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[GIFTED] BoomCase

Wireless speakers have revolutionized the way we listen to tunes at home—allowing us to get high-quality sound out of something the size of a beer can that we can control from the next room with our phones (thanks, Sonos).  But because today's wireless speakers are designed to have a small footprint, they've all but removed the stereo's ability to be a showpiece in your home.     

Enter BoomCase, that creates wireless speakers out of antique pieces, meaning that you'll get to enjoy the sound and the technology you get from a wireless speaker while still having something cool and more aesthetically-pleasing in your home.  The one above is fashioned out of a vintage US Army Signal Corps Frequency Meter Box, but they have other options as well, including vintage suitcases, telephones, and more. 


[GIFTED] Ted Weekender Bag 

Spring has sprung, and if you're lucky, that means that you're gearing up for a summer full of long weekend trips so you can get the hell out of dodge (aka: the city where garbage roasts itself on the hot pavement). And for all of those weekend plans, you need a solid weekender bag.  

One that's roomy enough to fit a weekend's worth of stuff, but not big enough to not be able to be slung over your shoulder as you're running to catch a train or fit in the back of your buddy's car next to a cooler full of beer.

This Ted Weekender Bag ($108, MRKT) fits that bill and then some.  Made out of sturdy wool felt, it's unique but rugged, meaning it'll stand up to whatever your summer weekends throw at it (a lot of booze, probably).    


[GIFTED] Greyhours Watches

When it comes to men's accessories, you're in a virtual sea of blacks and browns.  MAYBE they'll throw in something navy to mix it up, but that's typically as crazy as it gets.  That's why when you wear anything with a little color in it, you're considered avant garde.  People will regard you as fashionable because you dared to wear a red belt or yellow shoes (hopefully you didn't wear them together or you definitely looked like Ronald McDonald).  That's why you'll stand out when you wear this watch from Greyhours Watches ($175).  It's white, it's simple, it's elegant, and it'll set you apart without costing you a fortune.  And ladies—I regard this watch as totally unisex.  FINALLY, something you can share with your boyfriend besides a pizza.    


[GIFTED] Hard Graft Refresh Dopp Kit 

All dopp kits more or less have the same shape, but the people at London-based Hard Graft decided to turn it on its head, with this Refresh Dopp Kit ($233, Hard Graft), which is built up rather than out like most dopp kits.  It makes sense when you think about it—shampoo, shaving cream, and the like are all made to stand upright, so why not house them correctly?  This gorgeous leather and wool kit allows for that, and because they're upright, allows less opportunity for leakage.  You can use it to travel, but it's so handsome that you'll probably use it to keep your stuff organized right on your bathroom counter at home.        


[GIFTED] Alcoho-Lock

Each day, you ride your bike to work with good intentions.  You want to be green, you want to save money by not paying for the subway or a cab, and you want to get some exercise.  This is all great.  Until, that is, you get sucked into happy hour drinks with your co-workers.  "I can only have one drink," you tell them.  "I have my bike."  But, of course, one drink turns into 100 drinks and you're faced with a decision.  Ride your bike drunk, or leave it there for the night.  Obviously the second option is really the only option, but when we're drunk, we make dumb decisions.  How many times have you had to convince that one friend of yours that, no, he's not sober enough to drive a car.  

Enter the Alcoho-Lock ($240), a bike lock that employs breathalyzer technology.  You blow into the lock, and if it detects alcohol, it won't unlock.  It'll also send a message to a designated contact that you're going to need a ride home.  Basically, this thing saves you from yourself.  If you're the type of person that needs regular protection from your own stupid decisions, think about purchasing it.