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[GIFTED] Pilot Translating Earpiece

As our world is becoming more and more global, it's more important than ever that we are able to communicate with people who come from different cultures and speak different languages.  It's why are we careen into adulthood that we're all kicking ourselves that we goofed off in high school Spanish class to the point where the only thing we can say is "hello," "goodbye," and "where are my pants?"

Translating apps help a bit, but they're not good when you're actually trying to have a conversation with someone who's in your face, right in that very moment.  That's why this Pilot Translating Earpiece ($199, Waverly Labs) is nothing short of revolutionary.  Put the device in your ear, set what language you want translated in its companion app, and you get real-time translation right in your ear.  Everyone buy a set, and we're at least two steps closer to world peace, guaranteed.


[GIFTED] Wig Vase

Everyone likes having fresh flowers around the house, even if their insecure manhood won't let them admit it out loud.  And sure, while any receptical that can hold water can technically serve as a vase (including everyone's new favorite: MASON JARS), it's nice to have one or two that is actually nice and adds to the beauty of the flowers rather than distracts from it.

Something that fits that bill perfectly?  The Wig Vase ($200, Houzz), which allows you to stick flowers into the shape of a human head to make them look like a wig.  It basically looks like something you'd find at Mrs. Doubtfire's gay brother's apartment (can you make me a woman?), and would be the perfect housewarming gift for your hairdresser cousin or anyone who remembers their Chia Pets fondly.    


[GIFTED] Bulbo Kettle

Fifteen years ago (in America, anyway), having a cup of tea meant dunking a Lipton or Earl Gray tea bag into a mug full of hot water.  Nobody paid attention to what kind of tea leaves were being used.  Nobody even knew what the concept of "loose tea" was, and if they saw it in practice at one of their more exotic, hippie friend's house, they would dismiss it off-hand.  "I don't want sticks in my drink," they'd say.

Well nowadays, just like we all know more about food (whether it's organic, whether it's GMO-free, whether it's gluten-free), we know more about tea.  People like your mother will call you up and declare that they've spent $200 at the David's Tea in the mall.  There's an abudance of loose teas to try and a ton of tea gadgets to waste your money on.         

So, for the newly-enlightened tea drinker in your life, this Bulbo Kettle ($135, Nordstrom) is the perfect gift.  


[GIFTED] Tiki Bar Purse 

Summertime is here and you know what that means—it's outdoor drinking season!  Hallelujah!  We suffer through freezing Winter and rainy Spring to get to Summer, the season where happy hour is actually happy, shared with friends on a bar's patio instead of bleak, shared with nobody, in your apartment in front of the TV.  

One of the very best outdoor bars (aside from that swim-up bar in the resort you last vacationed at) is a beach bar or tiki bar, and this Tiki Bar Purse ($278, Kate Spade) pays tribute to that festive haunt. Keep all your usual stuff in there along with a travel bottle of sunscreen and a pack of cigz reserved only for summer patio drinking time.  


[GIFTED] Ballpark Blueprint

If someone in your life is a baseball fanatic, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better gift to get them—aside from season tickets—than this Ballpark Blueprint ($185, Uncommon Goods).  Choose their favorite MLB stadium (they have 20 from ballparks all over the country to choose from), and let them revel in the memories they had taking themselves out to the ball game.  Each blueprint comes framed and ready to hang.  

That's what we call man cave ready, amiright?