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[GIFTED] Dranks! T-Shirt

Hayyyyy, summer is in full swing and it is motherfuckin' FRIDAY.  Time to get drunk on a patio, right?  RIGHT.  This Dranks! T-Shirt ($28, Buy Me Brunch) is the perfect thing to wear to any and all of your summer soirees—happy hour drinks, BBQs, douchey rooftop parties, drinking on your dad's boat...the possibilities are endless. 


[GIFTED] EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask

Snorkeling: the scared person's way to experience the ocean.  Okay, okay, the REALLY scared person's way to experience the ocean is via a glass-bottomed boat, but seriously.  Snorkeling (as compared to scuba diving) is pretty lame.  But for whatever reason, some people LOVE snorkeling.  My guess is because it allows you check out what's under the sea without having to get certified or have to use an oxygen tank. 

Thus far, though, snorkeling gear has been pretty lackluster.  You affix this ridiculous apparatus to your face, jump in the ocean, and try not do drown as water inevitably gets into the snorkel's air hole. That's why the snorkeling afficionado's life will be CHANGED by this EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask ($60, Decathlon) that has a seal to keep water from entering.  It's space-agey shit, no doubt, and it comes in a variety of colors, making this avid snorkeler the coolest guy on the boat.


[GIFTED] Fine & Raw Cowgirl Chocolate Bars 

Yeah, yeah, yeah—we've all had our fill of artisanal chocolate.  OR SO YOU THINK.  Check out these Cowgirl Chocolate Bars ($36) from Fine & Raw Chocolate, a Brooklyn-based (surprised?) company helmed by a South African chocolatier.  Raw chocolate bars featuring ingredients like sea salt, espresso, and ginger packaged with labels featuring vintage pin-up cowgirls?  Giddy up.  


[GIFTED] Kinetic Sand 

There are people who kinda like going to the beach and there are BEACH PEOPLE.  They're the ones that are perpetually in some tropical location, drink in-hand, posting selfies that are branded with something like "#beachlife" or "#grateful."  You look at their photos and you're like, "How the fuck does this bitch still have a job if she's always jetting off to Antigua?"  Clamp down on your desk-bound jealousy.  By the time July rolls around, her beach days are numbered, anyway. 

If you ever find yourself on the market for a gift for a BEACH PERSON, this Kinetic Sand ($15, Uncommon Goods) will be perfect for them during the winter months when they retire their bathing suits and sunblock.  The Kinetic Sand looks like a pile of regular sand, but it's actually a shapeable, buildable material that will allow the BEACH PERSON to build sand castles on her coffee table while it snows outside. 


[GIFTED] Leather Footballs

There's nothing more American than football (and not the FUTBOL that we've all pretended like we care about lately during the World Cup), and these Leather Footballs ($135, Shinola) are a handsome reminder of that fact. 

One of these babies will look fantastic on your football-lovin' friends bookshelf, media center, or literally anywhere else he tends to display the things that are the most important to him.