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[GIFTED] Adjustable Pet Feeder

You can spend a billion dollars on shit for your pets, and all of it falls on the spectrum somewhere between "definitely useful" and "you spent $50 on a dog sweater because you're a psychopath."  This Adjustable Pet Feeder ($45, Dexas) falls squarely on the "definitely useful" side.  Why?  Because its adjustable legs grow with your pets.  Fully collapsed legs for puppy days, completely elevated legs for adulthood (if you've got a Great Dane or something).  The silicone bowls are removable for easy cleaning.    


[GIFTED] Whino Cocktail Napkins Set 

If you're both serious about entertaining and serious about your wine consumption then consider buying the Whino Cocktail Napkins Set ($36, Tuckernuck).  About 10,000 times more luxurious than the paper cocktail napkins you buy at Party City, these napkins are embroidered with a Whino Rhino, which can now officially serve as the mascot of every party you throw from here to eternity.  Drink up.  


[GIFTED] Started from the Belly Onesie


One of the unique pleasures of having a new baby is being able to dress it up in whatever the hell you want, and because of that, there's no shortage of hi-larious onesies for babies to act as living billboards for their parents to amuse themselves and the people around them with.  This Started from the Belly Onesie ($27, Skreened) certainly fits the bill, and everyone will laugh and laugh and laugh and the baby wearing it will develop a complex.  

[GIFTED] Moscow Mule Recipe Print

Moscow Mules were particularly popular back in the 1950s, when everyone was having vodka with lunch and thought that red meat was healthy for you.  They went out of favor for awhile, but now that the Mad Men effect has reigned over all of us, we're seeing old fashioned cocktails (Manhattans, Negronis, and LOL, Old Fashioneds) make a come back, and Moscow Mules are one of the lucky ones revived from the dead.

Why?  Hipsters love kitsch, and what's kitschier than drinking something out of a tiny copper pot?  So, for your friend who lives in Brooklyn who has officially claimed Moscow Mules as "her drink," make it official by gifting her this Moscow Mule Recipe Print ($29, Scoutmob).  It's way cheaper than buying her the copper mugs.  

[GIFTED] Fish Flask 

If you know anything about fishing, it's actually less about the actual act of fishing and more about the ritual of it.  Guys love to fish because they get to get up early, head out to the lake with their buddies, and have an excuse to be out on the open water for hours and hours, just bullshitting and drinking beers.  If they catch a fish, great, but it's never really about that.  
And while you typically load up a cooler with a bunch of beers, there's always an occasion that warrants a shot or two of the brown stuff, and for those moments, you can help your guy be prepared by gifting him this very appropos Fish Flask ($30, Cool Material), which holds just enough booze for a round of shots with his fishing buddies.