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[GIFTED] Cartography of Kitchenware Apron

Any chef—aspiring, professional, or somewhere in the middle—will love this Cartography of Kitchenware Apron ($30, Pop Chart Lab), that details literally every item of kitchenware known to man, from wisks to casserole dishes, to meat thermometers.  

The design was painstakingly researched and designed, much like the elaborate meals the wearer of this apron will prepare.


[GIFTED] Polygon Bowls

People who love entertaining are always looking for stylish, functional serving pieces to use.  They want you to love the food that's on/in them, yes, but they also want you to tell them how "cute" the serving vessel is. 

Entertaining is basically a way to get people to give you compliments on everything from your home, your cooking, your choice in artwork, your dog, etc.  This holiday season, why not set them up for more compliments with these Polygon Bowls ($27 each, Studio Lorier), which are great for serving dips, chips, and fancy artisanal olives. 


[GIFTED] White Whale Cocktail Mixers

The holidays are coming up, and that means that you are—whether you like it or not—are going to be spending inordinate amounts of time with your family.  Scary, yes?  So what does any well-adjusted person do when facing a scary situation?  That's right: drink.

Spiff up the hard alcohol you'll be downing with these appropriately-named-for-holiday White Whale Cocktail Mixers ($34, Furbish), like Auntie's Old Fashioned, Your Older Brother, and The Filthy Liar (your aunt's ex-husband?).  Hayyyyy, the gang's all here!


[GIFTED] Library Card iPhone Case

Whether your friend is an honest-to-God librarian (certified in the art of the Dewey Decimel System) or just a dorky book aficionado, this Library Card iPhone Case ($40, Kate Spade) will be the perfect gift for her.  The case harkens back to a time when we actually wrote our names on something besides our restaurant bills, and when an actual PERSON used a STAMP and an INK PAD to record the date it was received.  Imagine that.  How novel, right?  (Get it, novel?  A book joke).  


[GIFTED] The United States of Beer Poster

Being a beer geek used to be a unique thing, but nowadays, it seems like everyone is into craft beer.  No matter—the more friends of yours that start to appreciate good beer, the better beer you get to drink at their parties.

For the particularly meticulous beer lover in your life, this United States of Beer Poster ($30, 33 Books) will be the perfect gift, allowing him to track his alcoholic experiences from state to state.  What's better?  It's so well-designed that his girlfriend will allow him to hang it up in the house and not just in the garage.