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Brooklyn Flea Spree

Yesterday, Erica of F'd in Park Slope and I headed down to the Brooklyn Flea Market to participate in the Brooklyn Flea Spree, hosted by The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking.

We were one of five teams of bloggers given $25 and let loose in the market to pick up the best home goods possible.

We picked up some sweet glasses from the 1960's, a spiral napkin holder, and letters that spell out our favorite ethnic greeting. 

The other bloggers did a great job at picking out other items, but you should probably forget about all of that and go vote for us

All votes have to be in by Monday, May 9 and midnight, so get over there.  FAST.


[GIFTED] Ace Bottle Opener 

You probably stopped carrying around a bottle opener a few years after you graduated from college, but that doesn't mean you can't pick up this bottle opener ($20, Kikkerland) for your immature friend or your little brother who's graduating high school. 

Bonus: it's slim enough to fit in your wallet, if you're a guy or a lesbian. 


[GIFTED] Banana Boys Bottle Stoppers

One day, your friend who may or may not be an alcoholic will become a fully-functioning adult that will not finish an entire bottle of wine in one sitting.  When that happens, she'll need a wine stopper. 

This Banana Boys Set ($38, Switch Modern) is one of the better ones. 

Get on it.  The wino's waiting. 


How to Become a Gentrification Pioneer

Check out my offensive guide to becoming a Gentrification Pioneer in Brooklyn on Fucked in Park Slope.


[GIFTED] Owl Kitchen Timers

You know that obnoxious person.  The one that doesn't use recipes or measuring cups or timers.  You can't make Rice-a-Roni without studying the box for 45 minutes, but this bitch can just throw together a souflee without even trying.  It's the kind of effortless existence that makes you want to kill someone.

Buy these Owl Kitchen Timers ($23, Kikkerland) for anyone who is the complete opposite of that person.  The one that's a disaster in the kitchen but wants to up their cooking prowess.