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[GIFTED] Island Drifters Floating Sunglasses

You go to the beach, and everything's fantastic.  But then you get too hot and you want to go in the water.  Here, you face a huge dilemma.  It's sunny and you want to continue to wear your sunglasses.  But you don't want to lose your expensive Ray-Bans to the ocean.  So you solider on out to the water and spend the rest of the afternoon squinting.  White people problems, but a real problem nonetheless. 

Lucky for you (and ALL of us), some geniuses created FLOATING SUNGLASSES.  That's right.  These are sunglasses you can wear in the water, and if a rogue wave knocks them off your face, you'll find them floating right next to you.  Fantastic, right?  And so, in the waning days of summer, consider buying these Island Drifters Floating Sunglasses ($125, Hammock & Palms).  Your Labor Day weekend beach plans will be worry-free, and you'll be ready for next summer (or your wintertime, let's-get-the-hell-out-of-the-cold tropical vacation).  


[GIFTED] The Fonde Rolling Pin

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but it's the same for women. You put two men of equal attractiveness next to each other and tell a woman that Guy A is a fantastic cook while Guy B always defaults to delivery, and she's gonna go with Guy A.  Always. 

So, you're doing the thing where you've decided to cook for a woman because you're trying to impress her. This always ends in disaster—not because you don't know how to cook—but because you always aim too high.  You go for the rack of lamb instead of the easier roasted chicken.  You opt for homemade pasta and sauce instead of just buying it from a specialty market.  Ultimately, you spend the majority of the evening in the kitchen, sweating and fanning flames and/or smoke, while your date sits in the living room, quietly sipping Chardonnay and wondering if this is what life is always going to be like with you.

Luckily for you, the folks at Repast Supply Co. decided to create a tool that will help you achieve your culinary ambitions the easy way.  The Fonde Rolling Pin ($99) allows you to create picture-perfect ravioli out of a ball of dough in seconds.  Handmade out of your choice of Maple, Cherry, or Walnut wood, this thing will help you win big on your next 100 "hey-let-me-cook-for-you" dates. 

Originally appeared on Made Man.


[GIFTED] IcyBreeze Air Conditioner Cooler

You like the IDEA of being outside, but what you really like more is the idea of locking yourself in your bedroom with the air conditioner blasting while watching Netflix.  Seriously, when it's so hot out, there's no frolicking.  There's only trudging.  And who wants to trudge through heat and humidity?  What's the pay off?  A beautiful sunset?  Who cares.  Nature is NOT worth it in the dead of summer. 

Well, finally, for all of you delicate princesses out there, you've got a way to enjoy the outdoors in the middle of summer while still being hit with the Arctic breeze of AC.  The IcyBreeze Air Conditioner Cooler ($279) is a fully-functioning cooler (aka, throw some ice and beer in it) that harnesses the cold air within and blows it out your way via a powerful three-speed fan connected to a built-in hose on the top of the cooler.  The rechargeable battery keeps this baby going through camping trips, picnics, and beach days.  Now, get outside.  You've officially run out of excuses. 


[GIFTED] The Bixby Bicycle

Unless you're JD Rockefeller, you will not be buying anyone a $2,000 bicycle like The Bixby Bicycle ($2,000, Shinola).  But, you could buy it for YOURSELF, and it would probably be the best gift you've ever received (if you want something done right, do it yourself, right?).  Handmade in Detroit, this gorgeous mofo looks sleek and elegant and handles like a goddamned dream.  It's everything you want in a bike, and MORE. Think about how stylish you'll look, gliding through the streets of NYC. Yeah, you don't take the subway. You're too sophisticated for that.  Think about how great this bike will look locked up outside of your favorite coffee shop while you stop in for a leisurely espresso?  You're basically European.  What a life.    

[GIFTED] Leather Footballs

There's nothing more American than football (and not the FUTBOL that we've all pretended like we care about lately during the World Cup), and these Leather Footballs ($135, Shinola) are a handsome reminder of that fact. 

One of these babies will look fantastic on your football-lovin' friends bookshelf, media center, or literally anywhere else he tends to display the things that are the most important to him.