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I Love it When You Call Me Big Poppa: A Father's Day Gift Guide

If you're like my family, you may or may not have gotten into a heated debate about the Casey Anthony trial.  For those of you who come from normal families and don't know what I'm talking about, Casey Anthony is a young mother who has been accused of killing her daughter, Caylee. 

But if you follow the news or have watched the thinly-veiled Law & Order: SVU "RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES" episode starring Hillary Duff, you know this: it was Casey's MOTHER who turned her in for possibly murdering her granddaughter.

This is where my family comes in.  My mother told me that she would DEFINITELY turn me into the police if she thought I killed someone.  My father, on the other hand, told me that he would help me get rid of the body. 

This is what Father's Day is all about. 

Your mother bristles at the thought of little things like "manslaughter" and "prison" and "homicide," but your father doesn't have time for that shit.  He's already out in the garage gathering garbage bags and a shovel.  Now THAT'S love.

Whether he's helping you conceal a murder, threatening your dates with a baseball bat, or calling you every five minutes to ask you if you're still alive (you live in New York City, you could be killed at any moment), this guy is absolutely, 100% concerned about you and your well-being every waking moment of the day. 

Let's honor his stifling overprotectiveness and unconditional love by buying him something other than a necktie this year, shall we?

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[RECAP] Million Dollar Decorators: Episode 2

Last week, we met the five crazies that we will be following around for the remainder of the season (until it gets cancelled, that is) while they drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on stupid shit like side tables and gold-leaf covered antler chandeliers.

This week, we were thrown right back into the "drama," where some rich lady doesn't like Jeffrey's design, some rich lady is upset about antique tiles, and Martyn and Kathryn get drunk.

Anyone sensing a theme here?

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[GIFTED] Luggage Tag Thank You Cards

Despite the fact that I am almost always brazen, brusque, and grumpy, I am a big, big, big believer in Thank You cards.  My desk drawer is full of them, and they allow me to say sincere, heartfelt things to people in writing that I would never be able to say out loud. 

These cards from Girl in Gear Studio are the coolest ones I've seen in a long time, and you get a set of 12 for under $20.   


[ETSY] Beer Lover Kitchen Towels

Beer and typography may be two weird things to love, but let's face it: I'm a weird person. 

This set of kitchen towels from Nesta Home will only set you back $40, and they'll look great sopping up the spilled beer from your power hour party fowls.


[Etsy] John W. Golden Collection

I am absolutely, completely, totally obsessed with nearly everything in John W. Golden's Etsy shop.  He sells brightly-colored prints featuring quirky phrases, robots, rockets, and more, but what really caught my eye are all of his art blocks, like the Hoods on Wood ($18). 

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