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[GIFTED] Polygon Bowls

People who love entertaining are always looking for stylish, functional serving pieces to use.  They want you to love the food that's on/in them, yes, but they also want you to tell them how "cute" the serving vessel is. 

Entertaining is basically a way to get people to give you compliments on everything from your home, your cooking, your choice in artwork, your dog, etc.  This holiday season, why not set them up for more compliments with these Polygon Bowls ($27 each, Studio Lorier), which are great for serving dips, chips, and fancy artisanal olives. 


[GIFTED] Winter Cocktails 

It's cold out and the fun, backyard patio drinking of the summer is a distant memory.  But just because it's fucking freezing out doesn't mean that you can't still get drunk and be social (though, if you're like me, the "being social" part is completely optional). 

This Winter Cocktails book ($23, Furbish) offers up 50+ recipes for cold-weather cocktails (mulled ciders, hot toddies, and more) that should probably be imbibed while sitting beside a roaring fire and wearing flannel.  It's the perfect gift for the drunk in your life, or the person you want to get drunk (WINKY FACE). 


[GIFTED] Be Thankful Canvas

It's Thanksgiving, so if you're reading this post, that means that you've made a conscious decision to be on your phone/computer/tablet instead of spending quality time with your loved ones.  GREAT JOB. 

While this Be Thankful Canvas ($58, Bourbon & Boots) isn't my style (it's in the vein of LIVE LAUGH LOVE, don't you think?), it reminds me of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions was when my little brother would make us all go around the table and say what we're thankful for, and we'd get to my grandfather and he'd say, "NOTHING."

Memories are something, aren't they?


[GIFTED] Hello Tech Notecards

Technology is hilarious because it's always evolving.  You're carrying around the coolest, most cutting edge thing today and in six months, you look like a fucking moron dragging that thing around. 

Think about the evolution of the cellphone.  They used to be really huge, then they got smaller and smaller.  If you had a larger-sized cell phone 8 years ago, everyone would laugh at you, referring to your "cool Zack Morris phone."  Now, with the advent of tablet technology, phones are getting bigger again.  You'll see a guy on the street talking into a phone the size of his FACE and wonder what the hell is going on in Silicon Valley. 

It's increasingly hard to keep up with the trends that the supernerds are coming up with, but it IS safe to assume that when old technology goes the way of the dinosaur for the newest thing, it eventually becomes cute and nostalgic.  Your tech-lovin' friend (the one with plaid shirts and horn-rimmed glasses) will love these Hello Tech Notecards ($18, Pop Chart Labs) that feature relics from the past like, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, and cell phones WITH BUTTONS.  How silly we all were back then!


[GIFTED] White Whale Cocktail Mixers

The holidays are coming up, and that means that you are—whether you like it or not—are going to be spending inordinate amounts of time with your family.  Scary, yes?  So what does any well-adjusted person do when facing a scary situation?  That's right: drink.

Spiff up the hard alcohol you'll be downing with these appropriately-named-for-holiday White Whale Cocktail Mixers ($34, Furbish), like Auntie's Old Fashioned, Your Older Brother, and The Filthy Liar (your aunt's ex-husband?).  Hayyyyy, the gang's all here!