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PinchME Subscription

If you're someone who's been known to utter the phrase "it's the little things in life," you're probably someone who would absolutely get down with a PinchME Subscription.  How it works: you get a box of samples to try in the mail, for free on a recurring basis.  All you have to do in return is tell them what you thought of the products.  Someone giving you free shit and then wanting your opinion on it?  Yes please. Where do I sign up, you might be thinking.  Right friggin' here.     


[GIFTED] Incognito Flask

Picture it: you're going to the beach.  You've got a ton of shit to lug there—chairs, coolers, umbrellas, towels, books/magazines that you won't read, etc.  You've got a ton of beer and food, but you want to bring something else to whet your whistle.  Maybe some tequila, for instance.  Maybe some FIREBALLLLLLLLLL if you really want to have a shitshow on your hands. But you don't want to add to the weight by bringing a glass bottle.  Introducing the answer to this alcohol-on-the-go conundrum: the Incognito Flask ($7, Vapur). Lightweight and durable, this guy holds up to 10 oz of liquid (that's 10 shots for those of you playing along at home) and collapses down to nothing when empty.  Things are about to get rowdy. 


[GIFTED] Poolside Ale

You begged your parents for a pool when you were a kid, and maybe you got one, or maybe you didn't (I did NOT get one).  Why?  Simply put—summertime activities revolved around whomever had a pool (underground always trumped aboveground in the backyard pool hierarchy).  If you had one, your popularity and social status skyrocketed.  If you didn't, you were left trying to convince your friends that running through a sprinkler or setting up a Slip 'n' Slide was just as fun as diving into a pool (wrong x 1,000).

And even though you're an adult now, having access to a pool (whether it's on the roof of your swanky apartment building or in your very own backyard) still makes you mega popular.  Everyone wants to get the hell out of the city in the summer, and if you've got a pool, a grill, and a fridge full of beers, your friends will make their way to your door in droves.  Yes, even if you live in NEW JERSEY.    

And what better beer to provide your friends with for poolside imbibing than Bell's Brewery Poolside Ale, which invokes every positive summertime memory around swimming.  The memories associated with being insecure in a bathing suit should stay where they belong—in the back room of your memory.  


[GIFTED] Unicorn Tears Gin 

There are people in the world who are completely obsessed with unicorns, likely because they're narcissists who equate the unicorn's mystique and uniqueness with themselves.  Or, they were just really obsessed with The Last Unicorn when they were little. REGARDLESS, your friend is either super self-involved or just plain weird, and boy, do we have a perfect gift for that type of person: Unicorn Tears Gin ($57, Firebox).

Full disclosure: it's basically Goldschlager (if you recall your college days when you drank too much of it and became THE GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN PUKE), but instead of flecks of gold, it's got flecks of silver, which will definitely NOT do damage as they're working their way through your insides.  Enjoy, and may your hangover be as special as a real unicorn! 


[GIFTED] House Beer 

If you are in your late 20s or early 30s, you probably wrestle with your beer choices.  Why?  Because you went to college before the craft beer revolution, which means you drank an obscene amount of macrobrewed beer because it was cheap, available, and easy on your unrefined palate.  MAYBE you'd drink a Sam Adams if you were being fancy, but your beginning days of drinking were filled with Bud and Coors and (shudder) Natty Ice.

But post-college, you got swept up in the craft beer revolution, and now you and your refined palate are kind of embarassed to order a watery macrobrew, even though you know that if you're going to drink 10 beers on the beach, it can't be a 9% ABV brew.  

Enter House Beer, which gives you the best of both worlds.  It's light enough for easy drinking on a hot summer day, but is a small enough operation to make it qualify as "craft."  Drink up.