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[GIFTED] House Beer 

If you are in your late 20s or early 30s, you probably wrestle with your beer choices.  Why?  Because you went to college before the craft beer revolution, which means you drank an obscene amount of macrobrewed beer because it was cheap, available, and easy on your unrefined palate.  MAYBE you'd drink a Sam Adams if you were being fancy, but your beginning days of drinking were filled with Bud and Coors and (shudder) Natty Ice.

But post-college, you got swept up in the craft beer revolution, and now you and your refined palate are kind of embarassed to order a watery macrobrew, even though you know that if you're going to drink 10 beers on the beach, it can't be a 9% ABV brew.  

Enter House Beer, which gives you the best of both worlds.  It's light enough for easy drinking on a hot summer day, but is a small enough operation to make it qualify as "craft."  Drink up.     

[GIFTED] Rogue Ales Pendleton Pale Ale

2016 marks the centennial anniversary of the National Parks system, and while that seems like a nerdy thing to celebrate, next time you're in a city, surrounded by concrete, you should reflect and be thankful that our fore fathers had the foresight to protect land across the country because you can be sure that if they didn't, we'd have a million skyscrapers in the middle of Yosemite and shit.  You'd be going to a Trump Casino in Arches National Park or sipping a latte in a Starbucks in Acadia National Park.

In celebration of this big anniversary (and the fact that urbanization didn't ruin they entire country), Oregon-based Rogue Ales has teamed up with American heritage brand Pendleton, to create Pendleton Pale Ale, an easy-drinkin' beer perfect for sneaking into one of our National Parks on a camping trip or long hike.  


[GIFTED] Hot Sauce Tasting Kit

There are people who like hot sauce and there are people who LOVE hot sauce.  These people are influenced by the artisanal food movement—they're not the dudes chugging gallons of Frank's Red Hot (although, some of them USED to be those dudes), they're the ones who take their time perusing the condiments section of the grocery store, trying new bottles out each time.  The idea of eating food without hot sauce is blasphemy to them.

If you have a hot sauce devotee in your life this Hot Sauce Tasting Kit ($32, 33 Books) is the perfect gift. The pocket journal allows them to obsessively catalog their adventures in hot sauce, and the gift set comes with two new bottles of hot sauce for them to try.  Spicy!


[GIFTED] Oyster Tasting Journal 

There's a quote that says "He was a brave man that first ate an oyster" and damnnnnnn that rings true when you look at them.  Oysters rank HIGH up there on the "World's Ugliest Foods" list, which is why so many people patently refuse to eat them.  Screw those scaredy cats—anyone who slurps their first oyster is hooked.  They're delicious, they're light and fresh, and they basically have zero calories.  Find a seat at an oyster bar and have a guilt-free happy hour snack, why don't you?

And once you get obsessed (which you will), you'll become more well-versed on which types of oysters are the best (East Coast all the way, baby), which are sweeter, which are brinier, which are massive, and everything else.  Since there are so many deep sea nuances associated with oyster-ology, you might be well-served to start documenting your briny adventures, with this Oyster Tasting Journal ($5, 33 Books).  


[GIFTED] We Rub You Sauces

Created by a sister duo who grew up in a Korean family, We Rub You Sauces ($10 per bottle, Mouth) offers modernized takes on traditional Korean sauces and marinades, like spicy and sweet Gochujang or Korean BBQ sauces.  If you want to spice up your boring, healthy weekday dinners with something a little different, grab a bottle and try it on for size.