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Ethics Supply Co. Candles

We're living in some scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy times, when kindly PARK RANGERS are leading the resistance and protections for nature and national parks are at risk.  For those of us who thought that no matter what your politics are that you could find common ground with everyone in the idea that parks like Yosemite are BEAUTIFUL, well, get with the program, cuz apparently that's not the case anymore!  LOL FOREVER.

Celebrate the national parks that may not be around much longer with Ethics Supply Co. Candles ($40), which are dedicated to parks like Yosemite, Denali, Zion.  And then maybe plan a roadtrip to visit them before they're gone.    


Not a Brothel Doormat

If you have a teenage daughter, it's important to set ground rules—not only for her, but for the gaggle of raggamuffins she'll inevitably bring through your door during her high school and college years.  This not-so-subtle Not a Brothel Doormat ($34, Overstock) will let everyone know what the house rules are. Keep it together, kids.  


Copper DIY Wreath Kit

You've got a friend who's really into crafts and DIY.  She makes her own cheese and knits her own socks. She was obsessed with making terrariums for awhile and gives everyone something homemade in a mason jar for Christmas. That's why, if you need to get her a gift, you should get her this Copper DIY Wreath Kit ($25, Huckberry).  You know she'll love it, and hang it in her home forever.    


PinchME Subscription

If you're someone who's been known to utter the phrase "it's the little things in life," you're probably someone who would absolutely get down with a PinchME Subscription.  How it works: you get a box of samples to try in the mail, for free on a recurring basis.  All you have to do in return is tell them what you thought of the products.  Someone giving you free shit and then wanting your opinion on it?  Yes please. Where do I sign up, you might be thinking.  Right friggin' here.     


Beach Vault 

When you're at the beach, going into the water requires an extreme amount of trust that your fellow man won't steal your shit.  You wouldn't leave your purse or your wallet out on the counter of the bar while you go to the bathroom, but at the beach, you leave everything in plain view and hope for the best.  

This, of course, doesn't square with your life motto, which is, essentially, TRUST NO ONE.  Let us introduce you to the Beach Vault ($39), which hides your valuables literally in the sand so beach combers looking to make a quick score with unattended wallets and cell phones won't get at your shit.  How does it work?  The Beach Vault is essentially a big hollow screw that you insert into the sand and then fill with your valuables. Once in the sand, the Beach Vault is fully out of sight (it even comes with a towel that covers it), so you can stay in the water as long as you want without worrying about your stuff getting snatched.