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[GIFTED] Alcoho-Lock

Each day, you ride your bike to work with good intentions.  You want to be green, you want to save money by not paying for the subway or a cab, and you want to get some exercise.  This is all great.  Until, that is, you get sucked into happy hour drinks with your co-workers.  "I can only have one drink," you tell them.  "I have my bike."  But, of course, one drink turns into 100 drinks and you're faced with a decision.  Ride your bike drunk, or leave it there for the night.  Obviously the second option is really the only option, but when we're drunk, we make dumb decisions.  How many times have you had to convince that one friend of yours that, no, he's not sober enough to drive a car.  

Enter the Alcoho-Lock ($240), a bike lock that employs breathalyzer technology.  You blow into the lock, and if it detects alcohol, it won't unlock.  It'll also send a message to a designated contact that you're going to need a ride home.  Basically, this thing saves you from yourself.  If you're the type of person that needs regular protection from your own stupid decisions, think about purchasing it.   


[GIFTED] Up all Night Cocktail Shaker 

There are people who host parties in their home and serve exclusively wine and beer, and then there are people who are amateur mixologists, taking their drink offerings up a notch whenever company comes calling. Of course, if you're going to play bartender at home, it's of utmost importance to have a good cocktail shaker on-hand, which is why this Up all Night Cocktail Shaker ($36, Budd+Fin) is the perfect gift for the amateur mixologist.  It has measurements along the shaker's side, and also includes a full recipe for espresso martinis, so the amateur mixologist can keep the party going all night long, which is good, because in your own home, there ain't no closing time.  Cheers.  


[GIFTED] Boarding Passport Holder

You've got someone in your life who's always traveling.  He tries to make it seem glamorous, always posting photos from up in the air and literally including the hashtag #upintheair in each photo's caption.  You almost fall for it, until you remember that every time you travel, it's an annoying, soul-sucking experience.  You're supposed to be jealous of a guy that's always hanging around in an airport terminal?  You're supposed to be envious of a guy that's cramped into an airplane's seat breathing in germy, recycled air for hours?  No thanks.

But don't let him know that you're not jealous of him.  He's in an airport all the time—people's perceived jealousy of his jet set lifestyle is literally all he has.  Instead, get him this Boarding Passport Holder ($26, Izola) and tell him you got it because he's "always traveling."  He'll love it, and he'll never know how you feel. Keep it that way.   


[GIFTED] Thanksgiving Turkey Football


If you're a member of a particularly athletic family, your gatherings often center around sports and fitness. Around Thanksgiving, you all run together in your town's Turkey Trot.  Your brother organizes a touch football game in the backyard after everyone's about to pass out from the mind-numbing effects of turkey's tryptophan. Your mom watches from the porch, your dad is locked into a silent competition with your brother to prove that he's still the man of the house, and your sister's new boyfriend plays a little too aggressively for everyone's collective comfort level.

This year, at Thanksgiving, present this commemorative Thanksgiving Turkey Football ($140, Leather Head Sports) to your family of competitive assholes athletes.  Declare it the Thanksgiving "game ball" and give it to each year's MVP to keep until next year.  You're like the Waltons.  Except drunker.   


[GIFTED] Pinnacle Pumpkin & Pecan Pie Vodkas

I know what you're thinking.  Flavored vodka is disgusting.  But listen up, mofos: the time for disgusting flavored vodkas is around the holidays.  Why?  Because of the following reasons:

1. HOLIDAYS ARE STRESSFUL: You have so much shit to do, so many places to go.  You're seeing your family a lot.  You need alcohol, and now is not the time to be picky.

2. EVERYONE WANTS TO BE FESTIVE: Only around the holidays can you be yelled at for "being lame" for opting for a simple beer instead of whatever crazy festive concoction the holiday party host cooked up.  

Try to be open-minded this season.  Pick up a few bottles of Pinnacle Pumpkin & Pecan Pie Vodka and make a few festive cocktails.  If you make them right, you won't be able to taste the alcohol, which means your uptight aunt who "doesn't drink" just might get super wasted and make things interesting.  Good luck out there.