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[GIFTED] FoldPot

"We need something living in this apartment!" your girlfriend will declare one afternoon when you're trying to take a nap.  You tell her that last time you checked, both of you were living.  She doesn't think it's funny.  She wants something green.  Something that will make your tiny, cramped apartment feel more homey.  

You try to protest, pointing out the fact that the apartment gets virtually no sunlight and that ledge space is at a premium.  She doesn't care.  You go to some fancy store and spend an inordinate amount of cash on plants and heavy clay pots to put them in.  The plants die immediately, of course, due to the lack of sunlight that you so graciously brought up IN THE FIRST PLACE, and then you're stuck with the heavy clay pots.

They stick around, reminding you of your failure to maintain even the most basic form of life (LOUSY HOUSEPLANT).  Next time you get the urge to nurture a life, buy a set of these FoldPots ($105 for a set of 3), which are made out of silicone, which means two things: 

1. They can be shoved places that clay pots cannot be shoved when not in use, solving one of the 900 space issues you currently have in your apartment.

2. They can fold up or down based on the size of the plant, meaning they can grow with the plant, so you don't have to repot them everytime they grow (this would mean you'd actually have to keep it alive for more than 4 days, so you may not get to see this feature in action.  You can dream though). 


[GIFTED] Vamp Ring

Considering the fact that you usually spend about $4 on your half-assed Halloween costume (example: that time you wore a green shirt and put tin foil on your head and said you were an "alien"), we're not thinking you'll be in the market for this fabulous, expensive Vamp Ring ($325, Michele Varian) as an accessory for this year's costume.  HOWEVER, if you're one of those creepy women ala Angelina Jolie in the 90s who thinks nothing of wearing vials of blood around your neck, you might think this ring is TO DIE FOR.  See what I did there?  Good luck out there, weirdo.


[GIFTED] Arccos

You've played golf a few times in your life.  It's something different to do, and it's nice to be outside.  Very peaceful.  You can get beers from the beverage cart.  All of that.  But after around 6 holes, you start to get bored.  You wonder why in the hell you ever agreed to play 18 holes.  Around hole 11, your golf game begins to resemble the Battan Death March.  You ditch out at hole 15 to go get beers and sandwiches at the clubhouse.  

That's why you'll never understand the golf fanatic.  The guy who has a standng 7am tee time every Saturday to play 18 holes.  The guy who spends thousands of dollars on golf paraphenalia every year.  The guy who tracks his swing and his scores like a mad man.  The guy who watches golf on tv (literally the most boring thing on the face of the Earth). 

You don't have to understand him.  He's probably your father or your uncle anyway, and those are men you're not supposed to understand.  It's fine.  But if you want to make this golf fanatic's YEAR, turn him onto the Arccos ($400), a brand-new system that snaps directly onto his clubs, and—when paired with a companion App—tracks his golf performance (swing, speed, putting, performance by club used, etc) and gives him digestible data to review and improve his game, directly on the App.  His golf game will improve, he'll love you forever.  End of story.   


[GIFTED] Gfeller Document Case

Ron Swansons of the world, take note: all of the flimsy document cases, laptop cases, and portfolios have met their match with this Gfeller Document Case ($325, Best Made Co.).  Handmade in small batches by an Idaho craftsman, it's rugged but elegant, can hold important papers, notebooks, iPads, and even a 13-inch MacBook Air.  It's worth the splurge.   


[GIFTED] Boom! Sculpture 

Interior designers are always saying that a room needs a STATEMENT PIECE.  When you're young, you're all like, "Hey, does this folding chair and Doors poster count as a statement piece?"  But now that you're an adult, you need to up your home design game.  

This Boom! Sculpture ($280, Handmade Font) is made out of concrete, making it dude approved because it's TOUGH.  It would look great in the living room or in the office, if you're the type of person who celebrates any professional triumph by screaming the word "BOOM!"  You could make it your signature statement, even.