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[GIFTED] Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Cards

Asking someone to be in your wedding party is a huge honor.  It's also a huge commitment.  They're investing a ton of their time and money (and let's ALL remember, time IS money) to make sure your special day is, well, special.  The best brides are cognizant of this and don't go all Bridezilla on their bridesmaids. 

They try to make the process as fun and painless and affordable as possible.  And, of course, they don't ever, EVER look you in the eye and tell you that you'll "totally be able to wear your bridesmaid dress again."  Anyone who has ever said that is a fucking LIAR.    

So, you're getting married and you want to be the bride described above.  The tolerable, magnanimous bride that people will actually want to be friends with once the wedding is over.  Figure out who you want in your wedding party and send them one of these Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Cards ($4, Detroit Card Co.) that either plies the potential bridesmaids with the promise of alcohol or appeals to their charitable side, telling them they can donate their dress to refugees.  Either way, these cards are going to seal the deal.  Your wedding party awaits!


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Best Mother's Day Cards Round-Up

We all know that you’re definitely going to get your mother a fantastic gift for Mother’s Day, but any considerate adult human knows that a thoughtful gift should be presented with a thoughtful card featuring words, written by you, sharing how you feel about that person. It’s the right thing to do.

But how can you tell the woman who gave you life how you feel? There are many things you feel about her—she’s your mother. Seriously—show me someone who says they have an uncomplicated relationship with their mother and I’ll show you a liar. You’re probably not going to figure out the right things to say, so it’s okay to rely on a good card that will say the things for you. All you have to say is the two most important words: “thank you.”

Check out all 15 awesome cards here.


[GIFTED] Big Guns Stationery

Guys don't typically send handwritten cards mainly because they are missing the gene that women have that attracts them to overpriced letterpressed things (we know how to tear a Papyrus UP, right ladies?).  Most dudes don't see the point in sending cards, but regardless of your gender, sending a physical, handwritten note will set you apart from all of the other idiots clamoring for people's attention.   

Big Guns Stationery ($13, Sent Well) is BEYOND dude-friendly, with cards featuring different types of GUNS and saying things like "Bustin' Caps" and "U Feelin' Lucky?" Your guy would feel TOTALLY comfortable sending this to his buddy to show his appreciation for helping him move, or taking care of him when he was hungover. 


[GIFTED] Personalized Paper Dolls

For the person who has everything, here's a gift they're guaranteed NOT to have: custom paper dolls that look like them and their entire family.  Sound awesome?  A little creepy?  Yes and YES.  

Anyone that is a little bookish and weird and appreciates design and tiny paper things (this is basically the definition of twee, if that's a thing anymore) will FLIP out over these personalized paper dolls ($35, Jordan Grace Owens)

How does it work?  You send photos of the people you want to turn into paper dolls (they even do pets, if you want to descend that far into madness), and that's it.  You can even choose the outfit you want the Little Jackie Paper version of yourself to wear.  


[GIFTED] Sperm & Egg Card

A friend of yours is pregnant!  What a joyous occasion!  Nevermind the fact that the announcement that someone who is your close friend and your exact age is about to give birth to a LIVE HUMAN CHILD is enough to make you break out into hives—you have to pretend like you're happy for her, and not completely TERRIFIED for her.

This Sperm & Egg Card ($5, McBitterson's) says, basically, "Congrats on letting nature take its course."  It also calls to mind the opening scene of Look Who's Talking, which is OUTRAGEOUS and is also a good thing to describe at the upcoming baby shower if you want everyone there to think you're a liar.