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[GIFTED] Keep it Real Print

There's always someone in your life who prides themselves on "dropping truth bombs" and "keeping it real."  They're the ones that are always causing drama or starting fights and then hiding behind the fact that they're "just being honest" (like Taylor Swift says, "So casually cruel in the name of being honest").  Typically this is a trait of young people, who want to run their mouth or let every single opinion they have be known because everything is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to them.  

But then they get older and realize that nothing is really THAT important anymore, and honestly, they're much too tired to have the same fight with their mother/cousin/sister/father-in-law over and over again times infinity.  

But for the person in your life who HASN'T been worn down by life enough to just not say anything anymore because "it's not worth the effort"—get them this Keep it Real Print ($15, Ban.Do).  They'll love to hang it in their home to remind everyone about their personal mantra until they turn 30 and take it down, embarrassed that they ever hung it up to begin with.


[GIFTED] Keep the Change, Ya Filthy Animal Print

Everyone has their favorite Christmas movie—the one they come back to year after year, whether they watch it around a roaring fire with the whole family or on an iPad on the plane ride home.  A constant crowd-pleaser, of course, is Home Alone, where a young Macaulay Culkin freaks out from all of the holiday stress and wishes for his family to disappear for Christmas (a well-known Christmas wish that is almost never delivered, even to the most stressed out adult children of stressed out parents).  

Clearly, this Keep the Change, Ya Filthy Animal Print ($20, A Beautiful Mess) is the perfect gift for any Home Alone enthusiast who is looking to deck their house out for the holidays.  Just remind her that her house isn't going to look like the McAllister's house.  Nobody's house is going to look like the McAllister's house.  We'll never be rich enough, unless we start robbing houses, Wet Bandit-style.  Wait, not Wet Bandit-style, because they got caught.  SPOILER ALERT, MERRY CHRISTMAS.  


[GIFTED] The Pressure Print

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner today?  Bless your crazy little heart.  The Pressure Print ($25, The Pressure) is your personal mantra for today.  Think of how accomplished you'll feel when your loved ones are splayed out in your living room post-dinner, looking like some kind of religious cult that just made good on their suicide pact.  You'll survey the damage in the kitchen and think, "I've done it again."  

Go get 'em.   


[GIFTED] Coffee & Wine Print 

If you live and work in New York City, everyone is perennially stressed out, which means they're also perennially medicated.  They can be medicated with actual medication (anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, antipasto, anti-whatever) or they can be medicated with the more socially-acceptable drugs known as alcohol, coffee, and energy drinks.  

For anyone who pounds coffee, soda, and energy drinks from the moment they wake up until the minute they leave the office and get to either a bar or restaurant or back to their apartment so they can down various alcoholic beverages, this Coffee & Wine ($32, Society6) will resonate so hard.  Buy a bunch of them and give them out to your friends, family, and cubicle-dwelling brethren.


[GIFTED] Carpe Yolo Print

There are a lot of people who live by (or pretend to live by) the phrase Carpe Diem, which, of course, means "Seize the day."  You've seen it in self-help books, you heard it uttered by the late Robin Williams in The Dead Poet's Society, and you've seen it tattooed on broody literary types.  This went on for centuries, a perfectly good (if not a little shaky) life motto.

Then, YOLO rolled around.  You only live once!  A true, but obnoxious statement.  Throw caution to the wind, dbags!  YOLO.  Soon, it was YOLO this and YOLO that.  YOLO shirts and YOLO hats (what would Dr. Seuss say about YOLO?). 

It's inevitable that the two life mottos of insufferable douchebags would be combined and immortalized with this Carpe YOLO Print ($17, Josh Lafayette).  Hang it up at work and remember that you should seize the day while throwing caution to the wind. Carpe YOLO, man.  Carpe YOLO.