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[GIFTED] Mother Smart System

Thanks to pervasive technology and the ubiquity of wearable tech products, we've all developed the need to quantify everything we do, from how many steps we take to how many calories we injest to how many minutes we were unconsciously restless in the middle of the night.  But instead of managing a bunch of different devices, wouldn't it be more efficient if your whole family just had one system of tech sensors that tracked everything for everyone? Yes, it would, and yes, you would want that product because you're obsessed with efficiency as evidenced by all of the tracking you do.

Luckily for you, this product exists! The Mother Smart System ($299) comes with a base station and four sensors that can sense movement, temperature, and proximity.  This means that these sensors can track how many steps you taken (if put on your shoe), where an item is in the house (stick it to a remote), and a million other uses you can dream up.  Basically, Mother is always watching.  GET IT GET IT GET IT?


[GIFTED] Unofish Leather Basketballs

There's a guy in your life who's obsessed with basketball.  He's got season tickets to his favorite team's home games.  You can never take him to a bar with a TV in it during basketball season unless you want to be ignored 75% of the time and assured 25% of the time that he's "TOTALLY paying attention" to what you're saying (he's not).  And whether he actually assembles his buddies for basketball games or he's just content to be a superfan isn't important.  What's important is that he trades in the collegiate trappings of his basketball addiction (a tattered poster, old tickets tacked to his wall, and the like) for something a little more adult, like these Unofish Leather Basketballs ($249), for example.

At this price, of course, these are not for use on the court, but rather for display in his apartment, man cave, or whereever he wants to put his love of the game on display.  They're so well-designed, his girlfriend (you?) won't even be opposed to having them around the house.   


[GIFTED] Over the Moon Rocket Clutch

Someone you know loves space.  She never grew out of it after some weird uncle got her a telescope when she was a kid.  She either works at NASA, is a science teacher, a candidate for that ludicrous Mars One Project, or just some weird lady who likes to read science fiction and theorize about life on Mars.  In any case, she'll love this
Over the Moon Rocket Clutch ($243, Kate Spade).

Just tell her to never bring the clutch to bars, lest she be confronted by some drunk jackass screaming the lyrics to "Rocket Man" at her as soon as he lays eyes on her clutch.  "You're a rocket mannnnnnnnnnnnnn, ROCKET MANNNNNNNNNNN BURNING THROUGH THE SOMETHING BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH."  


[GIFTED] Roller Skate Doorstop

If you were a kid of the 80's you went to approximately 400 birthday parties at the local roller rink.  Ditto on the bowling alley birthdays.  I'm not sure it was really about the enjoyment of the kids, it seems like it was more because these things were cheap.  Brenda down at the roller rink could give your mom a deal on the rink if you had the party on a Sunday, so that's where your 8th birthday party was.  Great.  Immortalize your roller rink past with one of these vibrant Roller Skate Doorstops ($130, Design Public).


[GIFTED] DIY Screen Printing Kit 

You've got an artsy friend.  She's a fountain of funny phrases.  She's pretty good at designing things.  She'd love to make t-shirts, but aside from paying a premium and navigating ridiculous sites that favor Comic Sans like Cafe Press and Zazzle, she's only got one option: and that's to go old school and do some iron-on work.

The problem with iron-ons?  They rarely work, and when they DO work, they're still scratchy as hell and can't be washed.  Sure, you can wear it once for a bachelorette party or something stupid, but what if you actually want to make something that can have some longevity?

Enter the DIY Screen Printing Kit ($200, DIY Print Shop), which is the best gift your artsy friend will ever receive.  It's a full-on printing press that comes with everything needed to silk screen awesome t-shirts. Custom-printed t-shirt from your friend expressing her love for you?  COMIN' YOUR WAY.  NO DOUBT.