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[GIFTED] Saturdays NYC Bolt Collection

Hey, Sporty Spice, looking for some nice athletic gear?  Trying not to look like that asshole at the gym wearing the stained, ripped up AC/DC tour t-shirt? 

Look no further than the Lightning Bolt Tee ($35) and Backdoor Pipe Shorts ($70) from Saturdays NYC. They're perfect for "running."  And if you're like me, "running" means sprinting through the park for 10 minutes and then walking the rest of the way while gossiping with a friend.

Good luck out there.


[ETSY] Szeya Camera Necklace

Remember that girl you went to high school with who could NOT put down her camera?  She took many risque photos in the bathroom mirror of her wearing a too-small tank top and never, ever, ever smiling.  Many people confused her love with herself with her love of cameras, so she became the "photographer" of the group.

Pick up this Camera Necklace ($16, Szeya) and help her keep up the charade.  She's not a narcissist, she's an artist!


My 5 Best Gifts: Lisa Smith from Decor Girl

Let's face it: giving the perfect gift to someone is like standing on top of a mountain and shouting, "HEY EVERYONE, I'M NOT AN EMOTIONAL CRIPPLE!"   

My 5 Best Gifts is a recurring feature that asks people to give up the goods on the best gifts they've given or received. 

Lisa Smith might be better known by her blog alias, Decor Girl, where she offers up helpful, non-pretentious decor and home design advice. 

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[GIFTED] Saturdays NYC Beach Soap

Things I am not proud of:

1. That I saw the movie The Notebook in the theatre.

2. That I have watched the documentary Aileen Wuornos: The Life & Death of a Serial Killer more than three times.  

3. That I can quote the dialogue of most episodes of The Golden Girls verbatim.

But on one episode, Dorothy was talking about how her grandmother gave her soap in the shape of The Seven Dwarves for a present.  "By the end of my bath, they looked like seven suppositories," she said. 

But not everything Dorothy Zbornack says is gospel (as I've found), so this Saturdays NYC Beach Soap ($8, Saturdays NYC) that smells like citrus and eucalyptus makes a great gift for someone who is super into hygeine or someone who smells bad.  


[RECAP] Million Dollar Decorators: Episode 6

Last week, Martyn redesigned Daisy Fuentes' living room (ayayayyyy), Nathan threw an Indian-themed party, Kathryn looked like the bird lady from Home Alone 2 (and, coincidentally, stopped following me on Twitter), and Jeffrey and Ross got into a fight and then promptly took a bath together.

This week, Martyn goes to London, Kathryn hits on an ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey rips up some floors, and Mary gets an Edible Arrangement.

Here we go.

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