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[GIFTED] Bios Urn

You've spent years hearing your parents go back and forth about what they want to happen when they die. Your dad wants to be buried with a full traditional Mass, your less-religious mom either wants to be cremated and have her ashes thrown out to sea.  Or, if your mom is like my mom, she says, "I don't care, just throw me in a dumpster or something" (see where I get it from?).  

If someone you know is kind of "iffy" about the whole "what are we gonna do with my body" thing, here's an idea: Bios Urn ($145), which uses your ashes to help grow a tree, which is a nice way to honor the departed and continue their life after they're gone.  


[GIFTED] Wooden Sail Boat 

There are two types of boaters: staunch motorboaters (get your mind out of the gutter) and sailboat devotees.  Each maintains that their way of boating is the superior way to go at it.  Motorboaters tend to be more simple—they want to be on the water, they want to have fun, and to them, having fun doesn't involve the enormous amount of work that goes into getting a sailboat up and running (what's also not fun: spending a ton of time rolling up sails after a day of boating/drinking).

That said, sailboat purists are satisfied by the work that goes into sailing.  They feel like Captain Ahab and shit.  They love to cut the motor, head into the wind, and peacefully glide across the water.  And for those people, gift them this beautifully-crafted Wooden Sail Boat ($145, Tanner Goods) that serves as a testament that when it comes to the best things in life, you have to work for them.    


[GIFTED] Leather Charging Wallet 

Here's a fun party trick: ask someone what percentage of charge their phone has to fall below in order to make them anxious.  You'll learn a lot about them.  The people who say 80% and under are completely addicted, the people who say 50% and under are moderately addicted, and the people who say they don't feel anxious at all (and are kind of relieved when their phone finally dies and gives them freedom from constant contact) are LIARS.  

Regardless of how anxious you get about your phone's dwindling battery life, being out and about and not having a functioning phone is a problem we all can relate to.  How will you be able to meet up with people? How will your girlfriend keep tabs on you?  How will you possibly even stay alive without checking your Instagram feed once per hour?

So, to answer this universal problem, there are now hundreds of portable chargers on the market.  Some are better than others, but even if they're small, they require space in a bag, which means they're great for women, not so great for guys who want to go to the bar with just their phone and wallets in tow.

Well, never fear—this Leather Charging Wallet ($120, Nomad) has a charger built right into a regular leather, slim-fit wallet.  When your phone is low on juice, you just open up your wallet, plug in your phone, and get charged up.  No accessories needed. 


[GIFTED] Pilot Translating Earpiece

As our world is becoming more and more global, it's more important than ever that we are able to communicate with people who come from different cultures and speak different languages.  It's why are we careen into adulthood that we're all kicking ourselves that we goofed off in high school Spanish class to the point where the only thing we can say is "hello," "goodbye," and "where are my pants?"

Translating apps help a bit, but they're not good when you're actually trying to have a conversation with someone who's in your face, right in that very moment.  That's why this Pilot Translating Earpiece ($199, Waverly Labs) is nothing short of revolutionary.  Put the device in your ear, set what language you want translated in its companion app, and you get real-time translation right in your ear.  Everyone buy a set, and we're at least two steps closer to world peace, guaranteed.


[GIFTED] Wig Vase

Everyone likes having fresh flowers around the house, even if their insecure manhood won't let them admit it out loud.  And sure, while any receptical that can hold water can technically serve as a vase (including everyone's new favorite: MASON JARS), it's nice to have one or two that is actually nice and adds to the beauty of the flowers rather than distracts from it.

Something that fits that bill perfectly?  The Wig Vase ($200, Houzz), which allows you to stick flowers into the shape of a human head to make them look like a wig.  It basically looks like something you'd find at Mrs. Doubtfire's gay brother's apartment (can you make me a woman?), and would be the perfect housewarming gift for your hairdresser cousin or anyone who remembers their Chia Pets fondly.