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[SPONSORED] Piano Black Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

There's always one girl at the party who is always forcing everyone into photos.  On one hand, it's annoying and you wish she would stop, on the other hand, you're grateful that SOMEONE has the wherewithal to document all the fun times you're having (basically, you'll be glad you have them when you're old).  For this snap-happy person, we have a gift recommendation that is way more low-tech and a little retro—this Piano Black Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera ($62, That Sweet Gift), which automatically prints tiny photos before your eyes.  It'll allow her to keep taking photos but will get her phone out of her hand for a few minutes (a modern miracle!).      

Read more about the camera here


[SPONSORED] Thankful Gift Registry 

If you just got engaged, you're probably finding yourself making a lot of decisions about things you never thought you'd care about.  "Why am I doing any of this?" is met with a chorus of family members and friends saying, "Because it's tradition!" 

You can buck tradition on a lot of things, but one thing you don't want to thumb your nose at is having a wedding registry.  That's mainly because everyone loves gifts.

But here's the thing: wedding registries are archaic.  They were started back in the day when the idea of "living in sin" wasn't a joke people made, but a legit thing that they wanted to avoid.  That's why registries became a thing.  Sally and George were officially beginning their lives together on their wedding day, and they were literally starting from scratch.  Bring on the punch bowls and the napkin rings!

But today—even though we all love getting presents—after years of living with your partner, you already have stuff like a toaster and sheet sets and a colander.  So when you go to build your registry, you're at a loss.  Sure, you could always upgrade your sheets and towels and pots and pans, but you don't need all of those things in the same way George and Sally did.

So what do you do?  You have two options:

1. Register at a couple of the big box stores and end up with stuff you don't really want or need.
2. Register for Thankful ($30 for a year), a gift registry made with the modern couple in mind.

What makes Thankful different?  Instead of being boxed into choosing from merchandise only available at the place you've registered, you can add items to your registry from literally anywhere.  Love those pots from Williams-Sonoma?  Want that weird artwork from Etsy? You can add both of those and more.


Thankful also connects directly with PayPal, so if you want to do a hybrid of a traditional gift registry (so your Aunt Ruth can still buy you hand towels) and a Honeyfund (so your friends can give you what you really want—money for booze on your honeymoon), you have that option as well.

It's fully customizable, which is a breath of fresh air when dealing with wedding planning.  You know what we mean. 


[SPONSORED] Custom Holiday Cards from Minted

Deep breaths, deep breaths. The holiday season is almost here, which means if you want to look like a good mother, you need to get your Christmas cards out pronto before your mother-in-law starts calling you, wondering where the hell her annual photo of her precious grandchildren is.

It's such a process, though.  Enough to make you put off sending the cards, getting an earful on Christmas Eve, and making up some lame excuse about how you'll send "Happy New Year" cards.  Newsflash: "Happy New Year" cards don't exist, they're just an unorganized person's way of trying to pretend like she's not a total disaster.  

Minted can help you through this, offering up adorable customizeable templates—like this All is Calm-ish card—that will suit every family from pious, serious types to the "hey you're lucky you even got us all in the frame let alone all of us smiling" types. 

Minted has tons of custom holiday card options to choose from.  Get going.  It'll take 3 minutes.


[SPONSORED] Knife Dock

You live in a tiny apartment, with an even tinier kitchen.  Apartment kitchens tend to be comically small, because you are supposed to be "out on the town" drinking Cosmos with your girlfriends and having the time of your life.  You didn't move to the big city to stay in, right?  WRONG.  First of all, the average Cosmo costs $14, and second of all, you like spending time in the kitchen.  Cooking soothes you.

What DOESN'T soothe you, though, is the fact that your tiny kitchen has ZERO storage space.  Everything is in disarray. The last time you checked, your colander was in the bathroom. 

RELAX: the Knife Dock ($29.99, Knife Dock) will help you out with your storage problems.  It will fit easily into any standard kitchen drawer, and its flexible cork dividers will make room for every knife you have—from the cheap $7 knife you bought at Target to the expensive Wusthof Knife you got from your parents at Christmas.  

Bonus? The Knife Dock comes in a larger size (at $48.99) for you kitchen organization aficionados with extra space to spare.   


[SPONSORED] BQT's One Bad Mother T-Shirt

Back in the day, if your mom did a shitty job at parenting, it was NOT addressed.  She was doing the best could, according to your therapist.  Nowadays, shitty parenting is admitted and celebrated.  Think about the fat babies segements on The Maury Povich Show.  Think about fucking HONEY BOO BOO. Ruining your child forever is the hip new thing, so why not celebrate it with this One Bad Mother T-Shirt ($25, BQT)?

You could even give it as a gift to your sister-in-law that you hate. THAT will probably go over well.  

Stock up, jerks.  You're Welcome readers will get 20% off your entire BQT order when you enter code  YW20 at check-out.