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[GIFTED] Holden's Hat Necklace

Nearly everyone had to read The Catcher in the Rye in high school (unless you grew up in the Bible Belt, otherwise you stood in front of the school and burned it), but there is a certain type of person who read this classic book and loved it.  Sure, this person has typically tried to assassinate a president or a celebrity, but whaaaaaaaaaaaatever. 

Holden Caulfield basically invented the culture of "meh."  Anyone who loves this book or is just generally angsty or alienated from society will proudly wear this Holden's Hat Necklace ($30, Out of Print).  Only literary nerds will be able to identify it, and only TRUE literary nerds will be terrified when they see it and figure out the person who's wearing it is potentially armed and dangerous.   


[GIFTED] 100 Questions 

There comes a point in any long-term relationship where you sit across from them and have literally nothing to say to each other.  It's not that you don't love each other, but you're far beyond the "getting to know you stage."  You've heard all the stories of his drunk college escapades.  He knows all about your awkward stage in middle school.  You both know WAY more about each other's parents than your respective parents would be comfortable with.  You're also in communication constantly, thanks to modern technology.  You're texting during meetings, you're talking on GChat all day.  By the time you get home to each other at the end of the day, you've already told them everything that happened, as it happened. 

All of this doesn't make for compelling dinner conversation.  Enter 100 Questions ($32, School of Life), a box set of questions made just for people in a relationship.  This pack doesn't include inane "What's your favorite color?" questions, but rather ones that are crafted to get beneath the surface and develop into a larger, longer conversation.  Try it out.  You've got nothing to lose... aside from that fight you'll inevitably get in when you answer one of the questions wrong.  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.   


[GIFTED] Fantastical Fictive Beers Poster 

Real beer is great, but there's always a certain charm to the names of fake beers drank by our favorite characters in movies, on TV, and in books. Homer Simpson's beloved Duff, the Butter Beer in Harry Potter, Romulan Ale from Star Trek, and even Hank Schrader's home-brewed Schraderbrau from Breaking Bad are all showcased here, in this Fantastical Fictive Beers Poster ($29, Pop Chart Lab).  It'll look fantastic (see what I did there?) in any beer geek or pop culture nerd's apartment. 


[GIFTED] Box of Chocolates Soaps

Valentine's Day is coming up (as I've stated about 10 million times in the blog posts appearing here the past 2 weeks), and as manufactured holidays go, it's one of the most indulgent.  You're supposed to drink champagne and eat boxes of chocolate and go for a lobster dinner.  All of this would be fine, I guess, but you and your partner have made a pact: you have to lose weight.  You've been eating nothing but salmon and spinach for months. You've been trudging to the gym instead of watching Netflix.  You've been making pizza crusts out of cauliflower, for God's sakes.  CAULIFLOWER.

That's why you don't want to throw away all of your hard work on Valentine's Day just because Hallmark says you should.  Fuck that.  Instead, buy your beloved this Box of Chocolates Soaps ($28, Uncommon Goods). Coming in Amber Chocolate, Chocolate Bar, Fudge Brownie, and Raspberry Drizzle, they look good enough to eat, but they're NOT, and that's the whole point.  Your lover can enjoy an indulgent bath after the gym accompanied by these soaps.  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, YOUR MUSCLES ARE SORE AND YOU'RE SO, SO TIRED.   


[GIFTED] Conversation Hearts Macarons

French things have always been associated with romance (even SURRENDERING LOL—no seriously, surrendering can be romantic, remember that Sarah McLachlan song? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet surrenderrrrrrrrrrr), and at some point in the past five years, macarons have become the preferred treat of any kinda dumb/kinda fancy lady.  

You show up with a box of macarons on Valentine's Day, and you'll be in like flynn.  BUT, if you want to take it a step further and straight-up WIN Valentine's Day, get these Conversation Hearts Macarons ($45, Williams-Sonoma), which take the novelty of the classic Conversation Hearts you'd see on Valentine's Day but put them on something that actually tastes good, like delicious macarons. Enjoy. Or, as the French say, enjoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.