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[GIFTED] Chocolate Robin's Eggs

Easter is about a week away, but you don't want to go all out with a giant basket filled with enough candy to give the recipient early onset Diabetes.  You want your gift to be Easter-y, but understated.  You also don't want to spend a ton of money on it (way to go, cheapskate).

Look no further than these Chocolate Robin's Eggs ($8, Terrain).  They're classic Easter candy served in a nice glass mason jar, which makes you look classy and whimsical and Pinterest-y.  You know how much white women love their mason jars, right?  Of course you do. 


[GIFTED] Sriracha Popcorn

If you are a hot sauce person, you tend to find "traditional" snacks boring.  Smart Food Popcorn?  Yeah, right.  Tastes like you're chewing on some old packing peanuts. 

If you want to be kicked in the face with FLAVOR, check out this Sriracha Popcorn (Popcorn, Indiana).  Sure, it's spicy.  But it's anything but bland.  Buy it for yourself, buy it for your favorite Sriracha devotee.  And if you REALLY love Sriracha, check out this Sriracha Lover's guide I put together.  You're weclome.


[YOU'RE WELCOME] 8 Best Beers for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day might be the drinking-est holiday of the year, mainly because there aren't any of the distractions that come with other holidays.  On Halloween, you may have made the mistake of choosing an unwieldy costume which makes it harder for you to consume alcohol and/or use the bathroom.  On Thanksgiving, you have to focus on the food otherwise your Aunt Ruth will shoot you daggers (everyone must praise her cooking skills).  On Christmas, you've got to put down your cocktail to open presents.  But none of these things apply on St. Patrick's Day.  All you have to do is show up at a bar wearing a green t-shirt and you are good to go.  

BUT, if you're going to be drinking on St. Patrick's Day (god bless your little alcoholic heart), steer clear of the green beer.  Sure, it's "fun," but remember that it's just cheap beer with green food coloring in it.  Nothing more, nothing less. 

Want to stand out from the pack of hard-drinking, fist-pumping bros?  Stay away from the drink specials hawking green beer, Guinness, and Jameson.  Any bar worth anything is going to have some craft beers with an Irish lilt to them.  Be on the look-out for 8 of our favorites.

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[GIFTED] 312 Urban Pale Ale

Chicago has been dubbed as "the second city"—second, of course, to New York City. It seems like an unfair label, but New York is pretty great, so being categorized as second only to the greatest city in the US isn't so bad. Chicago is certainly better than Miami and Des Moines (and wayyyyy better than Butte).

That's why Chicago mainstay, Goose Island, has created its "312" line (312 is Chicago's area code, BTW), and today, on 3/12, it's unveiling it's 312 Urban Pale Ale. Pick up a 6-pack for your Chicago native friend and celebrate 312 day in style. Hey, it's another excuse to drink (as if you needed it).


[GIFTED] Hopothermia Double IPA

Dear lorddddddddddd is this the longest, coldest, most brutal, drawn-out winter on record OR WHAT?  We all look like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining constantly.  All of us dbags up North are toying with the idea of packing up and moving to Tijuana or Florida or some other shitty place with mercifully mild temperatures.  All right, maybe not, but Jesus Christ, our resolve is waning with each new bulletin of the latest "SNOWPOCALYPSE" alert we get from our local news stations. 

People living in warm places—take a break from posting douchey pictures of yourself enjoying the sun while wearing shorts to Instagram—and take pity on your frozen pals by sending them a six-pack of this Hopothermia Double IPA (Alaskan Brewing Co.).  Made by an Alaskan brewing company who knows exactly what it feels like to be cold all of the time, your friend who's stuck in colder weather can suck these down and pray that Spring will make an appearance some time soon.