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[GIFTED] 100% Charged T-Shirt

We are all so tired all of the time, mainly because living life is fucking exhausting.  But there are still [rare] days when you wake up feeling great.  You've got a pep in your step and you're ready to conquer the day. Of course, days like those are usually weekend days because you're excited to have the day to yourself and not have to trudge into the office.  You're ready to KILL IT at brunch and day drinks.  You're ready to be the life of the party.  You're feeling 100%.  And for days when you feel like that, there's only one shirt to wear—this 100% Charged T-Shirt ($25, Print Liberation).  Everyone will know what's up when you walk in wearing this.  Hold onto your hats, mofos.      


[GIFTED] IceMule Cooler

Listen—everyone likes to enjoy nature, but you know how to best enjoy nature?  With a drink in your hand. Whether you're gearing up for a day in the park, on the beach, or cracking open a beer at the end of a long hike, a portable cooler is your friend.  The problem, of course, is that so many portable coolers fall short of their duties.  You use them a couple of times and they start to leak.  They claim to hold endless amounts of drinks but are totally unwieldy to carry.  Enter the IceMule Cooler ($60), which is sturdy and easy to carry.  

Fill it with 12-15 cans and ice—it won't leak because it has reinforced seams created to combat exactly that. And because it's made to be carried like a backpack, you won't find yourself struggling to carry it to the beach like a tote bag.  With webbed pockets on the outside, you can store other stuff like bottle openers and other booze acoutrements.  Cheers, you hauled it, you earned it. 


[GIFTED] Hangar 1 Vodka 

The craft cocktail revolution has a firm grip on our generation, so showing up to a party with a bottle of Grey Goose is fine, but doesn't make anyone as excited as it used to do.

"What the fuck?!" you might be thinking. "Grey Goose has been proven to be the most premium vodka out there and I'm gonna look like a BALLER when I show up with it."  Sure, no one's gonna be MAD if you show up with a bottle of Grey Goose, but nobody's really a brand loyalist anymore, instead leaning into the desire of wanting to try something new each time, and it doesn't really matter whether it's craft beer or a new "small batch" spirit.    

So, show up with something new, like a bottle of Hangar 1 Vodka.  Crafted in an old airplane hanger in California (hence the name) it's high-quality without being high-cost, and comes in a really cool bottle, which let's be real, everyone appreciates. 


[GIFTED] Leather iPhone Case Set 

Your father gets mad at you for your "frivolous lifestyle"—you spend too much on travel or booze or fancy dinners.  YOU SHOULD BE SAVING FOR A HOUSE—or as Grampa Simpson once suggested, "new storm windows"—not enjoying the limited free time you have in this stupid life where all we do is work and sleep.

It's a generational thing, so you're never going to win.  His generation didn't have the lust for travel that ours does.  His generation still thinks that you should be BUYING PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY, ignoring the fact that buying a house or apartment in any major US city is nearly impossible unless you're an investment banker.

Since you'll never convince him that living a life that looks different than the one he lived isn't "frivolous" as much as it's just "different," you might as well just keep pissing him off.  Book that trip.  Buy something ridiculous, like an iPhone case that costs almost $100.  Allow us to suggest this one from Native Union. Crafted out of fine leather that will patina well as you knock your phone around, and it comes with a stripey charging cable so you'll never get yours confused with someone else's.  Sorry, dad.  


[GIFTED] The United States of Pizza

There is no meal more crowd-pleasing than pizza.  You could be having a Mexican stand-off around the holidays with your sister's new boyfriend whom you hate with the passion of a million burning suns, but order a pizza and fast-forward to the two of you shoving cheesy dough in your mouths and developing a tenuous friendship.  Whether you're at a hipster restaurant eating a pizza that's all trussed up with fancy ingredients or secretly partaking in grease-soaked Dominos from the comfort of your couch, pizza is always just what the doctor ordered.  And what leftover tastes better than pizza?  No contest—piping hot slices and cold day-old slices both taste great.

And so, to celebrate everyone's favorite doughy indulgence, we have The United States of Pizza ($22, Amazon).  Part history lesson, part travelogue, and part cookbook, The United States of Pizza explores regional pies from all across the country providing recipes on how to recreate them at home.  Dig in.