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[GIFTED] Roller Skate Doorstop

If you were a kid of the 80's you went to approximately 400 birthday parties at the local roller rink.  Ditto on the bowling alley birthdays.  I'm not sure it was really about the enjoyment of the kids, it seems like it was more because these things were cheap.  Brenda down at the roller rink could give your mom a deal on the rink if you had the party on a Sunday, so that's where your 8th birthday party was.  Great.  Immortalize your roller rink past with one of these vibrant Roller Skate Doorstops ($130, Design Public).


[GIFTED] DIY Screen Printing Kit 

You've got an artsy friend.  She's a fountain of funny phrases.  She's pretty good at designing things.  She'd love to make t-shirts, but aside from paying a premium and navigating ridiculous sites that favor Comic Sans like Cafe Press and Zazzle, she's only got one option: and that's to go old school and do some iron-on work.

The problem with iron-ons?  They rarely work, and when they DO work, they're still scratchy as hell and can't be washed.  Sure, you can wear it once for a bachelorette party or something stupid, but what if you actually want to make something that can have some longevity?

Enter the DIY Screen Printing Kit ($200, DIY Print Shop), which is the best gift your artsy friend will ever receive.  It's a full-on printing press that comes with everything needed to silk screen awesome t-shirts. Custom-printed t-shirt from your friend expressing her love for you?  COMIN' YOUR WAY.  NO DOUBT.  


[GIFTED] Travel Cocktail Kit 

We all have a boozehound in our lives, but as we get older, of course, our definition of "boozehound" shifts dramatically.  In college and your early 20s, a "boozehound" was the guy who could drink the most beer and sustain the longest keg stands.  But as we careen unwillingly into our late 20s and early 30s, the "boozehound" crown goes to anyone who drinks more than 2 times per week.  The "boozehound" is now someone who is "really into whiskey" or bespoke cocktails.

In other words, the boozehound is now the guy who's discerning.  He doesn't want a Bud Light.  He'll turn his nose up at Jameson.  All of this is fine if he lives in any major city—they're teeming with places that cater to a more sophisticated/douchey palate.  But if he's traveling?  Forrrrrrrrrrrrget it.  Sure, many airports are now outfitting their terminals with haute cuisine, but when you get on the plane, it's the same middle shelf alcohol and sub-standard beer selections.

What's our newly-defined boozehound to do in this scenario?  Get a travel cocktail kit, that's what. The Travel Cocktail Kit ($225, Stephen Kenn), while pricey, is equipped with everything our boozehound needs to mix a quality cocktail at 37,000 feet.  We're talking 9 empty liquor bottles to fill with favorite libations and cocktail syrups, a mixing spoon, and even a tiny funnel.  All he'll need to do is ask the flight attendant for a cup of ice. 


[GIFTED] Box of Tools Set

When a newly-minted adult moves into his apartment, he thinks he needs a hammer, a screwdriver, and maybe one of those allen wrenches to put together all of his cheap IKEA furniture.  But as he matures, he wants the space he lives in to look nice, and “nice” doesn’t mean punching a hole in the wall on accident and then hanging up a movie poster over it.  Because of this, he’s realized that he needs more tools to work with.  He might need to saw something.  He might need a putty knife to patch a hole.  He might need to saw something.  That’s why he’ll love this Box of Tools Set ($120, Best Made Co.), which features steel-only tools that are made to last.


[GIFTED] The Art of the Pin-Up 

Ahhh the pin-up! Porn for classy people! Pin-up drawings harken back to a simpler time, when it was considered super sexy and risque to see a woman's LEG and not just look at her whole naked body like we see nowadays. They've been co-opted by several brands as a way for them to look artsy and cool while still selling sex.  Tattoo afficionados love them for some reason.

If you know someone who appreciates the good old days and artistic renderings of young, supple broads get them The Art of the Pin-Up ($137, Amazon), an incredible coffee table book (put it away when ya motha visits) that features the drawings of nearly 100 artists' work from the 1920s through the 1970s.