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[GIFTED] Coffee & Wine Print 

If you live and work in New York City, everyone is perennially stressed out, which means they're also perennially medicated.  They can be medicated with actual medication (anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, antipasto, anti-whatever) or they can be medicated with the more socially-acceptable drugs known as alcohol, coffee, and energy drinks.  

For anyone who pounds coffee, soda, and energy drinks from the moment they wake up until the minute they leave the office and get to either a bar or restaurant or back to their apartment so they can down various alcoholic beverages, this Coffee & Wine ($32, Society6) will resonate so hard.  Buy a bunch of them and give them out to your friends, family, and cubicle-dwelling brethren.


[GIFTED] World's Greatest Laundry Bag 

If you don't have access to your own personal washer/dryer set-up (aka you live in a big city and are forced to frequent your local laundromat any time you want to wear a goddamned clean shirt), the very idea of having to do laundry will send you into convulsions.  It just takes up so much of your precious, precious free time.

But, the World's Greatest Laundry Bag ($49, Owen & Fred) really epitomizes the feeling of euphoria (also described in the previous post) you'll feel once you're finally finished with the laundry.  Buy one for yourself, buy one for your brother who's still in college, and buy one for your cousin who just moved to "the Big Apple" to pursue her "dream career" in publishing (LOL forever).   


[GIFTED] Zombie Head Cookie Jar

When you're hungry, you probably mutter "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIES" (audibly or inaudibly) in some kind of Homer Simpson-esque tone.  Zombies, of course, crave brains (or "BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS") in the same way we humans crave cookies and other sugar-packed snack foods.  Now you can have the best of both worlds with this Zombie Head Cookie Jar ($25, Think Geek).


[GIFTED] Style RX Pill Case

There are moments when you're reminded how fantastic life really is.  It's usually when you're drinking on a rooftop as the sun goes down, or at the birth of your child or something. 

And then there are moments when you're reminded how fucking terrible it can be.  That's usually when you or someone you care about are diagnosed with an illness.  Their life changes in an instant.  They're going to a million doctor's appointments.  They're having to take tons of medications.  It sucks.  But as they negotiate their new normal, you should check in on them and bring this Style RX Pill Case ($34, Inspired By Dawn).  If they're now having to take tons of medication, they'll appreciate having a fun, sleek cover for their boring, standard days-of-the-week pill container. 


[GIFTED] Boozy Pop Candles

Back in your wilder days, you would go out drinking and the next morning your lover, mother, or angry roommate would admonish you, shouting, "YOU SMELL LIKE A BAR!" 

That's right, smelling like a bar called to mind all of the gross smells—sweet, desperation, cigarette smoke, and of course, the unmistakable smell of alcohol.  Now that you've settled down, though, your days of smelling like a bar are few and far between. 

Never fear, former boozehound—Jonathan Adler has just released these Boozy Pop Candles ($42 each) in scents like bourbon, champagne, and even vodka.  Now, thanks to these sleek-looking candles, your home can smell like a bar, and you can just smell like your usual scent of anxiety and unhappiness.