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[GIFTED] Kentucky Derby Churchill Downs Coaster Set 

Most people watch the Kentucky Derby begrudgingly, embracing "Derby Day" as an excuse to nurse their Cinco de Mayo hangovers with some hair of the dog in the form of a Mint Julep.  But some people actually get really into the Kentucky Derby.  They're usually "horse people," which are a breed unto themselves.  

If you've got a horse person in your life, you know exactly what I mean, and you also know that this Kentucky Derby Churchill Downs Coaster Set ($130, Uncommon Goods) is the perfect gift for them.  Made from real wood that appeared in the Churchill Downs paddock from 1903-1923, your favorite horse person can have a piece of the Derby, which is a good consolation when they pick the wrong horse and lose the money they gambled next year.    

[GIFTED] Three Nights Wine Box

We're rolling up into wedding season and although most people who are getting married really only want cash to help recoup on the ridiculous amount of money they've thrown into the industrial wedding complex, there are some gifts that they'd love to receive, and chief among them is BOOZE.     

This Three Nights Wine Box ($130, Uncommon Goods) checks all the boxes of being sentimental and nice while also providing the happy couple excuses to get schloshed.  Fill it with 3 bottles of your favorite whatever (there's no rule that says it HAS to be wine), and they can enjoy your present not once, not twice, but three times.   

[GIFTED] Champagne Gun

There's something about popping a bottle of champage that just feels special, whether it's the satisfying POP of the cork or the slight fear of not doing it right and taking someone's eye out (or a combination of both). But if champagne's mere presence makes things more celebratory, get ready to take things up about 5,000 notches with the Champagne Gun ($459, King of Sparklers).  

Yes, you read that right.  A champagne GUN.  Load it with your favorite bottle of bubs, pull the trigger, and douse whoever you're celebrating with the good stuff.  If you're attending a bachelor or bachelorette party soon, bring this and be the hero of the weekend.  


[GIFTED] Overnight Duffel Bag 

Think about how you travel.  Maybe you're going on a week-long trip once a year for vacation, or around the holidays, when you do a marathon trip to visit both your family and your in-laws that live in separate areas of the country, but the majority of the trips you take throughout the year are long weekends. 

And for those trips (if you're a smart traveler), all you need is a good weekender bag, like this Overnight Duffel Bag ($175, Hook & Albert).  It's large enough to fit everything you need for 3-4 days, but compact enough to stow in the overhead bin without any issues.  And honestly, with the limited time you have to spend on a long weekend, you don't want to spend even one minute of it waiting in baggage claim, right? Right.     

[GIFTED] BoomCase

Wireless speakers have revolutionized the way we listen to tunes at home—allowing us to get high-quality sound out of something the size of a beer can that we can control from the next room with our phones (thanks, Sonos).  But because today's wireless speakers are designed to have a small footprint, they've all but removed the stereo's ability to be a showpiece in your home.     

Enter BoomCase, that creates wireless speakers out of antique pieces, meaning that you'll get to enjoy the sound and the technology you get from a wireless speaker while still having something cool and more aesthetically-pleasing in your home.  The one above is fashioned out of a vintage US Army Signal Corps Frequency Meter Box, but they have other options as well, including vintage suitcases, telephones, and more.