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[GIFTED] Jack Spade Watches

If your dad is particularly stylish (or desperately trying to be), the obvious upgrade is in the accessories.  New ties and socks are easy ways to show people that he's not just some schlubby old guy.  Trading in his more expensive, classic watch in favor of something more modern and colorful is also a good way to do this.  These Conway 38MM Watches ($298, Jack Spade) in red and in orange scream, "Hey guys, I may be old, but I'm still fun!," and perhaps most important to his young co-workers, he's got enough money to cover everyone's Happy Hour bar tab.  What a cool guy!


[GIFTED] Banana Shorts

THERE'S ALWAYS MONEY IN THE BANANA STAND.  After years and years of waiting, new Arrested Development episodes are available on Netflix, and obviously, these Banana Shorts ($165, Jack Spade) are perfect to wear while you're binge-watching, and a good excuse for all of you Never Nudes to change out your jean shorts for something a little more comfortable/breathable.


[GIFTED] Scottish Herringbone Throw

If you have literally no idea what you buy your mother for Mother's Day, a nice throw, like this Scottish Herringbone Throw ($196, Best Made Co.) is the perfect gift.  Why is this?

1. Moms are always cold (when they're not having a hot flash, that is)

2. Moms like to relax—snuggling up with a blanket and turning on an NCIS marathon or reading Danielle Steele on her Kindle sounds like her idea of Heaven.  After years of being in a perpetual state of cat-like readiness needed to raise irresponsible, smart-mouthed teenagers, she deserves to not have to be on edge all the time, wondering if you're going to walk through the door with a weird piercing (or wondering if you're going to walk through the door at all).   


[GIFTED] Bourbon Buffet

There are people who like no-frills drinking—screw-top beers, pouring the tequila straight into a shot glass and then straight down their throats—and then there are people that like the EVENT of drinking.  The slicing of the limes, the salting of the rim, the crushing of the ice—all of that frou frou shit—makes for an EXPERIENCE.  

This Bourbon Buffet ($115, Bourbon & Boots) sure sets the stage for the aforementioned experience, providing a handsome wooden tray with two bourbon tumblers, a dish for ice, and of course, the all-important slot for the booze. 


[WHAT I BOUGHT] Fossil Austin Shopper

Oh hell yeah, bitches—it's tote bag season!  I had been in love with my yellow and tan magazine tote from Kate Spade, but after two summers of being dragged to every outdoor happy hour, beer hall day drinking, and the like, it's looking a bit rough.

My quest to get a new tote bag was not easy because I'm always trying to find things that are both masculine and feminine.  Unfortunately for me, this year's Kate Spade line features totes like this that are the equivalent of douchey graphic tees, festooned with contrived quotes from Dorothy Parker.  NO THANKS.  The male equivalent of Kate Spade—Jack Spade—was also pretty uninspired. 

I thought maybe I should forgo the buying of a new tote in favor of doing what I did in college, which was put everything in my pockets and look like a fucking slob 24/7, but let's NOT go backwards, right?

Then, my girlfriend bought a cute bag from Fossil.  I was all like, "Doesn't Fossil make cheap watches for college students?"  Not exactly.  They have some good shit in there, like the bag I ended up buying: the Austin Shopper ($148, Fossil).  Not bad, right?