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[GIFTED] Sugarwish

You're trying to figure out a gift you can buy for someone you don't know very well.  It's for your boss, co-worker, your boyfriend's mother—basically someone who is really on the fringes of your life.  You know what everyone likes?  No, not alcohol, but good guess!  It's CANDY.  Everyone fucking loves candy.  Even the people who constantly talk about how they "eat clean" shove a bag of M&Ms into their face in a darkened conference room when they're stressed.

That's why Sugarwish is so brilliant.  You pick the package you want to send, the recipient gets an email alert telling them to choose their candy (so you don't have to know whether they like Sour Patch Kids or Peanut M&Ms), and then Sugarwish sends their sweets directly to them. 

You gave them the gift of stress eating, how thoughtful of you! 


[GIFTED] Notorious RBG T-Shirt

There's a meme going around that says "STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS," which is definitely being shared by girls who contribute to the Kardashian's ratings success by watching it, but that's besides the point.  The point is that we DO make stupid people famous.  Over and over again.  We reward people with no skills and make them rich.  We're working away to make our own version of hell where little snots like Justin Bieber can run around thinking they're above the law because they basically are.  

It's time to put an end to this.  Let's start admiring people who are worthy of our admiration, like the supreme badass depicted on this Notorious RBG T-Shirt ($28, Human), who happens to be on the Supreme Court.  That's right, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, a little Jewish girl from Brooklyn who grew up to be a civil rights crusader and the second female Supreme Court Justice in history. 

Rather than exhalting the fellow Brooklynite that this shirt is parodying (aka Christopher Wallace aka Notorious BIG), let's celebrate a genuine badass like Ruth.  Gift this shirt to any liberal lawyer, civil rights advocate or recent law school grad, and start to break the cycle.


[GIFTED] Custom Recipe-Engraved Cutting Board

Cooking for people is a really intimate thing, which is why people covet old family recipes from their mother or their grandmother.  They say things like, "this is just like my mom used to make it," which doesn't necessarily mean their mother made the world's best pot roast or chicken parmesan, but that the way they made it conjours up happy memories.  Making a treasured family recipe keeps tradition alive and creates new memories.  THE CIRCLE OF LIFE, all that stuff.  

That's why the cook in your family will love this Custom Recipe-Engraved Cutting Board ($49, Damian's Wood Works), which takes any handwritten recipe and engraves it onto a beautiful wood cutting board.  They'll be chopping onions on top of their grandmother's spaghetti sauce recipe and will they be crying because of the onions or crying because your gift was so THOUGHTFUL AND PERFECT?  You'll never know.


[GIFTED] Malvi Marshmallows

Peeps are all well and good, but if the theme of your Easter basket is artisinal (it should be), you really need to check out Malvi Marshmallows.  Why?  Because rather than just enjoying a marshamallow, you can enjoy a freakin' MARSHMALLOW SANDWICH.  That's right—Malvi takes homemade marshmallows in flavors like Raspberry Hibiscus, Spiked Espresso, Vanilla Salted Caramel, and Mint Chocolate and crams them between shortbread cookies.  

Your Easter basket, Easter brunch, or Easter anything will be eternally grateful.  Malvi's sampler pack goes for just $25 and includes 20 sandwiches in 5 different flavors.  Happy Easter, gluttons.


[GIFTED] Paddle Ball Sets 


Hey, Forrest Gump.  It's Springtime, so you're feeling a little more sprightly lately.  You're actually leaving the office to get a coffee rather than sitting planted in your desk chair for the entire day because you're afraid to go outside and into the cold.  You're feeling like you want to go get a beer with friends after work rather than rush home and read browse Buzzfeed on your phone under a mountain of blankets. In short, you're in a playful mood.

And you know what will make you feel MORE playful?  Actually playing a [low-intensity] physical game with these Paddle Ball Sets ($29, Izola).  They're brightly-colored and fun.  Throw 'em in your suitcase when you're going on a weekend trip and turn a regular old table into a makeshift ping pong table.