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[GIFTED] Carpe Yolo Print

There are a lot of people who live by (or pretend to live by) the phrase Carpe Diem, which, of course, means "Seize the day."  You've seen it in self-help books, you heard it uttered by the late Robin Williams in The Dead Poet's Society, and you've seen it tattooed on broody literary types.  This went on for centuries, a perfectly good (if not a little shaky) life motto.

Then, YOLO rolled around.  You only live once!  A true, but obnoxious statement.  Throw caution to the wind, dbags!  YOLO.  Soon, it was YOLO this and YOLO that.  YOLO shirts and YOLO hats (what would Dr. Seuss say about YOLO?). 

It's inevitable that the two life mottos of insufferable douchebags would be combined and immortalized with this Carpe YOLO Print ($17, Josh Lafayette).  Hang it up at work and remember that you should seize the day while throwing caution to the wind. Carpe YOLO, man.  Carpe YOLO.


[GIFTED] Let's Stay Home Print

During the long, seemingly endless winter months, you would look at your partner, who you have been amassing cabin fever with since the weather started getting chilly and say, "Man, I can't wait for summer."  Ah, yes.  In January, nothing sounds better than summer.  THAT'S when you'll actually go out and do things.  THAT'S when you'll go on trips and see friends and wear striped shirts while standing beside the ocean. 

But then summer rolls around and your calendar is perpetually booked.  Weddings, weekend getaways, happy hours, rooftop events, and other obligations mean that you're constantly out and about—enough that you've forgotten what your apartment looks like.  By August, you're burned out.  This Let's Stay Home Print ($18, Old English Co.) perfectly encapsulates your desires to just not go out for once.  Unfortunately, you're not going to get that chance until January rolls around again.  Godspeed. 


[GIFTED] Map Of Our Hearts

When you fall in love with someone who didn't grow up where you did, you spend a lot of time learning about different things that you never knew existed.  For example, if you grew up in the North and are dating someone from the South, you'll be surprised to find out about things like horribly lax gun control laws and that people think that something that utilizes an entire jar of mayonaisse can still be called a salad.  OPPOSITES ATTRACT, RIGHT?

That's why the Map Of Our Hearts ($130, Uncommon Goods) will make the perfect wedding or engagement gift.  It melds two maps—one from where each person calls home—into a heart with the couples' names and a date that is meaningful to them (the day they met, their anniversary, their wedding date, etc). 


[GIFTED] Wineries of Napa & Sonoma Set 

Your dad was never that into wine.  Sure, he'd have a glass of the "house Red" with a steak when you were out for dinner, but he sure didn't know the different between a Moscato and a Chardonnay and he had definitely never visited a winery. 

Fast forward to now.  Your father is a different man now that he's retired.  He's developed interests other than working and reading the newspaper quietly in a comfortable chair.  He went on a LIFE-CHANGING (his word, not yours) trip to California and became a complete wine snob.  He bought a huge wine chilling fridge.  He's declared Sideways his favorite movie.  It seems like it's getting out of hand.  It's okay, though—obsessions are good, they keep the mind sharp!  And red wine is heart-healthy (I think?).     

The newly-obsessed wine snob will love this Wineries of Napa & Sonoma Set ($250, Pop Chart Lab)—he can hang it in his newly-christened "wine cellar" (aka: the basement of your childhood home). 


[GIFTED] Intersection of Love Art

Every couple has a mental list of places that are significant to them and their coupledom.  Maybe it's that bar where you both were shitfaced at and shared a basket of curly fries and then a cab home together ON A WEEKNIGHT because you were young and wild and FREE.  Maybe it's that place he took you to for brunch that actually ended up not serving food.  Maybe it's that cabin in the woods where you took your first romantic getaway together.  These are all plot points in the great map of your relationship (GOOGLE DON'T STEAL THIS CONCEPT FOR A GOOGLE MAPS AD THAT WILL DEFINITELY MAKE ME CRY), so why not document them for posterity's sake with this Intersection of Love Art ($125, Uncommon Goods)?  

It's customizable to include two names, two important dates, and different color combinations, making it the perfect engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift.