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[GIFTED] Tinker Crate

There are different types of kids.  Some like to play outside.  Some love sports.  Some love video games. And some are tinkerers.  They want to know how things work.  They barrage you with questions.  They want to take things apart.  

And rather than walking into the living room to see that your kid has taken the TV remote apart (again) because he wanted to see what was inside, why not sign him (OR HER, FORGET GENDER STEREOTYPES EVERYONE) up for Tinker Crate ($60 for 3 month subscription)?  Each month, a new Tinkercrate will arrive with a cool new project to build.  It comes complete with blueprints and a companion magazine.  Kids will love it, it'll encourage creativity, and you can feel superior to all of your friends who let their kids veg out in front of the TV while your child is CREATING SOMETHING every month.  


[GIFTED] Tiny Overlord Card

When you have a baby, you are shocked by how quickly your life becomes not your own.  This screaming, crying, gurgling fragile alien is the boss of you now.  The baby decides whether or not you sleep (you don't). The baby decides whether or not you get to go out (you don't).  The baby decides whether or not you get to spend time with your partner (you don't).

So, in honor of your friend's new-found helplessness now that her infant ruler has arrived, send her this Tiny Overlord Card ($5, Little Low).  It's available in blue for boys, if you, you know, subscribe to gender norms.  


[GIFTED] Spool iPhone Dock

Because we are so beholden to our various devices, we live a life cluttered with endless cords snaking their way around everything in our homes and at our offices.  I like to think of myself as someone who seeks to live an uncluttered life, but even still, you'll find an ugly brown extension cord with a Macbook charger and a iPhone charger plugged into it sticking out from in the middle of my couch, which is ground zero for any at-home work.  

That's why you can get very interested in docks.  There are a ton of device docks that promise to free you from the cord monsters and bring some order and beauty into your life.  Most do a shitty job of it, mainly because they only accommodate your phone without your case.  Who wants to take their case off every time they want to charge their phone?  Nobody.  

That's why the Spool iPhone Dock ($65, Bite My Apple) is so awesome.  It's beautifully designed, using wood and felt and can accommodate various devices (like both your iPhone and your iPad), even if they've got cases on them.    


[GIFTED] The Great Wide Open 

We'd all love to be outdoors all the time. You've got some marijuana-smelling cousin or former classmate who LOVES to corner you at a bar or family function to tell you about how great it is to live "off the grid" and not be "a slave to the man," but for us 9-to-5-ers, that's just not a reality.  That's why The Great Wide Open ($47, Amazon) is an important coffee table book for outdoor enthusiasts to have.  The glossy, photo-driven book will hold you over in between your vacations.  Another bonus?  Having it in your home will make you look outdoorsy, which is attractive to men and women alike.     


[GIFTED] Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat Banner

Even though mantras are new-agey, it's important for everyone to have a mantra, even if the only person who knows it is you and your dog.  Whether your mantra is Fortune Cookie-esque or sounds more like a brand slogan ("JUST DO IT"), it doesn't matter, just get one.  And if you want to adopt the one featured here on this Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat Banner ($48, Skinny Vinny), that's fine, too.  Hang it by the door and look at it on your way out every morning.