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10 Great Steak Knives for Any Budget

Do you love steak? I mean really, really love steak? If yes, you know that a good steak knife is just as important as the cut, the perfect sear, and that extra pat of butter on top. You want your steak knife to glide through your meat, you want your steak knife to look good on the table, and you don't want your steak knife to cost too much money.  Check out these sharp finds that are a cut above the rest, ordered from least expensive to a little splurge-y. Read it on The Kitchn


Not a Brothel Doormat

If you have a teenage daughter, it's important to set ground rules—not only for her, but for the gaggle of raggamuffins she'll inevitably bring through your door during her high school and college years.  This not-so-subtle Not a Brothel Doormat ($34, Overstock) will let everyone know what the house rules are. Keep it together, kids.  


Get the Look: Grammys Edition

The Grammys, which air on Sunday, celebrate all kinds of different music—it's why such a weird combination of different artists are always in attendance. Only at the Grammys can Kanye West, Luke Bryan and some jazz singer you’ve never heard of be honored at the same time. So, we’re celebrating the top music men who are nominated this year—and showing you how to snag their style. Read it on Made Man


8 Valentine's Day Subscription Boxes She'll Love

Love—it’s the gift that keeps on giving. But unfortunately for you, your love isn’t an acceptable gift when Valentine’s Day rolls around. So, why not gift her something that also keeps on giving—a subscription for something she’ll actually love and use? Check out eight of our favorites on Made Man


11 Valentine's Day Gifts for Him Under $100

The man in your life scoffs at the idea of Valentine’s Day.  He’s tried (and failed) to get you to come around to the idea of just ditching Valentine’s Day altogether. “Come on,” he says, “Valentine’s Day is just a fake holiday made up by the card and flower companies.” Do you really want to pander to BIG CHOCOLATE?

Yes.  Yes, you do. Why? Because! You don’t need a reason. If you want to get flowers from your husband one day of the year, he should oblige, right?  Sure he should. But you should also get himself something nice, too. Romance works both ways. Get him an awesome Valentine’s Day gift and see how much he’s “not into” Valentine’s Day next year. Check out our suggestions for the best gifts to get him, all under $100. Read it on Parade.