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Neon Signs

If you've ever looked around your home and thought, I wish this place looked more like my favorite place (aka a bar), you can make it happen by investing in a Neon Sign (Starting $110, Neon MFG).  Made into fun shapes like palm trees, skulls, unicorns, or in phrases like "Stay Wild" and "Be Happy," you can deck out your at-home bar in the glow of neon and make believe you can still hang like you used to before you turned 30. You can also customize a sign specifically to your specifications. Party on.   


King of Beers Framed Print

As the craft beer revolution takes hold, beer is no longer regarded as the champagne of the blue collar set. And because beer is enjoying the premium cache it hasn't really ever had (despite every beer brand's best marketing efforts), guys like your husband are delighting in the fact that they can go virtually anywhere—including the fancy restaurant you insisted on going to for your anniversary—and get a beer without looking like a low-class dbag.  

So while beer has achieved a higher status, it makes sense that the "ode to brew" decorations in your house get an upgrade as well.  Trash the Bud Light paraphenalia.  Get rid of the neon beer signs that he's held onto since his bachelor pad days.  Swap them out with well-designed beer gear, like this King of Beers Framed Print ($37, Society6).  It looks so good, you won't relegate it to his man cave. 


[GIFTED] A Chart About Nothing: Seinfeld Poster

Your Seinfeld-obsessed friend will go absolutely apeshit if you gift him this Chart About Nothing: Seinfeld Poster ($35, Pop Chart Lab), which catalogues nearly 250 characters that cropped up on the beloved show about nothing, including (but not limited to) the Soup Nazi, the Close Talker, Jackie Chiles, and so many more. 


[GIFTED] Moscow Mule Recipe Print

Moscow Mules were particularly popular back in the 1950s, when everyone was having vodka with lunch and thought that red meat was healthy for you.  They went out of favor for awhile, but now that the Mad Men effect has reigned over all of us, we're seeing old fashioned cocktails (Manhattans, Negronis, and LOL, Old Fashioneds) make a come back, and Moscow Mules are one of the lucky ones revived from the dead.

Why?  Hipsters love kitsch, and what's kitschier than drinking something out of a tiny copper pot?  So, for your friend who lives in Brooklyn who has officially claimed Moscow Mules as "her drink," make it official by gifting her this Moscow Mule Recipe Print ($29, Scoutmob).  It's way cheaper than buying her the copper mugs.  

[GIFTED] Ballpark Blueprint

If someone in your life is a baseball fanatic, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better gift to get them—aside from season tickets—than this Ballpark Blueprint ($185, Uncommon Goods).  Choose their favorite MLB stadium (they have 20 from ballparks all over the country to choose from), and let them revel in the memories they had taking themselves out to the ball game.  Each blueprint comes framed and ready to hang.  

That's what we call man cave ready, amiright?