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[GIFTED] Trunk Club

So your little brother just graduated from college.  He lives in a new city, has a new job, and has literally no idea how to dress himself.  You shudder to think of the kind of first impression he's making with his new co-workers, rolling up to the office in a wrinkled, too-big button-down, pleated khakis, New Balance sneakers, and a BACK PACK as a bag.  All of that sounds terrible.

You'd take him shopping for a new wardrobe, but you live in another city, you're BUSY with your stupid job, and is that little twerp really going to listen to his SISTER anyway?  Nah, he's not. 

So, how do you give him an upgrade without wasting any of your precious time and energy?  Sign him up for Trunk Club, a curated men's shopping experience that sends complete outfits (shirts, pants, shoes, socks, accessories) to his door, with explicit instructions from his own personal stylist.  How does it work?  You get him to sit down at his computer and pick out his level of style (clueless, confident, and aficionado), give up his measurements, and select which stores he likes the most. 

His stylist—after a brief online or phone consultation—then sends him outfits, or "trunks."  He gets to try everything on—paying only for the items he wants and returning the rest for free.  There's no membership fees, and the clothes cost about as much as they would if he went to the mall and bought a bunch of horrible clothes that don't fit him.     

He'll look like a new man come Thanksgiving.  Or, he'll look like a man.  For once.  


[GIFTED] Press Onward Doormat

Regardless of whether you're a social, functioning member of society, life is HARD and sometimes you just want to lock yourself in your apartment and not interact with anyone (save for the Chinese delivery guy—you've gotta eat).  The frequency that these days occur depends on how frustrating your life/job is.

But unless you're some kind of a MILLIONAIRE (and if you are, what are you so sad about?  MONEY BUYS HAPPINESS, JUST ASK THE KENNEDYS), you don't have the luxury of holing up in your apartment and disconnecting with the world.  You have to get out of bed.  You have to get dressed.  You have to open your front door and get to work.  This Press Onward Doormat ($45, Izola) will be a helpful reminder to keep going.

Or, it could serve as a reminder to guests who've worn out their welcome to stop standing in the doorway of your apartment saying "goodbye" over and over again but never actually leaving. 


[GIFTED] Pup-a-Top Collar 

As a responsible dog owner, you've probably put in countless hours to train your best friend to respect basic commands like "sit," "stay," and, "PLEASE don't piss on the floor again!"  If you're a total pyschopath, maybe you even trained your dog to bring you your newspaper or something along those lines. 

And if you're already putting your dog to work fetching you shit, you can also make him even more useful by getting him a Pup-a-Top Collar ($13).  The collar—which can be engraved with your dog's name and is available in a variety of colors—pulls double-duty as a bottle opener.  Mega-convenient, of course. If dogs are supposedly "man's best friend," then beers are definitely "man's well-regarded aquaintance."  It's a good combo for sure. 


[GIFTED] Hand-Stamped Copper Card

Some ancient old lady said that nothing is more thoughtful than sending a hand-written note, and it's true (okay, maybe a hand-written note with a $100 bill along with it would be a little more thoughtful, but whatever).  You talk to people constantly—via email, text, and social media. Keeping tabs on everyone has never been easier. 

You have old co-workers you haven't seen in years, but you're in their living room every day, thanks to Instagram.  Technology is great for stuff like that—if you didn't have Facebook, you would have no idea what your distant relative was up to.  BUT, on the same token, you wouldn't be inundated with status updates from said relative on what she's up to EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY.  Social media: it's good, it's bad, it's something to kill time while you're avoiding being a productive member of society.     

So, as we're increasingly digital, any attempt at being analog becomes more and more of a feat.  As in, Holy shit, you took the time to send me a CARD instead of just shooting me an email from your iPad while you're sitting on the toilet?  You must really love me or something. 

Take the thoughtfulness of a hand-written note one major step further with this custom Hand-Stamped Copper Card ($36, Snappin Studio).  Made to fit in your wallet, you can give someone a note that is virtually indescructible.  You can go with the mega-schmaltzy, as evidenced in the image above, OR, you can go funny, like maybe getting your disaster friend a card that says "Dear Taxi Driver, please get my drunk friend home safe."  Or, you could make one that you carry in your own wallet that says, "DEAR POLICE, AVENGE MY DEATH"—you know, just to be funny. 


[GIFTED] Hard Cider Making Kit

Hey, hey, hey—it's the start of the best season of the year: FALL.  SWEATERS and SCARFS.  You can walk down the street and not melt into a puddle of sweat and humidity and sadness ala Alex Mack. You can ALSO get trapped into date activities like apple picking because your girlfriend is intent on turning you into a character from a Nicholas Sparks novel. 

Take advantage of the fruits of your labor from all of those forced apple picking trips and make your own hard cider with this Hard Cider Making Kit ($140, Uncommon Goods).*  What's better than throwing on a light jacket and sitting on your porch watching the leaves fall as you sip your own homemade cider?  NOTHING. 

*Pretty sure you don't need to use actual apples to make this Hard Cider, which is a plus for people who are ambitious enough to make their own hard cider, but too lazy to pick their own apples.