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[GIFTED] Mason Jar Cookie Mix 

Because of Pinterest, EVERYONE loves Mason Jars now, not just old Southern ladies.  That's why this Mason Jar Cookie Mix ($18, Bourbon & Boots) is the perfect gift for literally any woman with a Pinterest account.  Each mason jar—available in flavors like Oatmeal Chip, Berries N Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, and more—contains all of the dry ingredients to make awesome all-natural cookies. Just empty the jar into a bowl, add wet ingredients, stir, scoop and bake.


[GIFTED] Personalized Cutting Board

You're friends with a couple of foodies.  They met in the olive aisle of Whole Foods or at an exclusive food event.  They blow entire paychecks on dinners at fancy restaurants and are always Instagramming pictures of incredibly complicated dinners they made together at home while you're sitting on your couch munching on a Stouffer's French Bread Pizza.  They make you want to throw something.  Or maybe get around to learning how to cook one of these days.  But this isn't about YOU.  

When these two lovebirds finally get engaged (you should be stoked for the food served at their wedding, at the very least), everyone is going to buy them kitchen stuff.  They're going to be knee-deep in crockpots and Le Cruset.  You'll want to get them something more unique, and this Personalized Cutting Board ($155, Uncommon Goods) is the perfect thing for that.  When Ed and Alexis (or whatever their names are) are chopping up basil for some complicated dish you've never heard of, they'll think about how great you are (and maybe, just maybe, they'll invite you over for dinner).  


[GIFTED] Ryan and the Gosling Beer

Hey girl, this Ryan and the Gosling Beer (Evil Twin Brewing) is for any girl who claims to be a HUGE Ryan Gosling fan yet limits her knowledge of his performances to The Notebook (If you're a bird, I'm a bird HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA) and Crazy Stupid Love (also known as Crazy Stupid Decision) while ignoring his gut-wrenching, award-worthy performances in Half Nelson, Blue Valentine, and All Good Things (possibly because murder, drug addictions, and the slow crumbling of a marriage aren't exactly fun movie topics to go see with your girlfriends).  NONE OF THAT MATTERS THOUGH.  LOOK, RYAN GOSLING BEER, OMGOMGOMGOMG.   


[GIFTED] Beyonce Surf Team T-Shirt

Do you LOVE Beyonce?  GOOD.  You fucking better.  You can't be lukewarm about the Queen Bey—you're either with her or against her.  And if you're against her, the motherfucking BEYGENCY is going to come after you faster than you can write an essay about the meaning of "If I Were a Boy" for your Women's Studies class. 

Honestly, in 2020—when Beyonce becomes the first black female president under 40 and the national anthem is changed to "Bills Bills Bills"—we'll all be wearing some variation of this Beyonce Surf Team T-Shirt ($23, Human) as our government-issued uniform, so why not stock up now?  Exactly.   


[GIFTED] Intersection of Love Art

Every couple has a mental list of places that are significant to them and their coupledom.  Maybe it's that bar where you both were shitfaced at and shared a basket of curly fries and then a cab home together ON A WEEKNIGHT because you were young and wild and FREE.  Maybe it's that place he took you to for brunch that actually ended up not serving food.  Maybe it's that cabin in the woods where you took your first romantic getaway together.  These are all plot points in the great map of your relationship (GOOGLE DON'T STEAL THIS CONCEPT FOR A GOOGLE MAPS AD THAT WILL DEFINITELY MAKE ME CRY), so why not document them for posterity's sake with this Intersection of Love Art ($125, Uncommon Goods)?  

It's customizable to include two names, two important dates, and different color combinations, making it the perfect engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift.