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Lofree Keyboard

There's a contingent of people (hipsters, mostly) who go crazy over retro things.  Retro clothes, retro accessories, retro drinks, retro moustaches—the works.  These are the people who collect vintage typewriters and first-edition copies of books they claim they've read.     

And while these people covet typewriters, what was once the most modern machine in the world is now a really intricate paperweight.  So, what do these precious hipsters do if they long to hear the retro clackity-clack of typewriter keys but need to use an actual computer to get work done? They get a LoFree Keyboard ($79), which mimics the sound of a typewriter, ensuring their roommates will hate them forever. 


Wine Dispensing Tote 

Your mom is decidedly NOT a wine snob, preferring to hobnob with the likes of Bobby Mondavi at a little place called Sutter Home.  While everyone is discussing the body and the top notes they want in their perfect glass of wine, your mother wants one thing in a wine—a lot of it. That's why she'll love to get this Wine Dispensing Tote ($130, Uncommon Goods) for Mother's Day.  It's an adorable purse to carry around, but it's always party ready with her favorite bag of Franzia embedded in the bottom with a quick-pour spout.  


11 Valentine's Day Gifts for Him Under $100

The man in your life scoffs at the idea of Valentine’s Day.  He’s tried (and failed) to get you to come around to the idea of just ditching Valentine’s Day altogether. “Come on,” he says, “Valentine’s Day is just a fake holiday made up by the card and flower companies.” Do you really want to pander to BIG CHOCOLATE?

Yes.  Yes, you do. Why? Because! You don’t need a reason. If you want to get flowers from your husband one day of the year, he should oblige, right?  Sure he should. But you should also get himself something nice, too. Romance works both ways. Get him an awesome Valentine’s Day gift and see how much he’s “not into” Valentine’s Day next year. Check out our suggestions for the best gifts to get him, all under $100. Read it on Parade.


Smart Rope

In the years before technology pervaded everything we do, you'd just mindlessly exercise for the sake of exercising.  There was no braggy, "I took 12,000 steps today!" proclamations, no heart rate monitors, no calorie tracking apps.  Your most high-tech piece of equipment was a goddamned MEDICINE BALL.  

But now, since every piece of equipment you use for exercise can track your progress digitally, why not extend it to a friggin' jump rope (which was, in its original form, a literal piece of rope)?  This Smart Rope ($90, Huckberry) tracks your number of jumps in MIDAIR in case counting is too much for you to handle.  New year, new you, right?


Santa's Private Reserve Beer Briefcase

What kind of grown man wants cookies and milk over alcohol and cigarettes?  A WEIRD ONE.  Listen—we all know that Santa doesn't want your bullshit milk and your bullshit cookies.  If you spent all night flying all over the world delivering presents BY YOURSELF, you'd want a nice cold beer, not a goddamned glass of milk that's probably curdled because little Cindy Loo Who put it on the fireplace 6 hours ago.  

That's why this Santa's Private Reserve Beer Briefcase ($75, Give Them Beer) is perfect to leave out for Santa this year.  And, since mom and dad end up eating the cookies and drinking the milk to carry on the lie that they've told their children, they will absolutely love to play Santa and drink this stuff after a long night of wrapping presents that they get zero credit for buying.  Thanks, Santa.