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10 Stylish Aprons to Tie On

You like the idea of an apron, but you're always halfway through cooking dinner before you remember you wanted to put one on. And you really do want to put one on: Aprons protect your clothes, have pockets to keep utensils handy, and make you look adorable! That's why we've rounded up 10 aprons that are so awesome, you'll never forget to put them on again. Your clothes will thank you. Read it on The Kitchn


Namaste at the Bar Tank Top

Some people spend their weekends "getting centered."  Sleeping, eating healthy, maybe taking a yoga class. READING FOR PLEASURE, PERHAPS.  That's great.  Good for those assholes, who use the weekends for recharging instead of raging.

But for us NORMAL PEOPLE who use weekends as an excuse to get shitfaced and eat everything you're not supposed to only to start the calorie counting clock again on Monday, this Namaste at the Bar Tank Top ($36, Buy Me Brunch) is the perfect thing to wear.  Enjoy your downward dogs, ladies—we're enjoying our 52 beers at the bar at 2pm on a Sunday.    


Isle of Harris Gin 

Isle of Harris Gin looks a bottle that would wash up on the beach with a letter from a long lost love, but GET A GRIP, your long lost love has MOVED ON and is def not trying to send you a message in a bottle. There's an upside to your devastating heartbreak, though, and that's the fact that instead of being stuffed with a letter from someone you're still pining for, it's filled with delicious gin. Sweet liquor eases the pain. 

Also, Harris Distillers' logo looks exactly like Hillary Clinton's campaign logo, which makes me think/hope that Hillary has said, "fuck it," and started a distillery. Go on, girl. 


10 Out-Of-This-World Astrology Items for Your Kitchen

There are people who casually consume their daily horoscope and there are people who take astrology very seriously. For the people in the second camp, "What's your sign?" isn't an annoying first-date question — it's a window into who a person really is. By hearing that someone is a Gemini or an Aquarius, the astrology buff immediately gets a sense of what that person is all about.  For you zodiac enthusiasts, we've rounded up 10 astrology-themed items that'll help your kitchen shine. Read it on The Kitchn


Get the Look: Oscars Edition

Every February, the Oscars honor the best actors of the year—and while being nominated for Best Actor doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up on the “Best Dressed” list (RIP Joan Rivers), this year’s nominees are decidedly dapper. Check out how you can steal the style of all of the Best Actor nominees so that women will like you—really, really like you. Read it on Made Man