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[GIFTED] No Way Emoji Framed Prints

Think back to five years ago.  We were texting without emojis.  We were FLYING BLIND. The only people who used smiley faces were our mothers, and even then, they were spelled out, AOL chat room style, like this: :), ;), >:(.  There was no way to accurately convey our enthusiasm for going out drinking (beer and wine emojis, coupled with the two girls dancing or that mysterious lady in the red dress repeated 17 times) or just how murderous we felt about our jobs (the knife and gun emojis).

Now, almost everyone uses emojis, even if it's just every once in awhile.  But there are some people (you know who you are) who take emojis overboard, and for those people, it only makes sense for them to be in possesion of these No Way Emoji Framed Prints ($32, Furbish Studio), which are honest-to-God watercolor renderings of emoji greatest hits.  For the girl who uses an emoji in every single text she sends, even if it's when she's giving you directions to her apartment or telling you her grandmother died, these are the perfect gift.      


[GIFTED] Beer Cap Map 

So you're into beer.  Like, really into beer.  But you're a grown adult person, and you can't really hold onto that fishbowl full of beer caps you've been lugging around from apartment to apartment since college. Seriously, you can't.  Also, who has a bottle cap collection?  Are you Bert from Sesame Street?  

If you can't part with them (or, if you're a woman who can't get your stupid boyfriend/husband to get rid of them), at least display them in a cool way with this Beer Cap Map ($39).  Cut out of lightweight wood and in the shape of the US (there are individual states available too, if you'd rather show off your state pride), this map has holes for 177 bottle caps from different brews you've tried.  Do everyone a favor and throw the remaining bottle caps away, after you've conducted your own Sophie's Choice: The Bottlecap Edition.


[GIFTED] Up all Night Cocktail Shaker 

There are people who host parties in their home and serve exclusively wine and beer, and then there are people who are amateur mixologists, taking their drink offerings up a notch whenever company comes calling. Of course, if you're going to play bartender at home, it's of utmost importance to have a good cocktail shaker on-hand, which is why this Up all Night Cocktail Shaker ($36, Budd+Fin) is the perfect gift for the amateur mixologist.  It has measurements along the shaker's side, and also includes a full recipe for espresso martinis, so the amateur mixologist can keep the party going all night long, which is good, because in your own home, there ain't no closing time.  Cheers.  


[GIFTED] Boarding Passport Holder

You've got someone in your life who's always traveling.  He tries to make it seem glamorous, always posting photos from up in the air and literally including the hashtag #upintheair in each photo's caption.  You almost fall for it, until you remember that every time you travel, it's an annoying, soul-sucking experience.  You're supposed to be jealous of a guy that's always hanging around in an airport terminal?  You're supposed to be envious of a guy that's cramped into an airplane's seat breathing in germy, recycled air for hours?  No thanks.

But don't let him know that you're not jealous of him.  He's in an airport all the time—people's perceived jealousy of his jet set lifestyle is literally all he has.  Instead, get him this Boarding Passport Holder ($26, Izola) and tell him you got it because he's "always traveling."  He'll love it, and he'll never know how you feel. Keep it that way.   


[GIFTED] Taxonomy of Wrestler Names Poster

Back in the early 90s, there were legions of geeky little boys who were obsessed with wrestling.  Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Macho Man Savage—these roided out idiots were those boys' heros.  They watched fervently each week and destroyed countless pieces of furniture in their parents' houses practicing their wrestling moves on their siblings and friends.

Now those boys are grown men, and [hopefully] their obsession with wrestling has turned into nostalgia.  Help them indulge their nostalgia with this Taxonomy of Wrestler Names Poster ($29, Pop Chart Lab).  It's well-designed enough that their wives and girlfriends won't hate having it in their home, and it's a hell of a lot better than that giant "Can you smell what The Rock is cookin????" poster he's been carting from apartment to apartment for the past 15 years.