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[GIFTED] You're My Everything [Bagel] Card

New York love is a special kind of love.  There are a million obstacles in your way.  Want to take someone out on a date for drinks and dinner?  FORK OVER A MILLION DOLLARS.  Want to live together in blissful happiness?  WRONG.  You are cohabitating in a tiny apartment that provides literally no breathing room for either of you so you end up fighting over someone leaving the shampoo on the side of the tub and not in the shower caddy WHERE IT BELONGS.  

You're not driving to your destinations in the comfort of your car, building memories as you jam along to your favorite songs, you're screaming at each other on the F train platform because you've been waiting 20 minutes and you SHOULD HAVE taken the other train, as one of you suggested. 

The odds are literally stacked against you, so whenever there's a long-lasting relationship that has sustained itself in the five boroughs of New York, you've got to take a moment and acknowledge that accomplishment.  Relationships in general are hard.  Relationships on New York City are brutal. 

This You're My Everything [Bagel] Card ($6, Fish Cake Design) is the perfect New York-y way to tell your significant other how much you care (and how you can't believe you've made it this long) this Valentine's Day.


[GIFTED] Skip a Beet Card

You start dating a vegetarian.  You think this isn't going to be a big deal.  She'll eat her tofu steak, you'll eat your actual steak, and you will live in perfect harmony.  WRONG.  Sure, you can both eat different meals, but it is a giant pain in the ass to make two different meals every night. 

That's why you suddenly become a vegetarian without even realizing it.  You—a person who considered the lettuce, tomato, and onion on your cheeseburger a serving of vegetables—are now eating roasted brussel sprouts and kale chips very, very frequently.

The good news is that you're probably healthier for it.  The bad news is that you dream about bone-in rib eyes.  In a very non-healthy way.  No matter.  All that ruffage is good for your system. 

Let the militant veg-head in your life know how much you love her with this Skip a Beet Card ($6, BHLDN).  Inside the card you can write, "If I had one wish, it would be that we could stop having that fucking beet salad for dinner every night" or, perhaps the better option, "Nobody can roast like you do."


[GIFTED] Single on Valentine's Day Card

Let's be honest: being single on Valentine's Day blows.  Sure, you can wrap yourself in the blanket of "This is a fake holiday manufactured to sell Hallmark cards and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate,"—which is all true—but even the most cynical person will feel pangs of loneliness when they see everyone at the office getting flower deliveries and talk incessantly about their Valentine's Day plans.  

This kind of thing can cause your single friends to get panicky.  "Maybe I've been too picky," they'll lament to you.  You see the look in their eye that says "I just want to be with someone, ANYONE, I have no standards anymore."  As her friend, it's your job to head this feeling off, QUICKLY.  Just because she feels the urge to couple up doesn't mean she should do it with the first douchebag to approach her at the bar.

Help her through it with this very, very appropos Single on Valentine's Day Card ($5, Emily McDowell Draws).  It sets off a huge truth bomb for your friend, gives her some perspective, and ALSO gives her a card to open on Valentine's Day that's not from her mom.  Wonderful.


[GIFTED] Hello Tech Notecards

Technology is hilarious because it's always evolving.  You're carrying around the coolest, most cutting edge thing today and in six months, you look like a fucking moron dragging that thing around. 

Think about the evolution of the cellphone.  They used to be really huge, then they got smaller and smaller.  If you had a larger-sized cell phone 8 years ago, everyone would laugh at you, referring to your "cool Zack Morris phone."  Now, with the advent of tablet technology, phones are getting bigger again.  You'll see a guy on the street talking into a phone the size of his FACE and wonder what the hell is going on in Silicon Valley. 

It's increasingly hard to keep up with the trends that the supernerds are coming up with, but it IS safe to assume that when old technology goes the way of the dinosaur for the newest thing, it eventually becomes cute and nostalgic.  Your tech-lovin' friend (the one with plaid shirts and horn-rimmed glasses) will love these Hello Tech Notecards ($18, Pop Chart Labs) that feature relics from the past like, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, and cell phones WITH BUTTONS.  How silly we all were back then!


[SPONSORED] Custom Holiday Cards from Minted

Deep breaths, deep breaths. The holiday season is almost here, which means if you want to look like a good mother, you need to get your Christmas cards out pronto before your mother-in-law starts calling you, wondering where the hell her annual photo of her precious grandchildren is.

It's such a process, though.  Enough to make you put off sending the cards, getting an earful on Christmas Eve, and making up some lame excuse about how you'll send "Happy New Year" cards.  Newsflash: "Happy New Year" cards don't exist, they're just an unorganized person's way of trying to pretend like she's not a total disaster.  

Minted can help you through this, offering up adorable customizeable templates—like this All is Calm-ish card—that will suit every family from pious, serious types to the "hey you're lucky you even got us all in the frame let alone all of us smiling" types. 

Minted has tons of custom holiday card options to choose from.  Get going.  It'll take 3 minutes.