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[GIFTED] Blossom Smart Watering System

Your dad's lawn is his pride and joy.  He came from an era where nobody had flashy cars or electronics so your house and surrounding land was the only thing you could really show off about.  That's why he spent (and still spends) so much time every weekend mowing, raking, gardening, and watering everything to make sure it looks lush.  

That's why he'll love this Blossom Smart Watering System ($199)—once you get him used to relying on technology and not that rusty old walking sprinkler he's had since the dawn of time.  It hooks into the water system and allows the user to control the home's entire sprinkler system from an easy-to-use companion app.  No overwatering, no underwatering, no having to rush home during dinner out to turn off the sprinkler—it's the perfect gift.      


[GIFTED] Visual Guide to Weight-Lifting Poster

There are three types of people when it comes to exercise: runners, people who lazily pedal away on cardio machines at the gym, and people who LIFT.  The people who lift tend to make a big deal out of it.  They wear muscle tees and sweatbands and walk around the gym asking people "what they're working on."  They post photos of themselves in the gym mirror or of their protein shakes on Instagram. Don't even get me started on Crossfit people.

REGARDLESS, these people are INTO weightlifting, kind of like you're INTO the nachos at your favorite bar. Everyone gets amped up about different things, yeah?  That's why this Visual Guide to Weight-Lifting Poster ($29, Pop Chart Lab) is the perfect gift for the lifter in your life.  He can hang it up in his work-out room and practice new moves all night long getting jacked while you're drinking beers at Trivia Night.  


[GIFTED] Postalco Jogging Wallet 

One of the biggest conundrums you have as a runner is how you're going to carry all of your shit with you while you're running.  Exercise pants/shorts are typically no help, with tiny, tiny, pockets that can typically only hold a single house key.  Enter the Postalco Jogging Wallet ($140) to solve the problem.  A tiny, foldable wallet can hold some cash and your keys, fitting in the palm of your hand, or with any luck, in the small pocket built into your jogging pants.  Good luck out there. 


[GIFTED] The Stylish Life Coffee Table Books

Back in the day, the concept of "leisure time" was considered incredibly luxurious, because in order to have free time to go on a boat ride or play tennis meant that you had enough money not to work in a coal mine from sun up to sun down.  If you know someone who lives a life of leisure (or works his ass off all year to live a life of leisure during his three weeks of vacation time), The Stylish Life Coffee Table Books ($42 each, Amazon) are for him.  Each tome features classic photos from different lifestyles/cultures associated with football (aka: soccer), yachting, golf, and tennis, which will do two things: 1.) convince people who visit his apartment that he's super stylish and 2.) inspire those people to live their own stylish life.   


[GIFTED] Itchy & Scratchy Sweatshirt

There are people who like The Simpsons—as in, they've seen a bunch of episodes throughout their lives—and then there are people who LOVE The Simpsons.  They're the nerds who can quote every episode verbatim. They're the ones who always respond to your emails with Simpsons gifs.  They're the ones who blew up your newsfeed a few weeks ago when the news of longtime castmember Harry Shearer quit the show.  

They've already got all of the DVDs.  They've already got all of the books and the board games and the Homer-shaped bottle openers.  You want to give a Simpsons freak a gift he'll love?  Give him this Itchy & Scratchy Sweatshirt ($75, Drop Dead).  It's well-designed enough for an adult to wear out in public, and he's guaranteed to get hundreds of compliments from Simpsons fans young and old (okay, mostly old).