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[GIFTED] The United States of Pizza

There is no meal more crowd-pleasing than pizza.  You could be having a Mexican stand-off around the holidays with your sister's new boyfriend whom you hate with the passion of a million burning suns, but order a pizza and fast-forward to the two of you shoving cheesy dough in your mouths and developing a tenuous friendship.  Whether you're at a hipster restaurant eating a pizza that's all trussed up with fancy ingredients or secretly partaking in grease-soaked Dominos from the comfort of your couch, pizza is always just what the doctor ordered.  And what leftover tastes better than pizza?  No contest—piping hot slices and cold day-old slices both taste great.

And so, to celebrate everyone's favorite doughy indulgence, we have The United States of Pizza ($22, Amazon).  Part history lesson, part travelogue, and part cookbook, The United States of Pizza explores regional pies from all across the country providing recipes on how to recreate them at home.  Dig in.     



Even if you're traveling light, when you leave the house, you need at least two things: your phone and your wallet.  There are a ton of iPhone cases out there that attempt to double as a wallet, allowing you to carry one thing instead of two, but they're all pretty freaking hideous.  Bulky bricks made out of leather, most of them look more like something your dad would carry and are definitely not the definition of "streamlined."

And then comes the JIMMYCase ($39), which actually IS the definition of "streamlined," using a colorful elastic band to secure your cards and cash to the back of your phone, eliminating the need for a wallet.   


[GIFTED] Milkshake Diagram Glasses

If your family has a widespread food addiction like mine does, you have fond, gut-busting memories at your grandmother or aunt's house, eating mountains of ice cream, piles of candy, and heaps of pizza.  Nothing was off-limits, and everything was STOCKED, because they equated food with love and happiness.  How else can you explain a person owning so many different kinds of ice cream sundae toppings?

For the woman who made more milkshakes and other ice cream concoctions than Baskin Robbins from the years of 1990-1998, here are these Milkshake Diagram Glasses ($36, Uncommon Goods).  And, if you'd like to one day become the aunt that sends children's sugar intakes through the roof during super fun sleepovers, pick up a set for yourself.  


[GIFTED] Grovemade Placemats 

You're an adult now, so you not only think about boring shit like placemats, but you actually spend your hard-earned money on them instead of, you know, booze and morning after pills.  How does this happen? Well, you get older, you start making more money (hopefully), and you decide that you want to be surrounded by nice things.  So you decide to drop a lot of cash on a dining room table, since you had been using your coffee table as your desk/dining room table/only table in your apartment for years.  You not only want your precious dining room table to look good, you want to protect it, so that's how we get to purchasing placemats.        

If you're going to purchase a set of placemats, you can't go wrong with these Grovemade Placemats ($49). Made out of sanded and scored wood and backed with luxe wool felt, they'll add style to your decor and protect that baller dining room table from scratches and water marks.  Because you care about that shit now.     


[GIFTED] Charted Sandwich Board Print 

A sandwich can be incredibly simple (ie: the PB&Js your stressed out mom made you every morning while screaming at you to get ready for school) or wonderfully complex (ie: any Dagwood-esque combination you come up with).  However fancy or no-frills you go, the fact is: put a bunch of shit between two pieces of bread and you've got a quality meal.  So, for any and all sandwich aficionados, this Charted Sandwich Board Print ($29, Pop Chart Lab) is the perfect addition to the kitchen.  Now, who wants a BLT?