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[GIFTED] David Hart & Co. Ties

If you have a very preppy gay man or a fashion-conscious butch lesbian in your life, these David Hart & Co. Ties ($125 each, Park & Bond) will be the perfect gift.  They say, "Hey, I'm fashionably sensitive but I'm also too cool to care." 



[GIFTED] Shopper Handbag

Because I'm thoroughly obnoxious, sometimes, whenever I have a meeting or a conference call, I announce to my co-workers that I am doing "LADY BUSINESS."  Sure, you might think that I might be talking about tampons or maxipads, but really, I am talking about LADIES doing BUSINESS.  You know, sisters doing it for themselves, etc. 

What better way to show the world that you are SERIOUS about your job than this charming faux crocodile skin bag ($89.90, Mango)

"Hey, what do you have in your bag, Cheryl?" they'll ask you.  "A folder full of AWESOME," you'll reply.


[GIFTED] OCD Cutting Board

Hey, psycho: you love everything to be exactly perfect all of the time.  When you're not alienating loved ones with your insufferable attempts at constant perfection, you're cutting vegetables into perfect quarter-inch cubes.  Pick up this OCD Cutting Board ($25, Uncommon Goods) and exacerbate the situation completely and totally. 


[GIFTED] Thom Dolan Land-Ho Bracelet

The funny thing about magazines is that they are almost always contradicting themselves.  One month, there's a story where they're saying, "OMG LINDSAY LOHAN IS SO FAT" (because she's like, 130lbs, which is 10lbs less than my ultimate goal weight, FYI).  Then, the next month, they run a story where they're all like, "OMG LINDSAY LOHAN IS SO SKINNY!"

Weird, guys, I wonder how that happened.

This is why I typically turn to men's magazines.  Rope bracelets are supposedly the "hot new thing" for this summer, but I saw in this month's GQ that they were giving a dude a makeover, saying that wearing rope bracelets made him look young and unserious.  

Whatever, GQ, I never feel better than when I'm wearing my beloved rope bracelet

This Land-Ho Bracelet ($30, Saturdays NYC) is a good one to have, and it's way cheaper than the Miansai ones.  You'll look like you belong on a boat or on a deserted island when you put this thing on, amiright?


[GIFTED] Jack Spade Cloth iPhone Cases

How big of a d-bag am I for spending over $100 on an iPhone case?  The answer?  The biggest d-bag in the world.  Like, Bernie Madoff level d-bag.  I know this.

You can dress up your iPhone for less with these new Fabric iPhone Cases ($40 each, Jack Spade).  Look at how preppy, look at how stylish.  You are a champion.