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[GIFTED] Delicious City Prints

Nothing captures a city’s past, present, and future like the local food scene. Signature foods—wings in Buffalo, po’ boys in New Orleans, crab cakes in Baltimore—provide hometown comfort for those who’ve moved away, as well as a reason for tourists to make a pilgrimage there. And if you think it’s ridiculous for someone to travel somewhere simply to eat an authentic Philly cheesesteak or slice of New York City pizza, think again.

Delicious City Prints has tapped into this gastronomic hometown boosting by creating city-specific art prints (available for $36) that pay homage to each city’s signature dishes. Twenty cities are represented—Austin, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Buffalo and more. Are you ready for some Loganberry? Muffulettas? Yes. And are you ready to explain what the hell those things are? You were born ready.

Originally posted on Parade.


[GIFTED] New York City Airports Print

If you travel a lot, you have a weird allegiance to your home airport, even though you've spent an inordinate amount of time waiting for delayed flights there.  Your affinity towards your home airport is like your affinity towards that shitty burger place in your hometown.  It's not that great, you've had a few bad experiences there, but it's familiar, you know exactly what you'll get, and you know where the bathroom is. 

This New York City Airports Print ($30, Pilot & Captain) shows off your hometown airport pride.


[GIFTED] Chicago Hot Dog Print


Whether you live in Chicago or you just have an affinity for hot dogs, this Chicago Hot Dog Print ($18, DryWell) breaks down the anatomy of this delicious ballpark treat.  This would look great in the following locations:

1. A mancave that's heavy up on baseball memorabilia

2. Your kitchen

3. Your hot dog stand (there's always money in the hot dog stand??)

Enjoy, losers.  


[GIFTED] Stellavie Stellar Maps 

We've all got that friend who is super "into" astrology.  You do something or say something and she'll look at you, shake her head, and say, "Typical move for a Leo."  She makes you think that she has some kind of window into your soul because she read an astrology book she picked up at the grocery store for $2.50. 

Instead of rolling your eyes so hard that you risk an aneurysm, pick her up one of these Stellavie Stellar Maps ($95, Stellavie).  They still indulge her witchy ways, and they look a hell of a lot more classy than a velvet poster of a lady with a motherfucking crystal ball.  


[GIFTED] Below the Boat Topographic Maps

If you are like me, you have a deep-seated love for water and maps of water.  Water is calming and maps make you seem more wordly and cultured than you actually are.  Hanging maps all over your house says to visitors (ones that don't know you well, anyway), "Yeah, I regularly go skiing in Whistler and hiking in Patagonia.  I definitely DIDN'T spend 14 hours this weekend watching Parks & Recreation on Netflix."

THUS: I am always on the look-out for unique maps.  Enter Below the Boat Topographic Maps (Prices vary, Below the Boat): hand-crafted, laser-cut wooden topographic maps of bodies of water and their surrounding areas from ALLLLLL over the world.  Notably missing is my hometown lake—Lake Ontario, but I won't bitch too hard.  The sea captain of my heart loves these maps no matter what.