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[GIFTED] F Troupe Saddleshoes

It's all about the accessories, amright?  You could wear the same pair of boring pants for 30 days straight but if you switch in a snazzy pair of shoes, no one will notice the pants because EVERYONE will be noticing what you have on your feet. 

These F Troupe Saddle Shoes ($150, Woodlawn) are straight up ADORABLE and are sure to get you a lot of compliments from girls you hate at the office.


[GIFTED] Savile Weekender Bag

When you're going away for just a weekend (or a 48-hour business trip), you don't want to be the jackass lugging along a giant, rolly suitcase.  Showing up with a giant suitcase for a short trip says, "Hi, I'm high maintenence."    What the hell do you need to pack, anyway?  You need two outfits, your toiletries, and your iPad.  Case closed. 

This Savile Weekender Bag ($389, Monte & Coe) is all you need.  Named after London's historic, fashionable Savile Row, the bag is made of gray felt with brown leather straps, meaning it's fancy enough for a business trip and casual enough for a weekend with your buddies.


[GIFTED] Whistle

We all know someone who is obsessed with their dog.  But not obsessed like you're obsessed with House of Cards.  Pyschopath level obsessed.  "Hey, follow my dog on Instagram obsessed!"  "Why didn't you RSVP to my dog's 3rd birthday party?" obsessed.  "I just want to be home with my dog" is a sentence that you've heard them say many times.  

You will be the greatest friend in the world if you give them Whistle ($129), which is being billed as FitBit for dogs.  You know how we all obsessively track everything in our lives, from our location to our physical activity to our calorie intake?  Well now we can do this for our dogs, too, which will make your dog-obsessed friend jump for literal joy.      

Whistle attaches to the dog's collar and syncs up with an App that tracks his activity levels, sleep/rest patterns, and more.  The most obsessive dog owners can manually keep track of their dog's medication and food intake.  If she's away, she can check the App to see whether the dog is running around her apartment (presumably ruining everything), or sleeping for 6 hours.  What a useful tool!


[GIFTED] The World is Your Oyster Globe

You have a cousin who is graduating from college.  They're still all cute and smiley because their dreams haven't been crushed by the weight of the world yet.  

They'll gleefully tell you about all of the things they're going to do.  "Tell me about your five year plan, again" you'll drunkenly say at their graduation party.  It's cute and also sad because you remember when you were that way.  So much hope, so much ENERGY.  Now, your only "dream" involves a weekend where you meld into your couch and don't have to talk to anyone or answer one work email.

Don't piss on their happiness yet.  They'll figure it out soon enough, and join you at the next family party—close to the drink table—to bitch about work and their landlord and stupid kids.  In the meantime, get them this The World is Your Oyster Globe ($215, Wild & Free Designs).  It'll look great on their desk in their apartment until they smash it one night when they realize that someone with half their talent is making twice their salary.  


[GIFTED] Celine Geometrical Handbag

Do you know a very fashionable woman?  ARE you a very fashionable woman?  Get out of here, then, there's no room for fancies around here!  Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding.  If you want to buy a bag that's guaranteed to earn you, "Oh my God, I love your bag!" compliments from co-workers, friends, and random people in the coffee shop and on the subway, look no further than this Celine Geometrical Handbag, which is unique in pretty much every way.