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[GIFTED] Custom Portrait Stamp

When you're getting married, you send out an INCREDIBLE amount of mail.  Brides are probably the only people that are even keeping the US Postal System in business anymore.  When was the last thing you got anything in the mail besides a Save the Date or wedding invitation?  Exactly.

So, since you'll be sending literally the most mail of your LIFE, pondering why stamps cost SO MUCH, and hand addressing envelopes until your hands bleed, and the like, you might as well have some fun with it.

And what's more fun than getting a Custom Portrait Stamp ($100, Stamp Yo Face!) made out of your FACE?  Send a picture of you and your fiance to Stamp Yo Face! and they'll get cracking, making you a custom portrait that you can stamp alllllllll over your various wedding shit.  


[GIFTED] "This Stupid Card" Card

For anyone who is secretly sentimental and emotional but hides this under a shroud of cyncism and sarcasm (look, it's me, raising my hand!), picking out a card to give to someone is tough.  You want to give them something that's thoughtful, funny, and doesn't completely blow up your spot about how you're actually not a douchebag.

So, it's the same scenario everytime: there you are, standing in the card aisle of your local CVS, holding a "funny" card that isn't funny at all and a card that is so schmaltzy and overly sentimental that it actually feels like it's dripping with tears (Grandma tears).  You want to give these cards to exactly NO ONE.  But what do you do?  

Here's what you do: you stock up on about 20 of these "This Stupid Card" Cards ($5, Emily McDowell) and keep them in your desk drawer.  They're appropriate for pretty much any occasion—a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, everything (okay maybe don't use it for a sympathy card).  Good luck out there.


[GIFTED] Righteous Felon Jerky Care

ARTISANAL JERKY.  It's a thing.  A weird thing, yes, but a thing, no less.  When you were a kid, the only jerky that you knew about were gas station Slim Jims, and those don't even really count.  But now, you're seeing all of this fancy and EXPENSIVE jerky lining the shelves of specialty markets.  High-quality ingredients and cool packaging mean you can actually show up with jerky as a gift for someone without looking like some crazy derelict who just cruised their local 7/11 for "gifts" to bring to the party.

So, if you have a jerky afficionado in your life, introduce them to the Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel ($24), a company that says their jerky is "criminally crafted for unlawful appetites."  Each jerky is made with fresh, organic ingredients and are named after famous felons—Habanero Escobar, Chepotle Guevera, Victorious BIG, and the like.


[GIFTED] Owen & Fred Luggage Tags

So you've been toting around the same beat-up luggage your parents gave you when you were 19.  You travel enough where an upgrade could be justified but not so much where its absolutely necessary.  I get it.  That old, beat-up suitcase still works, and you're not trying to impress any TSA employees, amiright? 

That's not the point.  When you have nicer things, you tend to take care of them better.  And when you take care of your belongings better, you tend to feel better about yourself.  It's one self-perpetuating cycle that's actually HEALTHY.  

So, when you decide to actually upgrade your suitcase, consider upgrading your luggage tags, too.  These hand-stamped leather Owen & Fred Luggage Tags ($81) are gorgeous, sturdy, and totally customizable (meaning: if you want the TSA to contact you through your Twitter handle with info about your lost baggage, you can.  Good luck with that).


[GIFTED] SEE Eyewear

Back when you were a bespectacled child, you caught a lot of crap for wearing glasses.  People made fun of you for being a "nerd" or a "geek."  But now you're all grown up, and what do you know?  Wearing glasses is cool.  Justin Timberlake wears glasses.  Who's laughing now?  YOU ARE. 

That's why you should stock up on SEE Eyewear—a NYC shop that offers a ton of different glasses (and sunglasses!) in different styles and colors.  How would you look in RED glasses?  BLUE glasses?  You'll never know 'til you try, right?