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[GIFTED] Tennis Clutch

Tennis fans are an interesting breed.  People don't just have a large-scale mania about tennis in the way that they do football, baseball, or basketball.  The entire WORLD goes crazy over soccer, even if we, as Americans, don't really get it.  Hockey even has a strong fan base, even if they're mostly Canadian or semi-Canadian (my brethern in Buffalo).  But tennis?  We pay attention to it for a few weeks while the US Open is going on, mainly just to feel WASPy or rich (redundant?), but after the fact?  Tennis?  Who cares.   

Tennis fans, unlike armchair watchers of football and the like, tend to actually play the sport they're fans of. IMAGINE THAT.  That's why if you have someone in your life who's crazy about tennis (is she a divorcee or a lesbian? Probably), she'll go equally crazy over this Tennis Clutch ($133, Clare V.).  She'll bring it to her country club and show it off to her doubles partner and feel just like Steffi Graff.  Or Martina NarvJHDkajhfkshf.  Or Billie Jean King.  Wow, I guess I know more about tennis than I thought (it's because I'm gay).  


[GIFTED] Dorito Brooch 

We all knew a bunch of burnouts in college, and while they were fun to party with, you silently judged them and thought, "Sarah's a disaster—she's never gonna get it together."  While you were in the library working on your senior thesis, she was sitting cross-legged on the floor, smoking from a giant bong and subsisting on Totino's Pizza Rolls and Doritos.  

But for every 20 hot messes, there's one magical unicorn that comes out of it and is somehow super successful even though they still walk around looking like they're completely out of it.  You look at her in disbelief as she navigates the world successfully while still never getting anywhere on time or conforming to society's norms.  She's the type of person that could wear this very realistic-looking Dorito Brooch ($150, Magic Pony) on the lapel of her blazer at a business meeting and be deemed "brilliant" and "quirky" instead of "lazy" and "possibly high right now."  Kudos to her, I guess.  She's got it alllllll figured out.  Call it the Broad City effect.  


[WHAT I BOUGHT] Daniel Wellington Watch

I've been doing a lot of writing about watches, as you may have noticed, so it served as good research for me for when I wanted to get a new watch.  I've had an old Movado since my parents bought it for me as a college graduation present, and while it looked nice, I needed to pay for a ton of repairs on it over the years. When the bracelet broke months ago, I decided to retire it.  Goodbye, old friend.  You were a gift that cost me $500, all told. Moral of the story: don't buy a Movado.

So, I knew I wanted a new watch, but I ALSO knew that I didn't want to spend a ton of money on it.  Anyone who knows me knows that my style is uber preppy, so I was drawn to the simplicity and preppiness of Daniel Wellington watches.  I bought this Classic Canterbury Watch ($175, Daniel Wellington).  I love it.  It goes with any of my douche parade preppy outfits, but it can still look classy without being a real dress watch.  Clocking in at under $200, it's one of the best watches you can buy at that price point.  Trust.     


[GIFTED] Blossom Smart Watering System

Your dad's lawn is his pride and joy.  He came from an era where nobody had flashy cars or electronics so your house and surrounding land was the only thing you could really show off about.  That's why he spent (and still spends) so much time every weekend mowing, raking, gardening, and watering everything to make sure it looks lush.  

That's why he'll love this Blossom Smart Watering System ($199)—once you get him used to relying on technology and not that rusty old walking sprinkler he's had since the dawn of time.  It hooks into the water system and allows the user to control the home's entire sprinkler system from an easy-to-use companion app.  No overwatering, no underwatering, no having to rush home during dinner out to turn off the sprinkler—it's the perfect gift.      


[GIFTED] Postalco Jogging Wallet 

One of the biggest conundrums you have as a runner is how you're going to carry all of your shit with you while you're running.  Exercise pants/shorts are typically no help, with tiny, tiny, pockets that can typically only hold a single house key.  Enter the Postalco Jogging Wallet ($140) to solve the problem.  A tiny, foldable wallet can hold some cash and your keys, fitting in the palm of your hand, or with any luck, in the small pocket built into your jogging pants.  Good luck out there.