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[GIFTED] Stanley Insulated Growler

If you're a craft beer lover, summer time drinking can be hard on you.  Heavy glass bombers of rare brews and six packs of extra-hoppy IPAs don't really lend themselves to being lugged down to the beach or out to a campsite.  Nobody wants to carry a 100 lb cooler (no matter how much they love the contents inside of it), which is why you end up guzzling cans of Miller Lite by the ocean instead of what you actually want to drink.

Well, get ready for your summer to be turned around completely.  The Stanley Insulated Growler ($43, Amazon) holds up to 64 oz of your favorite beer and will keep it cold all day long, so there's no need to make room for it in the cooler.  The built-in handle makes it easy to transport, and if you've got 64 oz of your favorite craft beer, you'll be fine with switching to a canned macrobrew your buddies brought later in the day.     


[GIFTED] Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy 420, losers!  It's pretty much guaranteed that you've never taken the time to appreciate the physical beauty of good old Mary Jane, but with Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana ($26, Amazon), you can, JUST IN TIME FOR 420.  Featuring gorgeous, detailed photos and background information on 170 strains, this is the definitive collection of cannabis. Put it on your coffee table and let everyone know that you're never not down to blaze.  Just put it away when your in-laws visit.   


[GIFTED] Old Flames Candle

Hooking up with an ex is pretty much always a bad idea, which is interesting because SO MANY OF US do it anyway.  What can anybody say?  There's just something about old flames, right?  So if you're going to make an epic mistake, at least set the scene correctly by lighting this Old Flames Candle ($45, Owen & Fred).  Maybe the irony of the candle will make up for the awkward realization you'll both have the next morning that there was a reason why you broke up in the first place.   

[GIFTED] Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture

Everyone has their "thing" that they collect, even if they won't acknowledge that they're a collector.  If you've got more than four shot glasses, you're a shot glass collector.  If you've got more than a handful of coffee mugs, you're a coffee mug collector.  If you have more than three pairs of sneakers, you're a full-fledged sneaker collector.  Sorry, bro.  You are.  

And for the sneakerhead in your life (whether he acknowledges it or not), there's Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture ($40, Amazon).  A painstakingly researched book that details the very first sneaker (a spiked running shoe from 1860) all the way up to modern-day kicks.    


[GIFTED] Panic Attack T-Shirt

I thought I could be clever, but the very best description of this Panic Attack T-Shirt ($25, Josh Lafayette) is already in the description of the maker's website: "What do we have? ANXIETY! When do we have it? FOREVER!"  

So good.  Show your spirit for being on Team Panic Attack by wearing this shirt.  The best places to wear it might be: the airport, an important work meeting where you'll have to contribute to the presentation, or to bed, because panic attacks don't only love to show up at important public moments, but also exactly when you're trying to get some sleep.  Go team!