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[GIFTED] The Black Tux

Guys are always grumbling about how they have to rent tuxedos for weddings, completely forgetting that women have to actually PURCHASE whatever monstrosity that their "friend" sticks on them when they've been given the "honor" of being in their friend's wedding. 

It's FINE, it's totally fine, guys, that not only you have a rental option for your ugly wedding garb, now you have an even EASIER option with The Black Tux.  Starting at $95, you can order your tux online, tailoring it to your exact measurements and style preferences (you can even select vests, shoes, tie bars, belts, cufflinks, etc).  It's mailed directly to you and when you're done dancing to the YMCA in it, you just drop it right in the mail to return it.  It's the Netflix of tuxedo rentals.  Best part about it?  You never have to step foot in a Men's Warehouse or David's Bridal ever again.

A lady version of this needs to happen, STAT.   


[GIFTED] Wineries of Napa & Sonoma Set 

Your dad was never that into wine.  Sure, he'd have a glass of the "house Red" with a steak when you were out for dinner, but he sure didn't know the different between a Moscato and a Chardonnay and he had definitely never visited a winery. 

Fast forward to now.  Your father is a different man now that he's retired.  He's developed interests other than working and reading the newspaper quietly in a comfortable chair.  He went on a LIFE-CHANGING (his word, not yours) trip to California and became a complete wine snob.  He bought a huge wine chilling fridge.  He's declared Sideways his favorite movie.  It seems like it's getting out of hand.  It's okay, though—obsessions are good, they keep the mind sharp!  And red wine is heart-healthy (I think?).     

The newly-obsessed wine snob will love this Wineries of Napa & Sonoma Set ($250, Pop Chart Lab)—he can hang it in his newly-christened "wine cellar" (aka: the basement of your childhood home). 


[GIFTED] BirdieBox 

Your dad loves golf.  He keeps a standing tee time at the local country club.  He was subscriber #1 for Golf Digest.  He zones out for hours in front of golf on TV (which is equivalent to watching paint dry as far as you're concerned).  That's why you'll be the child of the year if you get him a subscription to BirdieBox for Father's Day.

Your dad will tell you he doesn't want anything for Father's Day because he thinks gifts are ridiculous.  "Take the money you would spend on me and put it in a savings account, or better yet—an IRA." He's LYING.  And you'll find out how much he's lying when your mother calls to tell you how GIDDY he gets when he opens up his BirdieBox each month. 

Available in one month ($45), three month ($133), six month ($260), and one year ($500) subscription packages, the BirdieBox comes filled with $100 dollars worth of merch each month—socks, shirts, cigars, snacks, sunglasses, visors, golf balls, special tees; everything your golf-obsessed dad is sure to love.    


[GIFTED] Giant Connect 4 Game

Remember Connect 4?  The docile little game that you probably played for maybe 15 minutes at a time before you got bored?  The game that would drive your mother crazy because it involved pulling a lever and having literally 40-some tiny pieces come spilling out the bottom?  Yeah, that's Connect 4.  And while it was no Guess Who or Hungry, Hungry Hippos, it had its charms. 

And its charms will be AMPLIFIED with this giant version of it ($170, Convenient Gadgets & Gifts) that you can play in your yard while you're enjoying a million beers. 


[GIFTED] Personalized Cutting Board

You're friends with a couple of foodies.  They met in the olive aisle of Whole Foods or at an exclusive food event.  They blow entire paychecks on dinners at fancy restaurants and are always Instagramming pictures of incredibly complicated dinners they made together at home while you're sitting on your couch munching on a Stouffer's French Bread Pizza.  They make you want to throw something.  Or maybe get around to learning how to cook one of these days.  But this isn't about YOU.  

When these two lovebirds finally get engaged (you should be stoked for the food served at their wedding, at the very least), everyone is going to buy them kitchen stuff.  They're going to be knee-deep in crockpots and Le Cruset.  You'll want to get them something more unique, and this Personalized Cutting Board ($155, Uncommon Goods) is the perfect thing for that.  When Ed and Alexis (or whatever their names are) are chopping up basil for some complicated dish you've never heard of, they'll think about how great you are (and maybe, just maybe, they'll invite you over for dinner).