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[GIFTED] Izola Beer Steins

There are guys that are content to guzzle beer out of a can sitting on their back porch, and there are guys that like to take it a step further.  Truly, if you get a craft beer geek talking, they'll tell you that there are special glasses for each kind of beer, and will also tell you that you should NEVER serve a craft brew in a frosted mug.  These guys are SERIOUS about it.  And so, there are a ton of things to drink your beer out of. Specialized craft beer glasses, regular old pint glasses, glasses shaped like aluminum cans—but the most bad ass of all, though, are steins.  Yes, motherfuckin' steins.  These Izola Beer Steins ($45 each) are a good addition to any man's beer glass cabinet—they're made of hand-crafted stoneware (making them more unique than his buddies' glass steins) and hold up to 1 liter of beer, meaning that your beer geek won't have to get up for a refill for awhile. 


[WHAT I BOUGHT] Daniel Wellington Watch

I've been doing a lot of writing about watches, as you may have noticed, so it served as good research for me for when I wanted to get a new watch.  I've had an old Movado since my parents bought it for me as a college graduation present, and while it looked nice, I needed to pay for a ton of repairs on it over the years. When the bracelet broke months ago, I decided to retire it.  Goodbye, old friend.  You were a gift that cost me $500, all told. Moral of the story: don't buy a Movado.

So, I knew I wanted a new watch, but I ALSO knew that I didn't want to spend a ton of money on it.  Anyone who knows me knows that my style is uber preppy, so I was drawn to the simplicity and preppiness of Daniel Wellington watches.  I bought this Classic Canterbury Watch ($175, Daniel Wellington).  I love it.  It goes with any of my douche parade preppy outfits, but it can still look classy without being a real dress watch.  Clocking in at under $200, it's one of the best watches you can buy at that price point.  Trust.     


[GIFTED] Fractal Passport Case

You spend January-April in hibernation mode, rarely leaving the house for anything but work and ice cream/beer runs, and then May rolls around and you're suddenly a social butterfly.  Drinks every weeknight! Out of town trips every weekend!  Who knew you were such a goddamned jetsetter?

If you're going to be spending a lot of time in the hellhole better known as your local airport, you might as well jazz up your travel acoutrements, and this brightly-colored Fractal Passport Case ($27, Jonathan Adler) will certainly help you do this.  Now boarding.    


[GIFTED] Mujjo Laptop Sleeve

If you're traveling for business, you're lugging your computer aroud constantly.  And while Macbooks are made to stand up to all of the abuse you give it, it's still a $1,500 machine that has your whole entire life on it, so maybe you want to treat it a little bit nicer?

"Treating it a little bit nicer" can start with investing in a nice laptop sleeve, like this Mujjo Laptop Sleeve ($66).  On face value, a laptop sleeve might seem like a bougie thing that's unnecessary, but once you start using it, you'll never want to go back.  And treating your belongings nicely feels good, I swear.       


[GIFTED] Adventure a Day Print

You know the type of people that are "outdoorsy."  You want to stay inside and watch 12 episodes of Orange is the New Black in a row and they are out canoeing on a lake.  Your vacation is spent laying around a resort and their vacation is spent climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro.  You bring a cooler full of nothing but Coors Light on a sailing cruise, they bring waters and healthy snacks.  They have a perpetual tan and a decent body from being outside and active all the time.  You'd hate them if they weren't so goddamned nice.     

This Adventure a Day Print ($32, Little Low) will be the perfect hate-gift to give your favorite adventurous couple.  They can hang it in their cabin.  Because you know they have a cabin.  Right on the lake.  Fuckers.