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[GIFTED] Night Moves Lighter 

Nothing looks trashier than a person walking around with a lighter they bought at a gas station or a convenience store.  It says, "Baby, let's get a 40 and go to that motel that rents rooms by the hour."  Don't be that person.  It's not a good look.

The alternative, of course, is to either a.) quit smoking (it does a body good, after all) or b.) buy an expensive Zippo lighter.  Zippos are great and all, but they can cost you a pretty big chunk of change, and carrying around a Zippo is a little intense.  Instead, check out option c.) — the Night Moves Lighter ($18, Good Worth & Co.).  Golden and engraved with a lascivious illustration as well as the words "night moves" to Bob Seger's classic song, you'll be lighting up and working on your night moves with a little class.  Emphasis on the word "little." 


[GIFTED] Judson Beaumont Dog Trailer

Back in the day, dog houses were more of a thing than they are now.  Why?  Because now that we let our dogs have free reign of our entire REAL houses, they don't really need a fake house hanging out in the backyard.  UNLESS that dog house is exceedingly well-designed, which is the exact description this Judson Beaumont Dog Trailer (Straight Line Designs) is worthy of.  Kitschy and hilarious, it'll spruce up your backyard, provide a conversation piece the next time you throw a BBQ, and provide your dog a place to hang out when he's done chasing the squirrels all over the yard.


[GIFTED] Boozy Pins 

Election season is heating up (AND we're about one year out from a presidential election!), and so we're going to be seeing more and more lapel pins on the suit jackets of everyone on TV.  Most lapel pins will be, of course, American flags.  Why?  You gotta let everyone know what a die-hard patriot you are, THAT'S WHY. What are you, some kind of a COMMUNIST?

WHATEVER. If you're not running for office, you can ditch the American flag pin, and instead opt for these Boozy Pins ($10 each, Good Worth & Co.).  Show up to a Fall wedding wearing a Cocktail Club pin to let everyone know you came to party.  Show up to a board meeting with a crushed beer can pin to let everyone know you don't take yourself too seriously.  

Honestly, though, wouldn't you vote for a person that ran for office donning a crushed beer can lapel pin in place of a flag pin? YOU'VE GOT MY VOTE.


[GIFTED] HIBR Memory Foam Pillow

When you're first starting out, you make decisions based on what is the cheapest thing you could possibly buy.  That's why you cruise into your late 20's with hold over garbage that you bought when you had just graduated college (or, even worse—crap you bought when you were still IN college).  "It's fine!" you declare to assorted lovers or your befuddled parents.  

No, it's not fine.  Not anymore.  You spend an obscene amount of time in your bed in your lifetime.  You spend 8 hours per day in the office and you [should] spend 8 hours per day in bed.  And while you don't really have any say in the crappy desk chair your humorless office manager gave you on your first day, you have COMPLETE CONTROL over your sleep set-up.  Why not upgrade?  If you don't want to shell out $1,000 on a new mattress, making smaller, less pricey upgrades can make a huge difference.  We're talking nicer sheets and better pillows.  The HIBR Memory Foam Pillow ($79) has the perfect amount of firmness and softness, and has technology built in that regulates the temperature to keep you cool while sleeping.  You'll never want to sleep on that pillow you've had since sophomore year AGAIN, especially when I tell you that that pillow is definitely filled with dust mites.  Gross. 

Please note that HIBR sent me this pillow because they thought it was cool enough for me to review.  I tried it, I liked it, and here we are.  I sleep on it every night, when my cat isn't bogarting it, of course.


[GIFTED] Limited Edition Print 

When you were growing up, being the weird kid was not a good thing.  If you loved The Carol Burnett Show or were super into stamp collecting, you kept that shit TO YOURSELF.  You tried your best to blend in.  But then you grew up and realized that the middle school assholes' approval you pined for doesn't matter to you anymore.  

They're working at the only bar in your hometown and you're out in the world, doing amazing things.  All the shit that made you weird when you were a kid makes you interesting as an adult.  That's why you should hang this Limited Edition Print ($14, Mottos Print) up in your apartment, as a testament to that weird kid you were way back when.  You're not weird anymore—you're limited edition.