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[GIFTED] Mega Calorific Canister

We all have that one person in our lives—usually a kindly old aunt—whose sole purpose on Earth is to make you indulge.  Go hang out at her house.  Are you hungry?  Here's a WHOLE LASAGNA, just for you.  You deserve it, she'll say.  You've been working so hard! (You haven't been).  Open her cabinets—they are stocked with everything you shouldn't eat—it's like the junk food aisle of your local supermarket.

When you're in her Indulgence Palace, you definitely shouldn't spend your precious free time catching up on work you've been neglecting, you should watch Mrs. Doubtfire and eat several pints of Haagen Daaz.  When she asks why you don't visit more often it is literally because your body can't handle it, but don't tell her that.

That's why this Mega Calorific Canister ($110, Jonathan Adler) is the perfect gift for her.  It'll house her various high-calorie treats and resonate with her way of life.  Live big, get big, who cares?  You hungry or what?


[GIFTED] Breaking Bad: The Complete Series

Breaking Bad might have ended last night, but you can hold this incredible series close to your heart by picking up Breaking Bad: The Complete Series ($210, Amazon).  All five seasons (62 episodes worth) are housed within a black barrel (you know, the kind that Heisenberg likes to stash his drug money in).  In addition to the episodes, the set includes over 55 hours of bonus features, a new two-hour documentary on the revolutionary series, and a booklet with a letter from Vince Gilligan, and a Los Pollos Hermanos apron that you can make bangin' fried chicken in. 

Watch it all over again (or, better yet, force a loved one who hasn't seen it yet to watch it with you), and relive the madness.  The set is available for pre-order now, and will be released at the end of November.


[GIFTED] Shinola Run Well Watch

I bet you $1 million that your grandfather, at one point, looked you dead in the eye and said to you, "Goddammit, you don't know shit from Shinola."  You, of course, had no idea what that meant.  That's fine, because that phrase was popularized in WWII, and it referenced a popular shoe polish (made in Detroit up until 1960) and how it looked kinda like dogshit.  LOL, fun times. 

But since Shinola closed up shop in 1960 and Detriot has slowly gone from the Motor City to Bankrupt City USA, nobody but your grandfather knows what the hell "Shinola" actually means.  

But GUESS WHAT—Detriot is rising from the ashes (literally, because half of the city has actually burned down), and the Shinola name has been resurrected, not to make shit-colored shoe polish, but to make fancy watches.  The Shinola Run Well Watch ($550, available now for pre-order) is a testament to the enduring spirit of the WWII area.  And fine, the enduring spirit of Detroit.     


[GIFTED] Hard Cider Making Kit

Hey, hey, hey—it's the start of the best season of the year: FALL.  SWEATERS and SCARFS.  You can walk down the street and not melt into a puddle of sweat and humidity and sadness ala Alex Mack. You can ALSO get trapped into date activities like apple picking because your girlfriend is intent on turning you into a character from a Nicholas Sparks novel. 

Take advantage of the fruits of your labor from all of those forced apple picking trips and make your own hard cider with this Hard Cider Making Kit ($140, Uncommon Goods).*  What's better than throwing on a light jacket and sitting on your porch watching the leaves fall as you sip your own homemade cider?  NOTHING. 

*Pretty sure you don't need to use actual apples to make this Hard Cider, which is a plus for people who are ambitious enough to make their own hard cider, but too lazy to pick their own apples.


[GIFTED] Vinylize Glasses

Remember the days when recycling was enough?  You could put your old beer cans into a recycling bin instead of the trash and feel reallllll good about yourself.  You were helping to save the planet.  

Nowadays, it's not enough to recycle.  That's right—you've got to UPCYCLE.  Rather than throwing away those beer cans, you've got to fashion earrings out of them.  Rather than throwing away that old milk jug, you have to keep it and use it as a vase.  Vinylize Glasses (starting at $400) are taking that concept and running with it—making actual glasses to wear ON YOUR FACE out of old records.  This would be great for self-righteous music nerds or anyone who's self-righteous, really.