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[GIFTED] Modern Moose Clocks

So you're decorating a nursery—maybe it's for your child, maybe it's for your sister's child, maybe it's for a random child (you are an interior designer, perhaps?) and you want to strike a balance between cute and whimsical and the typical overly saccharine crap that you find in person at Babys R Us or online allllll over Pinterest.

You want to design a nursery that will grow with the child, so you don't have to redo it when the kid goes from being a tiny little baby to an obnoxious 4-year-old who hates baby blue and is obsessed with race cars.

These Modern Moose Clocks, Robot ($42) and Shark ($42) are perfect for this mission.  They're completely adorable, handcrafted out of wood with moving parts adding cuteness without adding cutesy-ness. We all know there's a BIG difference between the two.     


[GIFTED] Snow Joke Sweatshirt 

Leading up to Christmas, everyone wants snow.  It's festive, it's quaint.  All of the music is talking about dreaming of a white Christmas and playing out in the snow—generally making something that's pretty much always unpleasant sound wonderful.  But just as quickly as you go from constantly listening to Christmas music to abruptly STOPPING that shit on December 26, you stop pining for snow.  Once holiday festivities have dissipated, you ain't got time for snow.  By February, you want to throw your boots and gloves against the wall.  Invest in this Snow Joke Sweatshirt ($49, West Elm) and wear it whenever yet ANOTHER snowstorm hits and you wish you were dead. 


[GIFTED] Downton Abbey Wine Duo

Holy moly, the final season of Downton Abbey is upon us (premiering Monday, 1/5), and even though I've never watched a second of that boring-ass period piece starring a bunch of British douchebags and Maggie Smith (who is a TREASURE—have you SEEN The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood?!), apparently people are still obsessed with this show.  Of course, they're obsessed in the same way that they're obsessed with other boring, weird shit like Dr. Who or Sherlock, which is to say that even their obsessions are boring.  

But if you know some boring girl who's obsessed with this show, or you ARE some boring girl who's obsessed with this show, then scoop up this Downton Abbey Wine Duo ($30, Wine.com).  You can drink it while you're watching the show.  Put it in an expensive crystal glass and you'll be just like the Chicken Lady.  Kinda badass.   


[GIFTED] Trail Topography Hat 

Ever since Cheryl Strayed's Wild exploded, a nation of idiots have been inspired to go "into the woods" and "get off the grid" for a few months.  Great, good riddance, you think.  But no.  They're not off the grid.  They're posting an endless barrage of Instagram photos in front of a crystal-clear mountain lake with a douchey caption like, "Monday morning meetings suck."  You view this photo from an actual Monday morning meeting and start to get murdery.  Who does this jerk think he is, pretending to be one with nature? 

Breathe in, breathe out.  Namaste, as your jerk friend who's in the woods would say.  Face the fact that some people can quit their job and spend a month hiking around Yosemite, and some people are like you, who get shit for taking 2 weeks in a row off from their boss who routinely takes 3 weeks off.  We all make our own choices. 

Suck it up and get him this Trail Topography Hat ($34, Parks Project), as a nod to his time traversing the great outdoors.  Designed with an awesome trail topography design, he'll wear it everywhere—on the trail, to sporting goods store, and to the bar where he can impress girls with his trail stories. 


[GIFTED] The Pressure Print

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner today?  Bless your crazy little heart.  The Pressure Print ($25, The Pressure) is your personal mantra for today.  Think of how accomplished you'll feel when your loved ones are splayed out in your living room post-dinner, looking like some kind of religious cult that just made good on their suicide pact.  You'll survey the damage in the kitchen and think, "I've done it again."  

Go get 'em.