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[GIFTED] Blossom Smart Watering System

Your dad's lawn is his pride and joy.  He came from an era where nobody had flashy cars or electronics so your house and surrounding land was the only thing you could really show off about.  That's why he spent (and still spends) so much time every weekend mowing, raking, gardening, and watering everything to make sure it looks lush.  

That's why he'll love this Blossom Smart Watering System ($199)—once you get him used to relying on technology and not that rusty old walking sprinkler he's had since the dawn of time.  It hooks into the water system and allows the user to control the home's entire sprinkler system from an easy-to-use companion app.  No overwatering, no underwatering, no having to rush home during dinner out to turn off the sprinkler—it's the perfect gift.      


[GIFTED] Postalco Jogging Wallet 

One of the biggest conundrums you have as a runner is how you're going to carry all of your shit with you while you're running.  Exercise pants/shorts are typically no help, with tiny, tiny, pockets that can typically only hold a single house key.  Enter the Postalco Jogging Wallet ($140) to solve the problem.  A tiny, foldable wallet can hold some cash and your keys, fitting in the palm of your hand, or with any luck, in the small pocket built into your jogging pants.  Good luck out there. 


[GIFTED] Fire Escape Shelf

You have a cousin who lives in NYC, and although you can't fathom the idea of paying $2,000 a month for the privilege of living inside of a closet, this girl LOVES IT.  She can't imagine living in suburbia and having Chili's be the central hotspot for your social life.  To each her own. 

Fire escapes dot the buildings of NYC neighborhoods, and for most Gotham residents, it's the only outdoor space they have.  The larger fire escapes allow for illegal urban "patio" drinks/cigarettes, while the smaller ones become makeshift illegal gardens.  I say "illegal" because it's illegal to have anything on a fire escape, because their sole purpose is to allow people to, well, ESCAPE from a FIRE.  

In other words, your cousin's landlord gives her endless shit about trying to make a little outdoor space for herself on her fire escape.  That's why the perfect gift for her is this Fire Escape Shelf ($99, Uncommon Goods).  It'll look great in her NYC apartment, and she can put as much shit on it as she wants.  Screw her landlord.


[GIFTED] Mother Smart System

Thanks to pervasive technology and the ubiquity of wearable tech products, we've all developed the need to quantify everything we do, from how many steps we take to how many calories we injest to how many minutes we were unconsciously restless in the middle of the night.  But instead of managing a bunch of different devices, wouldn't it be more efficient if your whole family just had one system of tech sensors that tracked everything for everyone? Yes, it would, and yes, you would want that product because you're obsessed with efficiency as evidenced by all of the tracking you do.

Luckily for you, this product exists! The Mother Smart System ($299) comes with a base station and four sensors that can sense movement, temperature, and proximity.  This means that these sensors can track how many steps you taken (if put on your shoe), where an item is in the house (stick it to a remote), and a million other uses you can dream up.  Basically, Mother is always watching.  GET IT GET IT GET IT?


[GIFTED] Unofish Leather Basketballs

There's a guy in your life who's obsessed with basketball.  He's got season tickets to his favorite team's home games.  You can never take him to a bar with a TV in it during basketball season unless you want to be ignored 75% of the time and assured 25% of the time that he's "TOTALLY paying attention" to what you're saying (he's not).  And whether he actually assembles his buddies for basketball games or he's just content to be a superfan isn't important.  What's important is that he trades in the collegiate trappings of his basketball addiction (a tattered poster, old tickets tacked to his wall, and the like) for something a little more adult, like these Unofish Leather Basketballs ($249), for example.

At this price, of course, these are not for use on the court, but rather for display in his apartment, man cave, or whereever he wants to put his love of the game on display.  They're so well-designed, his girlfriend (you?) won't even be opposed to having them around the house.   

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