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[GIFTED] We Are All Smith Hoodie

So a friend sent me a link to this new company strangely named "We Are All Smith."  I was all like, "Why are you sending this to me, and why isn't it a cat video" but THEN I realized that the abbreviation for "We Are All Smith" is "WAAS."  They've got a whole host of apparel with my last name on it, my favorite being this We Are All Smith Hoodie ($89).  

It's obviously very strange to see my last name appearing on an outrageously over-priced sweatshirt, but it's also AWESOME.  Someone buy this for me immediately. 


[GIFTED] Market Kitchen Candles

Real talk: I love candles, but I have run out of fun, snarky things to say about them. Whatever iteration they are—soy-based, weird scents, poured into a unique vessel like a wine bottle or a mason jar—they are essentially the same.

They are a passable gift for someone else, and the perfect thing to buy for yourself. You pick up a goddamned scented candle in CVS and you're all like, "Ooh, I'm treating myself! I'm dedicated to making my home smell better and have some semblance of an atmosphere!"

So, when you're treating yo'self, why not pick up one of these Market Kitchen Candles ($19, West Elm) from West Elm. They're available in scents like Clementine + Basil, Lemon + Ginger, and Tomato + Fern, so your place can smell like that window box herb garden you never got around to planting.



Everyone knows someone who makes a big show of listening to RECORDS.  "It was a perfect date," they'll tell you.  "We went to his house, drank wine, and listened to records."  Listen up, guys: if you meet the right type of girl (wears a lot of jewelry, dresses vaguely like Stevie Nicks, drinks like a monster), you have to do very little to get her into your apartment other than offer up a chance for her to snoop through your record collection. 

And while listening to an LP may have better sound quality, it's less than convenient to have to be chained to your old-school record player in order to hear your favorite 13-minute tracks recorded in the 60's when everyone was high on Quaaludes.   

Enter the Pure LP ($100, Ion Audio), a handy little gadget that will transfer your LP recordings directly to your computer as MP3 files.  Added bonus?  The Pure LP can also be used as a regular old record player, after you hook it up to a speaker.  Jam on, jerks.  


[GIFTED] Fetch Eyewear

Think back to the last time you purchased glasses. Whether they were sunglasses or regular eyeglasses—it doesn’t matter. The experience is the same. You were rushed, and we all know that when we’re rushed, we make regrettable decisions. Why do we feel rushed?

Reason #1: The salesperson is standing directly next to you, rolling her eyes and silently willing you to just pick out a pair of frames already so she can get back to her desk and back to her Facebook stalking.

Reason #2: You want to try on 50 pairs of glasses, but you’re painfully aware that this scenario is not going to turn into one of those makeover montages that happen in romantic comedies where the main character tries one one billion versions of everything from dresses to vintage t-shirts to big sunhats and fedoras to over-sized sunglasses and hi-larious nerd glasses. You’re not allowed to do that in real life unless you have a reality show or a billion dollars, so you try on fewer pairs than you want to in an effort to not look like a ridiculous diva.

Reason #3: Speaking of not wanting to look like a diva, when trying on frames at the store, you are forced to resist the urge to do what you would do in front of the mirror at home, which is preen in front of it for 45 minutes, acting out every possible facial expression like a psychopath. You’d practice your “nice to meet you” smile, your “But you said you’d give me a raise in Q2, boss” face, and, of course, your “social media duckface” expression.

For all of these reasons, you make a quick decision, buy the frames, and go home and wait for them to be fitted with your prescription. You can’t remember what they look like the minute you walk out of the store, so you have no idea what to expect when you pick them up. You try to describe them to your friends and family, but paint a confusing picture, saying things like, “Well, they’re brownish black, and they’re sort of round but kind of square.” You’re fooling no one: you have no idea what they look like, and more importantly, you have no idea what they look like on you, which is pretty tragic, because glasses are worn ON YOUR FACE. It’s kind of impossible for people to interact with you and not see them.

This whole process is probably why you’re currently wearing the same pair of glasses you’ve had for the past 10 years. You know it’s time to upgrade, but you’re afraid.  Could you pull off those angular glasses? Are those even in style anymore? Stop. It’s okay.

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[GIFTED] Brolly Umbrella

Because we are all completely ADDICTED to our iPhones, manufacturers have started creating products that allow us to use our phones regardless of what situation we're in.  Out in the cold and don't want to take your gloves off to send a text message?  BAM—we now have those semi-functioning gloves with something built into the fingers that allow us to use a touch screen without removing our gloves.  

Those gloves help with cold weather, but what about when it's raining (which, I guess is now ALL THE TIME if you live in the Northeast)?  How could you possibly function walking around in the rain without checking your email?

The Brolly Umbrella ($19.95, Brolly) has swooped in and solved this problem.  The Brolly looks like someone jammed brass knuckles onto the end of a regular umbrella, but what it does is allow you to hold your umbrella and your phone in one hand, using your free hand to furiously text your boyfriend to tell him that you got caught in the rain and your shoes are ruined.