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[GIFTED] Mom Said So Tray



When you were a kid, there was nothing more infuriating than hearing the classic mom phrase "…because I said so."  Nobody but your mother and the president can get away with saying that shit to you.  And she said that shit to you A LOT.  The only thing she said to you more was "They're just jealous of you!" whenever anyone made fun of you or whenever you had conflict with anyone in any way.  Faulty Mom logic be damned, it got her through a hell of a lot of years dealing with your dramatic ass. That's why she'll cry and cry and cry when you gift her this Mom Said So Tray ($60, Kate Spade), emblazoned with all of the cliche things she would say to you when you were a kid.  It'll send the message, "Look mom, I WAS listening." 

[GIFTED] Edyn Smart Gardening System

APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS AM I RIGHT?  Who knows.  WHO KNOWS if I'm actually right.  All I know is that April plays host to some of the weirdest days weather-wise out of the entire year.  But SUPPOSEDLY it gaves way to the beautiful summer months that allow us to enjoy nature outside. 

If you're into gardening, April and May are KEY months for you.  Gardening can quickly morph from an idle hobby to a full-blown obsession, mainly because you're playing God in a way.  "LOOK AT THESE CHERRY TOMATOES I GREW WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS," you'll announce to no one, because you are standing alone in your garden covered in dirt.  It's easy to get addicted to creating something with your own two hands, though, mainly because we're a bankrupt culture where we don't create anything anymore.   

If you're into playing God and growing your own cucumbers, then check out the Edyn Smart Gardening System that gives you wayyyyyyyyyy more information than you probably need about your backyard garden.  The Garden Sensor ($100) measures sunlight and soil moisture to tell you what plants will grow best in your garden and when to water your plants.  The Water Valve ($60) hooks up to your existing sprinkler system to regulate the amount of water that goes to your plants, meaning you'll never have a $700 water bill because your sprinkler's timer stopped working when you went out of town for the weekend. 


[GIFTED] The World is Your Oyster Print

Everyone is always talking about how important work/life balance is, and of course that's very true.  But the thing is, even if you're making a concerted effort to leave work at work and reclaim your personal time for yourself and your loved ones, it is H-A-R-D to not let work bullshit get to you.  Why?  Because you spend nearly ALL of your time there.  There are people who can just show up and leave and not think or care or bitch about anything work-related until 9AM the next morning, but most of us CANNOT do that.

And because we can't do that, it's easy to get down on your situation.  You're unhappy, you want a change, you're not getting paid what you deserve—whatever it is.  It's easy to get into that hole and stay there.  

That's why it's so important to remind yourself that you live in America and because of that, you can literally do WHATEVER you want to do.  Literally, anything.  You want to learn about beer?  Go learn about beer.  You want to quit your job and work at a Barnes & Noble for a few months while you figure it out?  You can do that too.  THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER.  Get this The World is Your Oyster Framed Print ($68, Katie Kime) and put it in a prominent place in your home.  It'll serve a good reminder.  Also, eating oysters is never a bad idea. Let's go get some oysters.  I know a place. 


[GIFTED] Ravioli Spoon Rest 

Whenever you're making anything Italian, the recipe tends to call for a lot of saucy things, and saucy things make a mess.  That's why any Italian cook will love this Ravioli Spoon Rest ($16, PA Design).  It's made of silicone so it allows for easy clean-up and because it's shaped like a ravioli, maybe it'll inspire you to make homemade ravioli like your Nonna used to make, rather than those ones you buy in the package at the grocery store.  Don't betray your Italian heritage like that.   


[GIFTED] Space Cadet iPhone Case

GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR TOM—do we have a gift for any nerd who loves space.  Maybe your space-lovin' friend will never get anywhere nearer to space than watching shitty/awesome movies like Armageddon over and over again (unless she cozies up next to crazy old Richard Branson), but she can feel positively INTERGALACTIC with this Space Cadet iPhone Case ($28, Kate Spade).  

Give this to ya friend and she'll be like, "HOUSTON, I HAVE NO PROBLEM ACCEPTING THIS GIFT."