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[GIFTED] How to Age

There are some people who age gracefully.  They embrace getting older in a dignified way, so dignified that you don't really notice until you're invited to their 60th birthday and you're like, HOLY SHIT, HE IS OLD. These people are the best case scenarios.  These are the Diane Keatons and Robert Redfords of aging.  

And, on the other side of the coin, there are people who age horribly.  As my father would say, "time has not been their friend." But we're not just talking looks—which is where age tends to show up first—we're also talking about behavior.  

You can pick the person who's terrifed of growing older out of the crowd quickly.  It's the woman dressing like a 20-year-old and embarassing her adult children.  It's the ridiculous old man tooling around in a new convertible with his ludicrously young girlfriend.  These are the Kris Jenners and Donald Trumps of aging.

And for those people, we have this How to Age Book ($12, The School of Life).  The perfect retirement gift, 60th birthday gift, or maybe we should just all send a copy to Donald Trump. Each and every one of us. 


[GIFTED] Woo Hoo for You Two Card

You're going to a wedding and you have to buy a card.  You go to your local Rite Aid and CVS and see three kinds of cards: 

#1: HIGHLY RELIGIOUS: The kind your old, old aunt would get you and enclose a $30 check in.

#2: Overly Sentimental: They typically start out with something like, "TO MY SISTER ON HER WEDDING DAY"—which is already A BIT MUCH—and go on to wish the recipient the sun and the moon and the stars and Jesus Christ this is wayyyyy too much.

#3: Weirdly Humorous, Vaguely Anti-Marriage: They try to be jokey, but are ultimately negative on the whole marriage thing, saying things like, "ENJOY BEING TRAPPED FOREVER" or include weird fart jokes because husbands = farts in Hallmark language.  

WTF are you supposed to do?  You don't want to give anyone any of these cards.  Why aren't there any NORMAL cards that just say "congrats" without being all ridiculous about it?  There are.  They exist.  They just don't typically exist in the drug store.  They exist online, like this cute Woo Hoo for You Two Card ($5, Little Low) which is celebratory without being intense.  Exactly the chord you're trying to strike.  


[GIFTED] Need More Weekends Framed Print

As your summer comes to a close, you start to reflect on what you managed to cram into three months.  All of the backyard BBQs, all of the weddings, all of the long weekend trips to somewhere near the ocean—it was a lot.  But was it enough?  No, it's never enough.  Even if you were a champion of summer, you always have one weekend trip that you wanted to take but couldn't end up swinging it.    

Let's just say it.  We need more free time and less days at the office.  We need more drinks with old friends and less drinks with clients.  We need to spend less Saturdays and Sundays doing chores and running errands because we're too exhausted and overworked to squeeze them into a Tuesday night.  We need more weekends.  

This should be our credo. Hang this Need More Weekends Framed Print ($55, Furbish Studio) in your workspace to remind yourself.  


[GIFTED] Notorious BIG Buttons

The people who are old school rap aficionados can't even RECOGNIZE [MAN, YOU BETTER RECOGNIZE] rap today.  What the hell is this shit?  Who are all of these kids?  Rap stars used to get shot in the street (RIP Biggie), now they're trading barbs on Instagram. WEAKKKKKK (or maybe better, probably?).

There's always going to be a generational divide when it comes to music, but to those who would rather listen to "Juicy" than Jeezy, we present these Notorious BIG Buttons ($4, How Nice).  Where 'em with pride, when you're rolling down the streets of [gentrified] Brooklyn.  


[GIFTED] The Botanist Gin

If you have someone in your life who is an actual botanist, or just someone who is really, really into gardening, the The Botanist Gin will be the most appropos gift you can give to them.  

Crafted on the Isle of Islay in Scotland, the gin features 22—count 'em, 22—wild botanicals found locally on the island (hence the name).  Pretend you give a shit about plants and maybe they'll let you drink some of their gin with them.  It's a win/win situation.