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[GIFTED] Call Me Old Fashioned Print

When Mad Men started in 2007, the scripted television Renaissance was in its infancy.  Mad Men helped usher it in. Without Mad Men, there'd be no Breaking Bad.  Without Mad Men, AMC would still be airing the shittiest films from the 50s that it could license.  

So, as Mad Men devotees, we all watched last night's premiere episode of the show's final season—because even though AMC and Matt Weiner have decided to drag out the slowwwwww demise of already kinda slowwwwwww show, we're all still pumped that it's back for the final handful of episodes.  Right?  Right. 

Why are we still so into this show?  Back when Mad Men first started, everyone was INTO the 60's lifestyle. LET'S ALL WEAR POCKET SQUARES AND GET SHITFACED AT LUNCH, we said.  I WANNA BE JUST LIKE DON DRAPER—HE'S A BAD ASS, we declared.  But as the Don Draper character evolved (or, devolved), the drinking and the partying looked less entertaining and more sad.  Fucking the neighbor lady in the laundry room looked less like a fun romp and more like pitiable compulsion, especially when we see it through Sally's eyes.  When Ginsberg cut off his nipple, he also cut off our good times.  OKAY, WHERE ARE WE GOINGGGGG WITH THIS??, we all wondered.  But even though we all know that Draper now looks less dashing and more desperate, we're still hanging on—for the glory days of the 1960s, yes, but also the glory days of Mad Men.  We all want the simplicity of being old-fashioned, even if we can't have it anymore.  

Hang this Call Me Old Fashioned Framed Print ($72, Katie Kime) as a tribute to Draper, and his favorite cocktail. He's only got a few of them left. 


[GIFTED] WoodSnap 

Anyone can get a photo printed and put it in a frame, but if you want to be UNIQUE, check out WoodSnap (Starting at $40), a company that prints your photos directly on wood.  

Why would you want this? Well, wood is beautiful, all-natural, and unique.  Printing on it creates a matte finish and adds depth to the photo by allowing the wood's natural grain to shine through.  Basically, it's a gift any hippie would love.  Get on it. 


[GIFTED] Fantastical Fictive Beers Poster 

Real beer is great, but there's always a certain charm to the names of fake beers drank by our favorite characters in movies, on TV, and in books. Homer Simpson's beloved Duff, the Butter Beer in Harry Potter, Romulan Ale from Star Trek, and even Hank Schrader's home-brewed Schraderbrau from Breaking Bad are all showcased here, in this Fantastical Fictive Beers Poster ($29, Pop Chart Lab).  It'll look fantastic (see what I did there?) in any beer geek or pop culture nerd's apartment. 


[GIFTED] My Outdoor Alphabet Prints

You've got an outdoorsy friend.  He's fit and healthy.  While your idea of fun on a Saturday is daydrinking at a beer garden and eating too many giant soft pretzels, is idea of fun is a strenous five mile hike.  He's always jetting off to Colorado to go skiing or planning crazy trips to Europe to climb mountains that you've only heard of on survival TV shows.  You visit his apartment and his "gear" is all over the place.  He has gear.  You have suitcases.  It's obnoxious, but to each his own, right?  Yeah, we'll go with that.

Your outdoorsy friend will flip out over these My Outdoor Alphabet Prints—our favorites are The Skier's Alphabet ($30) and The Backpacker's Alphabet ($30)—that detail out all of the aspects of a life spent outdoors. 


[GIFTED] Keep it Real Print

There's always someone in your life who prides themselves on "dropping truth bombs" and "keeping it real."  They're the ones that are always causing drama or starting fights and then hiding behind the fact that they're "just being honest" (like Taylor Swift says, "So casually cruel in the name of being honest").  Typically this is a trait of young people, who want to run their mouth or let every single opinion they have be known because everything is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to them.  

But then they get older and realize that nothing is really THAT important anymore, and honestly, they're much too tired to have the same fight with their mother/cousin/sister/father-in-law over and over again times infinity.  

But for the person in your life who HASN'T been worn down by life enough to just not say anything anymore because "it's not worth the effort"—get them this Keep it Real Print ($15, Ban.Do).  They'll love to hang it in their home to remind everyone about their personal mantra until they turn 30 and take it down, embarrassed that they ever hung it up to begin with.