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10 Cutest Garden Markers You Can Buy 

You spend a lot of time cultivating your backyard garden, so why not spruce it up with adorable garden markers that will add a touch of cuteness and make it easy to find what's what?  Set up some of these markers and you'll never again have to wonder if you're you're looking at the parsley or the cilantro.  Read it on The Kitchn


[SPONSORED] Piano Black Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

There's always one girl at the party who is always forcing everyone into photos.  On one hand, it's annoying and you wish she would stop, on the other hand, you're grateful that SOMEONE has the wherewithal to document all the fun times you're having (basically, you'll be glad you have them when you're old).  For this snap-happy person, we have a gift recommendation that is way more low-tech and a little retro—this Piano Black Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera ($62, That Sweet Gift), which automatically prints tiny photos before your eyes.  It'll allow her to keep taking photos but will get her phone out of her hand for a few minutes (a modern miracle!).      

Read more about the camera here


Festive Red, White and Blue Foods for 4th of July 

If you're planning on hosting a patriotic party this 4th of July and want to make sure whatever's on the menu is super festive, you have two options: You can make a flag cake from scratch, or you can seek out some holiday-appropriate ready-to-eat snacks. Or you can do both! Either way, we've got you covered.  Read it on The Kitchn


Maki Socks 

There are people in this world who like sushi and then there are people in this world who LOVE sushi. The people who LOVE sushi are always trying to get you to drop $40 on a sushi lunch, dreaming of a trip to Japan, and trying to get their parents to not make a face at the mere mention of sashimi.

That's why any rawfishophiles is going to love these Maki Socks ($14, Uncommon Goods), which look like honest-to-goodness sushi rolls (they're also available in California or Tuna roll designs, seriously). This way, they can have sushi even when they're not having sushi.  


10 Gifts for Your Cocktail-Loving Friend

There are people who enjoy a cocktail after a long day, and then there are people who are straight-up obsessed with cocktails. Chances are, you know one of these cocktail fanatics. It's your coworker who never uses fewer than 10 ingredients in a single drink. Or your BFF who just started growing her own mint because she's serious about her mojitos.

For the person in your life who collects antique cocktail glasses, lusts after expensive bottles of bourbon, and has a perfectly curated bar cart, we've rounded up 10 awesome gifts we know they'll love. Cheers. Read it on The Kitchn