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Fire Road Profile Bottle Opener

Around these parts, we're all about surrounding yourself with well-designed, nice things.  Sure, spending $40 on a marble and brass bottle opener like this Fire Road Profile Bottle Opener ($40, Huckberry) might be enough to make your grandfather roll around in his grave, but if you're going to use a bottle opener every day (no judgements, fellow boozehounds), why not have a nice one?  Ditch the Bud Light-branded bottle opener you got for free at a bar in college and pick up something that has some weight to it.  Something that immediately signals, as soon as you pick it up, "Hey, you earned this." 


Beach Vault 

When you're at the beach, going into the water requires an extreme amount of trust that your fellow man won't steal your shit.  You wouldn't leave your purse or your wallet out on the counter of the bar while you go to the bathroom, but at the beach, you leave everything in plain view and hope for the best.  

This, of course, doesn't square with your life motto, which is, essentially, TRUST NO ONE.  Let us introduce you to the Beach Vault ($39), which hides your valuables literally in the sand so beach combers looking to make a quick score with unattended wallets and cell phones won't get at your shit.  How does it work?  The Beach Vault is essentially a big hollow screw that you insert into the sand and then fill with your valuables. Once in the sand, the Beach Vault is fully out of sight (it even comes with a towel that covers it), so you can stay in the water as long as you want without worrying about your stuff getting snatched.       


King of Beers Framed Print

As the craft beer revolution takes hold, beer is no longer regarded as the champagne of the blue collar set. And because beer is enjoying the premium cache it hasn't really ever had (despite every beer brand's best marketing efforts), guys like your husband are delighting in the fact that they can go virtually anywhere—including the fancy restaurant you insisted on going to for your anniversary—and get a beer without looking like a low-class dbag.  

So while beer has achieved a higher status, it makes sense that the "ode to brew" decorations in your house get an upgrade as well.  Trash the Bud Light paraphenalia.  Get rid of the neon beer signs that he's held onto since his bachelor pad days.  Swap them out with well-designed beer gear, like this King of Beers Framed Print ($37, Society6).  It looks so good, you won't relegate it to his man cave. 


[GIFTED] My Family Cookbook

If you come from a family of cooks, beloved family recipes can be just as valuable (or more valuable!) than any inheritance Great Aunt Sally could ever leave you.  This isn't just because you love food, it's because old ladies are known for being very protective of their recipes.  Ever try to get your Nana's pasta sauce recipe or your mom's Christmas cookie recipe?  The CIA is less secretive than these ladies.  

Who can blame them, though? That particular dish is their "thing."  How good would you feel if your pain in the ass grandkids—who all eat in critically-acclaimed restaurants on the regular in "big, fancy cities"—came home and asked you to make a specific dish?  Of course you'd want to keep that to yourself.

HOWEVER, if you ever have the chance to coax the recipes out of them, it's with My Family Cookbook ($35, Uncommon Goods), which is made specifically for different members of the family to share their secret recipes.  Then you can keep the book and lord it over all of the younger relatives.  Hey, we all turn into weird old ladies at some point, right?   


[GIFTED] A Chart About Nothing: Seinfeld Poster

Your Seinfeld-obsessed friend will go absolutely apeshit if you gift him this Chart About Nothing: Seinfeld Poster ($35, Pop Chart Lab), which catalogues nearly 250 characters that cropped up on the beloved show about nothing, including (but not limited to) the Soup Nazi, the Close Talker, Jackie Chiles, and so many more.