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[GIFTED] Legal Beverages 

Do you love the warm feeling of being intoxicated?  Who doesn't, right?  But beer can get boring.  You used to look forward to wine o'clock and now you're indifferent towards it.  Smoking weed feels too collegiate. What's next for your nights and weekends?  Meth?  Don't go there—think about your teeth (and your parents)!  

Enter Legal Beverages, the answer to your adult recreational prayers.  Legal Beverages are a variety of refreshments laced with marijuana extract.  Think of it as a "funny soda," and your weekends will get a lot better.  


[GIFTED] Stuff Matters

Everyone knows someone who is a "tinkerer."  Someone who wants to know how things work.  As a kid, he disassembled radios and clocks and various Stretch Armstrongs.  Now, he's a grown-up science geek who would love to receive this book—Stuff Matters ($19, Amazon), written by scientist Mark Miodownik.  It's a playful book that analyzes what everyday objects are made of in a fun way that makes it much more than a text book (supposedly).    


[GIFTED] 99 Pick-Me-Ups for New Mamas

Being an adult is difficult enough, but add impending motherhood into the mix and you're looking at barreling towards a full-on melt-down.  That's why 99 Pick-Me-Ups for New Mamas ($12, Knock Knock) is a great gift for anyone you know who just had a baby or is about to have one. 


[GIFTED] BottleLoft

If you're the type of person who perpetually has at least a six pack of beer chilling in your fridge (if so, when can I come over?), you'll want to install the BottleLoft ($38, Uncommon Goods) ASAP.  Metal strips with adhesive on one side and magnets on the other side, the Bottle Loft allows you to hang your beers from the top of a shelf on your fridge, utilizing dead space and freeing up the actual shelf for other, non-alcoholic stuff.  Imagine that.  


[GIFTED] Hidden Pocket Belt 

We all know someone that constantly loses their shit.  Even if they're only responsible for their wallet or their phone, somehow, there's always some drama about them losing it.  

That's why a perfect gift for the Forgetful Jones in your life is this Hidden Pocket Belt ($42, JooJoobs), which looks like a regular nice leather belt but has a zippered pocket on the inside that's perfect for stashing some extra cash for those times when their wallet goes missing and they've got to find a way to get themselves home.