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[GIFTED] My Family Cookbook

If you come from a family of cooks, beloved family recipes can be just as valuable (or more valuable!) than any inheritance Great Aunt Sally could ever leave you.  This isn't just because you love food, it's because old ladies are known for being very protective of their recipes.  Ever try to get your Nana's pasta sauce recipe or your mom's Christmas cookie recipe?  The CIA is less secretive than these ladies.  

Who can blame them, though? That particular dish is their "thing."  How good would you feel if your pain in the ass grandkids—who all eat in critically-acclaimed restaurants on the regular in "big, fancy cities"—came home and asked you to make a specific dish?  Of course you'd want to keep that to yourself.

HOWEVER, if you ever have the chance to coax the recipes out of them, it's with My Family Cookbook ($35, Uncommon Goods), which is made specifically for different members of the family to share their secret recipes.  Then you can keep the book and lord it over all of the younger relatives.  Hey, we all turn into weird old ladies at some point, right?   


[GIFTED] A Chart About Nothing: Seinfeld Poster

Your Seinfeld-obsessed friend will go absolutely apeshit if you gift him this Chart About Nothing: Seinfeld Poster ($35, Pop Chart Lab), which catalogues nearly 250 characters that cropped up on the beloved show about nothing, including (but not limited to) the Soup Nazi, the Close Talker, Jackie Chiles, and so many more. 


[GIFTED] Adjustable Pet Feeder

You can spend a billion dollars on shit for your pets, and all of it falls on the spectrum somewhere between "definitely useful" and "you spent $50 on a dog sweater because you're a psychopath."  This Adjustable Pet Feeder ($45, Dexas) falls squarely on the "definitely useful" side.  Why?  Because its adjustable legs grow with your pets.  Fully collapsed legs for puppy days, completely elevated legs for adulthood (if you've got a Great Dane or something).  The silicone bowls are removable for easy cleaning.    


[GIFTED] Whino Cocktail Napkins Set 

If you're both serious about entertaining and serious about your wine consumption then consider buying the Whino Cocktail Napkins Set ($36, Tuckernuck).  About 10,000 times more luxurious than the paper cocktail napkins you buy at Party City, these napkins are embroidered with a Whino Rhino, which can now officially serve as the mascot of every party you throw from here to eternity.  Drink up.  


[GIFTED] Started from the Belly Onesie


One of the unique pleasures of having a new baby is being able to dress it up in whatever the hell you want, and because of that, there's no shortage of hi-larious onesies for babies to act as living billboards for their parents to amuse themselves and the people around them with.  This Started from the Belly Onesie ($27, Skreened) certainly fits the bill, and everyone will laugh and laugh and laugh and the baby wearing it will develop a complex.