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[GIFTED] Sob at Your Wedding Card

Whether it's a family member, a sibling, or a close friend—there's nothing that gets us teary-eyed quite like seeing someone we care about get married.  

You look at them standing at the altar, nervous and weepy and smiley all at once, and all you can see is the little kid you used to play in the yard with, the awkward middle schooler you had slumber parties with, the 18-year-old you used to sneak into bars with, and all of a sudden you're CRYING.  You're crying not just because this is such a big moment in their life, but you're also crying for the passage of time.  The people you were, the people you are, and the people you'll become.  

The feeling stays with you throughout the ceremony, while you're drinking room temperature Amstel Light at cocktail hour, and while you're dancing to the Black Eyed Peas on the dance floor. How did we get here? How are we so old?  You cry for it all.  And that's why there's no better wedding card than this Sob at Your Wedding Card ($5, Emily McDowell Studio). It doesn't come with tissues. Pack your own.  


Emily McDowell Studio sometimes provides me with cool and new products to take a look at because I love their work and want to spread the word about how awesome it is.  


[GIFTED] Lazy Oaf Pizza Plate 

There are two types of people: people who like to cook homemade, nutritious meals, and those who like to order take-out.  Like, a lot of take-out.  Take-out in the morning, take-out in the evening, take-out at supper time (I guess the Bagel Bites jingle writers never noticed that "evening" and supper time" are one in the same).

I don't know how those people can possibly spend that much money on shitty, unhealthy food constantly, but you know what?  LIVE YO LIFE.  It can get a bit depressing eating out of paper bags and boxes, though, so if you've got a take-out junkie in your life, help them assemble a least a little dignity by buying him a couple of these Lazy Oaf Pizza Plates ($25 each).  Made specifically for scarfing down hot, cheesy slices of 'za on, they're the perfect gift for someone who has Dominos on speed dial. 


[GIFTED] Craft Beer BBQ Sauce Set 

During the summer, there's nothing better than beer and BBQ, so why not combine the two?  You think that's crazy?  YOU'RE CRAZY.  This Craft Beer BBQ Sauce Set ($35, Williams-Sonoma) offers three BBQ sauces made with high-quality brews (like Southern Tier Pale Ale, Shiner Bock, and Boulevard Pilsner) to create slather-worthy sauces for all of your summer BBQs.  It's the perfect gift to bring to a friend's BBQ, or it's the gift that will keep on giving to you, all summer long.      


[GIFTED] Franklin Barbecue Cookbook

If you're the type of person who spends every minute at the grill from the earliest signs of spring to the chilly end of October, then you'll love this Franklin Barbecue Cookbook ($25, Amazon). Written by the owner of the wildly popular Austin-based Franklin Barbecue, it includes the secrets to having a great BBQ, how to build and customize your own smoker, what woods to choose, techniques on cooking, and more.  


[GIFTED] Portable Fireplace Candle

You live in a big city, and because of that, you pay a premium to live in a hovel with no amenities.  Back home, the apartment you rent would go for around $200.  In your city, it goes for $2,000.  Your mother likes to remind you of this fact NOT INFREQUENTLY.  "You could live in a mansion at home for what you pay in New York," she says.  Can you get pancakes delivered at 2AM back home, though?  I didn't think so.  

REGARDLESS, you learn to make do with less even as you continue to pay more.  "Who needs a patio, we've got a fire escape!" you say.  "I like going to the laundromat, it gives me time to think AND practice my Spanish," you claim.  "An elevator isn't necessary, climbing six flights of stairs keeps me young!" you'll say, slowly, through labored breathing.  

All of this is bullshit, of course, but what are you gonna do?  Face reality?  Nahhhhhh.  Continue the charade with this Portable Fireplace Candle ($65, DS & Durga), which will make your tiny apartment smell like a French ski chateau.  OOH LA LA.