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Gifts for Everyone Under $100

Over the next few weeks, you're going to be bombarded with gift guides from everywhere (including here!)—their presence screaming, "HURRY!  YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME TO FIND THE PERFECT GIFT FOR LITERALLY EVERY PERSON THAT YOU LOVE!"  Talk about pressure.  You click on a gift guide that guarantees perfect suggestions for things that "mom" will love, even though nothing in the resulting gift guide is anything your actual mom would actually love.  Who is this fictional woman?  Why are gift guide writers so confident that every mom will love the same 10 things?

So, we decided to break the mold for a hot minute and defy categorization.  We just rounded up cool gifts for under $100.  Maybe your mom will like something on this list, maybe she won't.  Maybe in perusing this list, you'll find something your ungrateful brother or your work wife might like, so you can finally cross them off your list and get back to the important stuff—like worrying about the future.  Read it on Parade.


Gifts for Cheese Lovers

Everyone loves cheese.  It’s in nearly every comfort food we go to when we’re trying to eat our feelings—pizza, mac and cheese, and the like.  But there is a distinct difference between someone who just loves cheese and someone who is a tried-and-true CHEESE LOVER.  This is not someone who loves a good cheese pizza ala Kevin McAllister.  This is someone who goes to local cheese shops and is on a first name basis with the cheesemonger who works there (this is also a person who says the words “My cheesemonger said…” in normal conversation).  This is the person who never lets the option of ordering a cheese plate go unfulfilled, whether it’s at the beginning of a meal or as the dessert course.  This is a person who spends $75 building an artisanal cheese plate at every dinner party she hosts and plans vacations to France to check out cheese caves in the countryside.

So, when buying gifts for this person, you have a ton of options.  You could buy her a gift certificate to her local cheese shop, sure, or you could gift her any of the following things (or both!).  She’ll love you forever, and soon, you’ll be able to reap the cheesy rewards.  Win/win. Read it on Parade.


Gifts for Millennial Moms 

Hundreds of condescending thinkpieces have been written about how millennials are just lazy, shiftless losers who still live in their parents’ basement.  This is all hilarious to the millennials who have spent the last 5 years going through major life stages, like building a burgeoning career, getting married, buying a house, and having a kid.  Face it: when you think about the typical definition of the word “millennial,” you don’t picture your married, homeowning friend who just had a baby.  BUT—she’s a bona fide millennial, by textbook definition.  So, we’re rounding up some of the best gifts to get the millennial mom in your life.  The girl who Instagrams literally everything is now somehow somebody’s MOTHER.  Everyone get over it.  Read it on Parade


The Un-Gift Guide Gift Guide: Charities to Donate to Instead of Buying Meaningless Junk

HEY the world is on fire since the disastrous election of Donald Trump and for two weeks you've spent your anxiety-riddled days and sleepless nights cycling between refreshing Twitter to hear more horrible news about what a Trump presidency might bring (because you're a masochist) and crying and drinking and more crying.

For me, it's especially hard to roll right into producing holiday gift guides because honestly, all I want for Christmas is a TIME MACHINE.  I'd also settle for assurance that my rights won't be taken away, but LOL you can't believe anyone anymore so let's get back to the time machine please??!?! 

Okay, okay, I'll forget about the time machine even though we literally elected Biff Tannen as our president. I'LL LET IT GO. 

There's a general feeling of hopelessness amongst a lot of people.  How did this happen?  What do we do now?  Well, we can start by supporting charities that help groups that a Trump presidency might marginalize or threaten or decimate.  Gift your donations as replacements for the typical scarf you buy everyone.  Gift them in the name of your conservative relatives who voted for Trump for "economic reasons," because they'd rather have lower taxes than see their family members be safe and treated equally in their own country. MONEY IS GREAT, RIGHT?  That's the one thing we can allllllllll agree with.  Put yours where it'll help out. It's the spirit of the season, after all.    

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[12 DAYS OF GIFT GUIDES] So You Waited 'Til the Last Minute Again

It's Christmas Eve, so there's not much you can do about gifts aside from frantically running to the mall and scooping up a bunch of shitty gifts that you didn't give more than 30 seconds thought.  What a great way to treat your loved ones.
But if you're looking for inspiration for the type of person you'll be next year (the type of person who consults gift guides and plans things out in advance), or if you're just avoiding spending time with family—here's ALL of our gift guides from this year.  Enjoy, and happy friggin' holidays.