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[GIFTED] Moon and Back Print 

"To the Moon, Alice!" That was actually just a hilarious joke about spousal abuse from the classic TV show, The Honeymooners.  He meant it as "[I'm going to knock you] to the moon" and not "[I love you] to the moon [and back]", but DETAILS, right?

Chances are, you're not constantly threatening to punch your spouse in the face. Chances are you want to let them know how much you love them this Valentine's Day.  Try this Moon and Back Print ($22, Gus & Lula).  It's sacchrine and sentimental.  The stuff Valentine's Day is made of. 


[GIFTED] Ford Mustang Watercolor

So your brother's a gear-head.  He loves cars.  He drags you to car shows.  He spends countless weekend hours dicking around in the garage, "restoring" the old jalopies he buys all of the time.  His apartment is decorated with giant posters featuring car porn (some of them even feature a scantily-clad woman who is disappointing her parents).  

He'll say to you, "I don't understand why I can't get a girlfriend," and your eyes will get wild as you frantically gesture around to all of the car decor.  Honestly, nothing says "I'm still a little boy" more than having a shrine to your favorite object in your home.  Steer him towards something a little more sophisticated, like this Ford Mustang Watercolor (Starting at $60, Fab) from artist Alex Schmidt.  The prints are bright, colorful, will look good framed on the wall, and still showcase his beloved autos (more car models are available, so he can pick out his favorite one).


[GIFTED] Be Thankful Canvas

It's Thanksgiving, so if you're reading this post, that means that you've made a conscious decision to be on your phone/computer/tablet instead of spending quality time with your loved ones.  GREAT JOB. 

While this Be Thankful Canvas ($58, Bourbon & Boots) isn't my style (it's in the vein of LIVE LAUGH LOVE, don't you think?), it reminds me of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions was when my little brother would make us all go around the table and say what we're thankful for, and we'd get to my grandfather and he'd say, "NOTHING."

Memories are something, aren't they?


[GIFTED] Our Lady of TV Prints

Quick poll, ladies: who's your hero?  Susan B. Anthony?  Harriet Beecher Stowe?  Elizabeth Cady Stanton?  YAWN CITY (and I bet none of you would've named those gals off anyway).  Yeah, those dead ladies might have fought tirelessly (while wearing HOOP SKIRTS, probably) for the rights you take for granted now, but that's besides the point.

We've got some pretty fantastic modern lady trailblazers to look up to, but we're a bunch of idiots who look for fake role models in TV and movies instead of looking to real women who have actually gotten real shit done.  If we're going to do that, though, we might as well honor fictional women who are worthy of admiration, like our beloved Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope, via Our Lady of TV Prints ($31, Hey Monster).  Liz Lemon is hailed as "Our Lady of Having it All"—which was the ultimate goal of Lemon all of those seasons on 30 Rock—while Leslie Knope is referred to as "Our Lady of Ambition," which is self-explanatory if you've watched Knope claw her way to the top of her local government on Parks & Recreation.   

These prints will look great displayed—where else—above your TV. 


[GIFTED] Sriracha: True Love Print

To most people, Sriracha is just another hot sauce.  To Sriracha lovers, there are two distinct categories for hot sauce: Sriracha and everything else.  Sriracha devotees are rabid.  They put the beloved Thai sauce on everything.  They voted in that stupid "special flavor" crowdsourcing contest that Lay's created because they wanted to see SRIRACHA POTATO CHIPS become a reality.  

Their fervor has resulted in burning the majority of the taste buds right off their tongue and surely some damage to their stomach lining.  Seeing all of this, it's obvious that this Sriracha obsessive will LOVE this  Sriracha: True Love Print ($17, Josh Lafayette).  They can hang it in their kitchen and admire it while they're dumping Sriracha on their eggs, their chicken, and their goddamned ice cream.  Fantastic.