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[YOU'RE WELCOME] Naggy E-Newsletter Reminder

Hey, remember when I announced that You're Welcome was launching an e-newsletter and told you guys to sign up?  Well, here's a reminder to those of you who haven't done it to DO IT NOW.  We launched yesterday with a gift suggestion that non-subscribers will never see. 

Is your FOMO off the charts?  I bet it is. Mine would be, and I usually don't care about anything.  How do you alleviate this? 

Sign up.

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[YOU'RE WELCOME] The E-Newsletter!

There are two types of e-newsletters: the kind you sign-up for an actually read, and the kind you sign-up for and delete without opening for months until you finally decide to unsubscribe.

Well, guess what?  We're gonna be in the first category.  That's right: You're Welcome is launching a weekly e-newsletter!

I know what you're thinking.  Why, Amanda, why?  Don't you have a full-time job, a freelance career, a long-suffering girlfriend, and a cat that tries to eat your hair at night?  Yes.  Yes, I have all of those things.  Here's the deal.  I am obviously INSANE, that is a given.  But after 2+ years doing this blog, invading all of your inboxes with extra-special bonus content seems like the next logical step.

But your personal email is sacred ground, I get it, so here are some reasons why you should DEFINITELY subscribe to the You're Welcome e-newsletter:

1. It will be succinct and, most-importantly, WEEKLY.  It will be weekly because I realize that there are very few people that you want to hear from daily, and I know I'm not one of them (unless you're my parents—I promise I'll call you guys later, okay?).  You'll get it once a week, at one designated time, and YOU WILL LOVE IT. 

2. It will feature bonus content you won't see on the blog. Is your FOMO (fear of missing out) off the charts?  Then you'll definitely want to sign-up.  Whether it's an an extra gift suggestion, a bonus round-up of old-timey telephones you can use as paperweights, or an exclusive giveaway, you'll only see it if you're a subscriber.  PS: it's almost the holidays—you don't want to be high and dry around the most gift giving-est time of the year, do you?

3. I'll appreciate it. And I usually don't appreciate anything.     

Are you convinced?  Fantastic.  To subscribe, simply add your email below, confirm your subscription, and wait for the magic to happen. 

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