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[GIFTED] Cartography of Kitchenware Apron

Any chef—aspiring, professional, or somewhere in the middle—will love this Cartography of Kitchenware Apron ($30, Pop Chart Lab), that details literally every item of kitchenware known to man, from wisks to casserole dishes, to meat thermometers.  

The design was painstakingly researched and designed, much like the elaborate meals the wearer of this apron will prepare.


[GIFTED] Surprise I'm Drunk T-Shirt

2013—what a year.  But now, it's drawing to a close and you're about to make a bunch of promises (or, resolutions, if you will) that you'll inevitably break as soon as February rolls around.  

But for now, you've got one more day/night for unbridled debauchery.  Eat steak AND lobster AND dessert.  Sleep until noon and DEFINITELY don't go to the gym.  Show up to a New Year's Eve party in this Surprise I'm Drunk T-Shirt ($24, Buy Me Brunch) and then drink ALL of the bottles of champagne.  This is how you do.  In 2013, anyway.  


[GIFTED] Treat Yo' Self Mug

We are DAYS away from New Year's Eve, when we all have to pretend like we're going to hold it together, quit it with our bad habits, and magically become the best versions of ourselves that we could be. 

So, while you still can—crank up those bad habits.  Drink bourbon out of this Treat Yo' Self Mug ($23, Ashley Brooke Designs).  Why not?  It's prior to January 1, 2014—you can do whatever bad shit you want to.


[GIFTED] Ron Burgundy Scotchy Scotch Scotch

With the release of Anchorman 2, people everywhere have gone APESHIT.  Will Ferrell has been doing media appearances in character as Ron Burgundy, and Ben & Jerry's released a butterscotch ice cream under the name of Scotchy Scotch Scotch.  But a better way to honor the man and his favorite drink is to actually drink some scotch. 

Ron Burgundy Scotchy Scotch Scotch (Riviera Imports) is kind of a big deal, and is the perfect thing to drink while you're sitting around, quoting both Anchorman movies until your girlfriend literally STRANGLES you to death because she's tired of hearing you say you're in a glass case of emotion. 


[GIFTED] Instant Ugly Holiday Sweater Kit 

Around the holidays, it is inevitable that you're going to be invited to at least one Ugly Holiday Sweater Party.  The concept is fun enough, you're going to a holiday party, but the hosts want you to wear something that looks completely ridiculous.  Ugly Holiday Sweaters are like the Cosby sweaters of the Christmas season.  Literally nobody can pull them off.  All of this is fine IN THEORY until you realize that you have to find an ugly holiday sweater to wear.  Weird news: ugly holiday sweaters are EXPENSIVE because there's still a demand for them because of rich old white ladies.  

Don't find yourself shelling out $40 for a holiday-themed Alfred Dunner sweater with a snowman on it that you'll literally never wear again.  Instead, get this Instant Ugly Holiday Sweater Kit ($10, KarmaLoop) that features a bunch of patches that you can affix to any plain shirt or sweater you have lying around (or purchased for $2 at the thrift store).  You're ready to party now.  Just take it easy on the egg nog.