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[GIFTED] Sriracha: True Love Print

To most people, Sriracha is just another hot sauce.  To Sriracha lovers, there are two distinct categories for hot sauce: Sriracha and everything else.  Sriracha devotees are rabid.  They put the beloved Thai sauce on everything.  They voted in that stupid "special flavor" crowdsourcing contest that Lay's created because they wanted to see SRIRACHA POTATO CHIPS become a reality.  

Their fervor has resulted in burning the majority of the taste buds right off their tongue and surely some damage to their stomach lining.  Seeing all of this, it's obvious that this Sriracha obsessive will LOVE this  Sriracha: True Love Print ($17, Josh Lafayette).  They can hang it in their kitchen and admire it while they're dumping Sriracha on their eggs, their chicken, and their goddamned ice cream.  Fantastic.  


[GIFTED] 99 Problems Prints

Jay-Z's "99 Problems" song is so rife with opportunities to reference it in your daily life.  You're at work and your boss tells you not to worry about creating yet another Powerpoint deck and you're all like, "I got 99 problems, but a deck ain't one."  Of course, the average problems in your life differ very much from a world famous rapper/mogul/husband to a superstar.  Jay-Z's problems are usually along the lines of "which major league sports team do I purchase," your problems are usually along the lines of, "Damn, this line at Starbucks is so long."

Enter illustrator Ali Graham's daily blog, 99 Problems, which renders Jay-Z into cartoon form, giving him regular life problems.  And you can purchase prints of them RIGHT NOW for only $20 .  It's fantastic to see Jay looking so cute and also bothered by the fact that his iPhone is at low battery—although I'm sure that battery pad or whatever he was hawking a few months ago could fix that problem, right?  See?  Jay-Z's problems are not your problems.  



PIZZA.  Even when it's bad it's good.  You can pretty much put anything on top of a pizza and it will taste good.  A cheese pizza is the original blank canvas.  Pizza is so great that you can even make a motherfucking DESSERT pizza.  A BREAKFAST pizza.  When pizza's on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime.  The advertising world has never come up with a truer jingle.

This UR BEAUTIFUL Print ($38, Society6) honors the pizza for the versatile, delicious meal that it is.  Hang it in the kitchen you never cook in, because you're too busy ordering pizza, your true love. 


[GIFTED] Great Lakes Prints

There are ocean people and there are lake people.  My girlfriend is an ocean person because she grew up in Florida.  Lakes freak her out, which I can understand, because there is something categorically creepy about fresh water.  But guess what's not found in lakes?  SHARKS.  STING RAYS.  KILLER WHALES.  The list goes on.  I would MUCH rather have a trout swimming by me than having to do the "Sting Ray Shuffle" every time I want to go into the Gulf of Mexico. 

These Great Lakes Prints ($32, HarryCanary) pay tribute to the lake people.  After all, the ocean people have got Jimmy Buffett.


[GIFTED] Mad Men Kit Print 

Ohhhhh my goddddd Mad Men.  Although the season finale on Sunday night wasn't as dramatic as I thought (I really thought Megan was going to get axed, ala Sharon Tate), it did leave a lot of unanswered questions.  Is Megan dunzo with their marriage?  Is Ted really moving to California?  Will Don go back to Sterling Cooper?  Will Bob Benson end up killing everyone while smiling and whistling "Singin' in the Rain?"  Personally, my favorite theory is this one, an incredibly convincing contention that Don Draper is actually infamous 1970's plane hijacker DB Cooper. 

A show as fantastic as this one deserves a fitting tribute, and this Mad Men Kit ($29, Curioos) that carefully parcels out all of the stuff that makes up the Mad Men world—a glass of booze, an old timey telephone, a box of cigarettes, a typewriter—is perfect for it.