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7 Wine-Infused Products Perfect For Wine Lovers 

You’ve got a friend who’s obsessed with wine (she’s a—dare we say—wino), but if she wants to keep her job, she can’t get her wine fix all the time. Help her keep her enthusiasm for wine flowing, without getting a buzz on, with these awesome wine-infused products. Read it on Parade.


What Your Watch Tells Her About You 

If there’s one thing you wear that emits immediate signals about who you are as a man, it’s your watch. Your timepiece tells women a lot more than just, well, the time. Most women will notice it immediately and, as soon as they do, they'll start making assumptions. How do you ensure they'll make the ones you want them to make? Read it on Made Man


10 Colorful Appliances to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

We've all become obsessed with stainless steel appliances, but now that they're standard in any new(ish) kitchen, they feel a little tired, don't they? A little too cold and sterile, right? Add some color to your kitchen with any of these brightly colored appliances. And while some of them are expensive, they're also top of the line, meaning that your wallet will suffer only once over the next few decades. Read it on The Kitchn


10 TV Trays for Eating on the Couch

If you're hosting a movie night anytime soon (or just planning on eating a meal while binge-watching the latest Netflix series), we suggest taking a look at these snack trays. Why? You really shouldn't make guests hunch over the coffee table to eat. And you shouldn't either! Once you get one (or more!), you'll wonder how you ever handled TV dinners before. Read it on The Kitchn


11 Classy Flasks for Drinking Anywhere

Truth: There are plenty of situations you'll encounter in your (civilized) adult life when a good flask would come in handy. Whether it's a tailgate party with dubious drink choices, a floor picnic in your living room, or anything in between, it's always good to literally have a flask in your back pocket. Check out our picks for awesome, grown-up flasks that'll turn every occasion into a party. Read it on The Kitchn.