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[GIFTED] Whistle

We all know someone who is obsessed with their dog.  But not obsessed like you're obsessed with House of Cards.  Pyschopath level obsessed.  "Hey, follow my dog on Instagram obsessed!"  "Why didn't you RSVP to my dog's 3rd birthday party?" obsessed.  "I just want to be home with my dog" is a sentence that you've heard them say many times.  

You will be the greatest friend in the world if you give them Whistle ($129), which is being billed as FitBit for dogs.  You know how we all obsessively track everything in our lives, from our location to our physical activity to our calorie intake?  Well now we can do this for our dogs, too, which will make your dog-obsessed friend jump for literal joy.      

Whistle attaches to the dog's collar and syncs up with an App that tracks his activity levels, sleep/rest patterns, and more.  The most obsessive dog owners can manually keep track of their dog's medication and food intake.  If she's away, she can check the App to see whether the dog is running around her apartment (presumably ruining everything), or sleeping for 6 hours.  What a useful tool!


[GIFTED] The World is Your Oyster Globe

You have a cousin who is graduating from college.  They're still all cute and smiley because their dreams haven't been crushed by the weight of the world yet.  

They'll gleefully tell you about all of the things they're going to do.  "Tell me about your five year plan, again" you'll drunkenly say at their graduation party.  It's cute and also sad because you remember when you were that way.  So much hope, so much ENERGY.  Now, your only "dream" involves a weekend where you meld into your couch and don't have to talk to anyone or answer one work email.

Don't piss on their happiness yet.  They'll figure it out soon enough, and join you at the next family party—close to the drink table—to bitch about work and their landlord and stupid kids.  In the meantime, get them this The World is Your Oyster Globe ($215, Wild & Free Designs).  It'll look great on their desk in their apartment until they smash it one night when they realize that someone with half their talent is making twice their salary.  


[GIFTED] Celine Geometrical Handbag

Do you know a very fashionable woman?  ARE you a very fashionable woman?  Get out of here, then, there's no room for fancies around here!  Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding.  If you want to buy a bag that's guaranteed to earn you, "Oh my God, I love your bag!" compliments from co-workers, friends, and random people in the coffee shop and on the subway, look no further than this Celine Geometrical Handbag, which is unique in pretty much every way. 


[WHAT I BOUGHT] Sorel 1964 CVS Boot

When you're in your early 20's, you're supposed to be an adult.  You have a degree, a job, and bills to pay.  But somehow, your early 20's are even messier than your college years (mainly because you're housed in the comfortable, safe bubble of college life where money exchanges hands for beer and pizza and not much else).  You are wilin' out hardcore.  You're making zero dollars and you're just starting out, so you probably have a shitty assistant job that you hate and the only thing that gets you through the day is your ability to go to the bar with your equally miserable friends to self-medicate with alcohol. 

All of your money goes to rent and booze, and you're still under the infantile assumption that you're invinceable, so you don't spend money on things you need, like health insurance and the good pair of snow boots that your mother has been nagging you to buy for years.  Then, you enter your late 20's, and your back hurts when you wake up and you can't drink more than 3 beers without waking up with a hangover.  You start thinking, "Hey, maybe I should start taking care of my body" just as your body starts to fall apart. 

You start to spend money on the boring things, because the boring things are necessary in order for you to continue to function as a human.  Snow boots fall into the "boring but necessary" category, of course, after you've realized that no, your old sneakers aren't adequate during a snow storm, and you quite like having dry feet when you start your day at work.

I honestly have not purchased legitimate snow boots in my entire adult life, and while these Sorel 1964 CVS Boot ($140, Sorel) boots are a bit pricey, they paid for themselves with just one snowstorm.  They're comfortable, warm, provide good traction in the snow, and look okay enough to wear around the office on snowy days. 




Flava Flav would scream "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS" over and over again until his tiny body collapsed under the weight of his gigantic solid cold clock necklaces.  In that case, the actual question of the time was less important than the weirdo that was verbally assaulting you.  I digress. 

Knowing what time it is is important.  If we lived in a clock-less world, nobody would get anywhere or do anything.  Dinners would all be burned to a crisp.  That said, it's important not to spend all of your time clockwatching.  You have to develop a balance.

These FreakishCLOCKS ($100, Sabrina Fossi) will help you do that, showing only the hour that it is and obscuring the rest.  The hour that you're in is the only one that matters.  DEEP.