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10 Awesome Gifts for Mother's Day 


Mother’s Day is a great occasion to stop and take stock in what a lackluster child you are to your mother.  You know it’s true.  These days, you barely answer the phone calls of the woman who gave you life, fed and clothed you, taught you things like how to use a spoon, or dispensed age-old wisdom that girls in middle school who were mean to you were “just jealous.”  Yeah, yeah—work’s crazy!  You’re soooo busy!  Get it together and buy her something ASAP!  This is your big chance to make up for being such a jerk.  And even though she deserves more—way more—than whatever you’re going to buy her, she’ll love it anyway.  She’d also love if you’d stop letting her calls go to voicemail.  Just sayin’.  Read it on Parade.

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