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My 5 Best Gifts: Katrien Van der Schueren from voila! gallery

Let's face it: giving the perfect gift to someone is like standing on top of a mountain and shouting, "HEY EVERYONE, I'M NOT AN EMOTIONAL CRIPPLE!" 

My 5 Best Gifts is a recurring feature that asks people to give up the goods on the best gifts they've given or received. 

Katrien Van der Schueren is the owner of voila! gallery in Los Angeles, which offers up an amazing array of oddities.  Basically, I want to buy everything in there. Aside from the gallery, Katrien has a coffee table book coming out from Chronicle Books.

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[GIFTED] Jonathan Adler Giant Erasers

Word to the wise: I don't use pencils because I DON'T MAKE MISTAKES. 

But these Giant Erasers ($9.95 each, Jonathan Adler) may or may not change my mind about this. 


[GIFTED] La Via Lattea Cheese Knife Set

You guzzle down cans of Coors Light, but your friend is a wine and cheese snob.  Like, a BIG wine and cheese snob.  The type who specifically pairs certain cheeses up and swirls the wine around in their glass like a pretentious dbag.    

If you want to get them something they'll love forever, pick up the La Via Lattea Cheese Knife Set ($400, Switch Modern). Bonus points: it looks like a serial killer's toolkit. 


[GIFTED] Fucking Love You Print

What's that you say?  You're dead inside?  The minute after you say something emotional, you follow it up with a joke?  Join the club!

But, despite the fact that you're emotionally retarded, you've tricked someone into being in a relationship with you.  Now you're faced with having to talk about your feelings.  ALLLLLLLL OF THE TIME.

When it comes to gift giving to your beloved, you have two choices: you could stare deep into your lover's eyes, breath heavily, tear up and softly say "I love you," or you could get real and hand them this Fucking Love You Print ($35, Etsy).  Your choice.


[GIFTED] Mini Sandwich Lunchbox 

If you're like me, you bring your lunch in an ill-fitting tupperware container wrapped in a CVS bag so the salad dressing doesn't leak.  This is what POVERTY looks like. 

Don't be an idiot.  Set aside $10 and buy this Mini Sandwich Lunchbox ($7.95, Spoon Sisters).