way that we do now.  They loved to eat since the dawn of time, of course, but nobody was asking questions about whether their steak was humanely raise or what kind of minerals were in the soil that their turnip was grown in. Nowadays, everyone’s got a little bit of a foodie in them, just by virtue of being conscious.  Don’t think this is true?  Picture your mother 15 years ago. Would that woman have even touched sushi back then?  Exactly.  Now she’s got a favorite roll and everything. Can’t get enough of edamame either. 

But in the ever-evolving hierarchy of foodies, there are some subtle distinctions worth noting, and The Discerning Foodie ain’t your mom’s type of foodie.  She’s not just picking up edamame hummus at her local grocery store or making a date with her friend to try Pad Thai for the first time.  This girl taking trips out to local farms to buy cheese.  She’s taking a class to learn how to make that exotic dish she ate when she went on that trip to Morocco.  She’s been known to blow a paycheck or two at one of the trendiest restaurants in her city, and she also regularly drops a ton of cash on high-quality ingredients at her local specialty market.  

Some might say she’s a bit of a snob, but when you’ve had the freshest, best version of a bland food you’ve been eating all your life—brussel sprouts, for example—you a.) never want to go back to eating the other version and b.) you want to shout it from the rooftops that there’s a better way. 

So, for The Discerning Foodie, we’ve rounded up six awesome gifts that’ll make her endless quest for the perfect bite a little more fun.  Read it on Parade.

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