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[GIFTED] Beast of Bourbon T-Shirt

As men coast into their 30s, they start to flirt with different hobbies.  They spent their 20s trying to keep their heads above water—in their careers, in their personal lives, and in their financial lives—but now that they're a little older and (hopefully) a little more settled, they have the time and money to start trying new things. 

The guy who used to guzzle cheap beer and the occasional shot of Jameson is now finding himself being open to a strong IPA or a good glass of craft whiskey or bourbon. And if you know a guy that's gone full-force into the world of whiskey, get him this Beast of Bourbon T-Shirt ($28, Buy Me Brunch) to help him announce to the world that he's got a new affliction to deal with.  How adult of him.

[GIFTED] Hot Sauce Tasting Kit

There are people who like hot sauce and there are people who LOVE hot sauce.  These people are influenced by the artisanal food movement—they're not the dudes chugging gallons of Frank's Red Hot (although, some of them USED to be those dudes), they're the ones who take their time perusing the condiments section of the grocery store, trying new bottles out each time.  The idea of eating food without hot sauce is blasphemy to them.

If you have a hot sauce devotee in your life this Hot Sauce Tasting Kit ($32, 33 Books) is the perfect gift. The pocket journal allows them to obsessively catalog their adventures in hot sauce, and the gift set comes with two new bottles of hot sauce for them to try.  Spicy!


[GIFTED] Morse Code Love Necklace

If you're the type of person that wants to express love but not in a showy way (or even in a verbal way), then this Morse Code Love Necklace ($40, Huckberry) is the perfect necklace to gift to a loved one. Why?  Because the different stones spell out "LOVE" in morse code, but only you and the recipient will know it.  It's a PRIVATE expression of love.  I'm your PRIVATE DANCER, Tina Turner.   


[GIFTED] Brass Luggage Tags

Our luggage tends to look the same.  Sure, you could be the person who has a hot pink suitcase that you would see coming off the belt from all the way on the other end of the terminal, but you're an adult, so chances are, you've opted for a sensible black suitcase that looks just like everyone else's.  

There are ways to identify your bag on the conveyer belt amongst everyone else's—the classic mom tactic is to wrap a brightly colored piece of ribbon around the bag's handle, but then you'll look like your mommy helped you pack your bag.  Here's how you make your bag stand out while still keeping it classy: Brass Luggage Tags ($49, Owen & Fred).  Yep, solid brass luggage tags engraved with all of your info on it.  You'll see it gleaming the minute it gets thrown onto the conveyer belt. 


[GIFTED] A Woman's Place Sweatshirt 

I'm sure there's one thing we can all agree on during this election season—everything is a certified, 100% SHITSHOW.  It's so bananas that stories like Donald Trump's campaign manager assaulting a female reporter barely registers anymore.  Remember when we thought Sarah Palin was as bad as it got?  LOL forever.  

But however you feel about the possibility of a woman in the White House for the first time (here's a fun game: mention the name Hillary Clinton to your parents and see how quickly they scream "LIAR!!!!"), you agree that more women in politics is a good thing, RIGHT?  You better.

And because you agree with that, you agree that this A Woman's Place Sweatshirt ($35, Wicked Clothes) is freaking awesome.  Send one to your favorite Congresswoman, or any female friend who's got political aspirations.