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[GIFTED] Adventure a Day Print

You know the type of people that are "outdoorsy."  You want to stay inside and watch 12 episodes of Orange is the New Black in a row and they are out canoeing on a lake.  Your vacation is spent laying around a resort and their vacation is spent climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro.  You bring a cooler full of nothing but Coors Light on a sailing cruise, they bring waters and healthy snacks.  They have a perpetual tan and a decent body from being outside and active all the time.  You'd hate them if they weren't so goddamned nice.     

This Adventure a Day Print ($32, Little Low) will be the perfect hate-gift to give your favorite adventurous couple.  They can hang it in their cabin.  Because you know they have a cabin.  Right on the lake.  Fuckers.  


[GIFTED] The Great Wide Open 

We'd all love to be outdoors all the time. You've got some marijuana-smelling cousin or former classmate who LOVES to corner you at a bar or family function to tell you about how great it is to live "off the grid" and not be "a slave to the man," but for us 9-to-5-ers, that's just not a reality.  That's why The Great Wide Open ($47, Amazon) is an important coffee table book for outdoor enthusiasts to have.  The glossy, photo-driven book will hold you over in between your vacations.  Another bonus?  Having it in your home will make you look outdoorsy, which is attractive to men and women alike.     


[GIFTED] Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat Banner

Even though mantras are new-agey, it's important for everyone to have a mantra, even if the only person who knows it is you and your dog.  Whether your mantra is Fortune Cookie-esque or sounds more like a brand slogan ("JUST DO IT"), it doesn't matter, just get one.  And if you want to adopt the one featured here on this Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat Banner ($48, Skinny Vinny), that's fine, too.  Hang it by the door and look at it on your way out every morning.   


[GIFTED] Visual Guide to Weight-Lifting Poster

There are three types of people when it comes to exercise: runners, people who lazily pedal away on cardio machines at the gym, and people who LIFT.  The people who lift tend to make a big deal out of it.  They wear muscle tees and sweatbands and walk around the gym asking people "what they're working on."  They post photos of themselves in the gym mirror or of their protein shakes on Instagram. Don't even get me started on Crossfit people.

REGARDLESS, these people are INTO weightlifting, kind of like you're INTO the nachos at your favorite bar. Everyone gets amped up about different things, yeah?  That's why this Visual Guide to Weight-Lifting Poster ($29, Pop Chart Lab) is the perfect gift for the lifter in your life.  He can hang it up in his work-out room and practice new moves all night long getting jacked while you're drinking beers at Trivia Night.  


[GIFTED] The Stylish Life Coffee Table Books

Back in the day, the concept of "leisure time" was considered incredibly luxurious, because in order to have free time to go on a boat ride or play tennis meant that you had enough money not to work in a coal mine from sun up to sun down.  If you know someone who lives a life of leisure (or works his ass off all year to live a life of leisure during his three weeks of vacation time), The Stylish Life Coffee Table Books ($42 each, Amazon) are for him.  Each tome features classic photos from different lifestyles/cultures associated with football (aka: soccer), yachting, golf, and tennis, which will do two things: 1.) convince people who visit his apartment that he's super stylish and 2.) inspire those people to live their own stylish life.