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[GIFTED] Miss My Computer Notebook

We're all chained to our computers so often that when the weekend rolls around, you're excited to be rid of it.  "Get that computer out of my face!" you say.  "I don't even want to LOOK at a screen!" and then you proceed to stare at your phone or the TV.  It's fine.  TVs and phones and tablets are distinctively different from computers mainly because when you're sitting at a computer, you are working.  On your phone, you're texting with your fraannnnds, playing Candy Crush, looking at Instagram, and the like.  Much more fun.   All of this said, though, there are times in your life where you're without your computer and wish you had it.  

Whether your boss forces you to have "no devices" meetings or your spouse insists that you don't bring your computer weekend getaway trips, there are moments where you'll be sans computer and need to do something with your hands.  Take this Miss My Computer Notebook ($6, Burro) with you.  You can take notes, write a poem, doodle, play hangman with the person next to you, and all of the other non-fun shit you can do without any access to technology.  Enjoy. 


[GIFTED] Rogue Farms Pumpkin Patch Ale 

Once Fall rolls around, we get inundated with pumpkin everything. Pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin lattes, babies dressed up as pumpkins, it gets a little MUCH, unless we're talking about pumpkin beers, and then that's never too much.

People who suffer through a summer of watery beers in anticpation of pumpkin beer season, are rewarded with a CORNUCOPIA of pumpkin beers to choose from, one of the best, of course, is from Oregon-based Rogue Farms.  Their Pumpkin Patch Ale is delicious and comes in a pumpkin-colored orange bottle, making it the most festive beer you can drink this Halloween.  


[GIFTED] Spigot Bottle Stopper 

If you know someone who has trouble finishing a bottle of wine in one sitting (ie: your mother, assorted old aunts, lame friends), having a bottle stopper on-hand is important.  You can find a ton of different bottle stoppers—everything from the utilitarian to the whimsical, but this Spigot Bottle Stopper ($22, Budd+Fin) leans more on the whimsical side.  

It would make a great housewarming gift and also calls to mind turning on a faucet and having wine come out, which is everyone's dream, right?  


[GIFTED] I'm So Pregnant T-Shirt


For any woman who's put on a few pounds, it is a legitimate NIGHTMARE for some idiot you haven't seen in awhile to come up to you and ask, "When's the baby due?"  But when you're pregnant, you're so excited that you want everyone to ask about it.

Why not send up a flare to everyone by wearing this I'm So Pregnant T-Shirt ($24, Hello Apparel)?  It'll also help you get a seat on the subway or get special treatment at the Froyo place or whatever food place you're frequenting now that you're able to give into every craving you have because you're not being fat, YOU'RE PREGNANT.  THE BABY NEEDS M&MS TO LIVE, OKAY?! 


[GIFTED] Pan Am Boeing 707 Bottle Opener

Whether you know someone who is a frequent business traveler or is a former (or current) pilot or flight attendant, this Pan Am Boeing 707 Bottle Opener ($135, Uncommon Goods)—made from an honest-to-god Boeing 707—will make the perfect gift.  Pan Am represents an era where flying was a glamorous treat and not a horrible, demoralizing endeavor.