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[GIFTED] Home State Pillows

Most people have state pride, and that's because even if you're from a shitty little town, you can claim the whole state as your own.  Live in Utica, a town of brown and gray?  Never fear—just tell everyone you're from New York!  It's the EMPIRE STATE.  No one's going to argue with that.  Live in Tampa, a town of strip malls and crazy people constantly getting arrested?  You're from the SUNSHINE STATE.  "I'm from the place everyone wants to vacation in," you'll say.

That's why these Home State Pillows ($78, Uncommon Goods) are the perfect gift for anyone (especially a new homeowner) who's bursting with hometown/state pride.  Even if they're from Mississippi.   


[GIFTED] Hockey Puck Bottle Opener 

Everyone pays attention to football and basketball, but people tend to be less fanatical about hockey.  When you DO run into a die-hard hockey fan, they're either Canadian or they're from somewhere cold (for example, my hometown of Buffalo, New York—GO SABRES, NO GOAL).  Anyone can casually watch football or basketball while it's on in the background of the bar, but hockey fans have the rabid devotion of people who spend 70% of their year braving freezing temperatures.  There's ice in their blood.  THE COLD NEVER BOTHERED THEM ANYWAY.

So, the perfect gift for any hockey fan?  These Hockey Puck Bottle Openers ($95, Uncommon Goods)—which have actually been used in NHL games (you can choose from your favorite team) and upcycled into a handy bottle opener—which will be especially festive at any playoff game party they throw this year.  


[GIFTED] My Outdoor Alphabet Prints

You've got an outdoorsy friend.  He's fit and healthy.  While your idea of fun on a Saturday is daydrinking at a beer garden and eating too many giant soft pretzels, is idea of fun is a strenous five mile hike.  He's always jetting off to Colorado to go skiing or planning crazy trips to Europe to climb mountains that you've only heard of on survival TV shows.  You visit his apartment and his "gear" is all over the place.  He has gear.  You have suitcases.  It's obnoxious, but to each his own, right?  Yeah, we'll go with that.

Your outdoorsy friend will flip out over these My Outdoor Alphabet Prints—our favorites are The Skier's Alphabet ($30) and The Backpacker's Alphabet ($30)—that detail out all of the aspects of a life spent outdoors. 


[GIFTED] Modern Moose Clocks

So you're decorating a nursery—maybe it's for your child, maybe it's for your sister's child, maybe it's for a random child (you are an interior designer, perhaps?) and you want to strike a balance between cute and whimsical and the typical overly saccharine crap that you find in person at Babys R Us or online allllll over Pinterest.

You want to design a nursery that will grow with the child, so you don't have to redo it when the kid goes from being a tiny little baby to an obnoxious 4-year-old who hates baby blue and is obsessed with race cars.

These Modern Moose Clocks, Robot ($42) and Shark ($42) are perfect for this mission.  They're completely adorable, handcrafted out of wood with moving parts adding cuteness without adding cutesy-ness. We all know there's a BIG difference between the two.     


[GIFTED] Dog Blueprint Pillow

We all have people in our lives who are obsessed with their dog.  That's a given.  But some of them take it to the next level by becoming breed snobs.  "Oh, my dog is a miniature schnauser—they're so sweet and well behaved," they'll say.  Or they'll put down other dog breeds saying they don't think golden retrievers are smart or that they would NEVER own a pit bull.  You couldn't care less about any of this, of course, but they prattle on anyway.

That's why they'll love this Dog Blueprint Pillow ($95, Uncommon Goods).  It's available in tons of different breeds, featuring history of their lineage, how they got their name, defining characteristics, personality traits, and more.  She'll proudly display them on her couch for sure.