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[GIFTED] Topography Cheese Tray 

There are people who are all Martha Stewart about entertaining, putting out mountains of hors d'oeuvres with calligraphed signs letting you know what they are, and there are people who just empty a bag of Tostitos into a bowl five minutes before company arrives.  

But regardless of where you fall on the hostess spectrum, there is nothing that delights guests like a good cheese plate, and it takes minimal effort to put one together.  Go to the cheese section of your grocery store (or specialty market if you're a hipster) and pick out a couple of hard cheeses, a couple of soft cheeses, maybe a bleu for good measure.  Get a jar of honey, a jar of raspberry jelly, and a jar of whole grain mustard if you want to get fancy.  Pick up a few boxes of crackers and that's IT.

Pile it all up on a nice tray like this Topography Cheese Tray ($33, Fishs Eddy) and you'll look like a culinary expert even if you're not.  Cheers to cheese. 

[GIFTED] Beeropoly 

Back in college, you and your friends were known to play the game of Kings.  You would write the "rules" of the game on whatever grimy thing you had laying around—the back of a course syllabus, the top of a pizza box, whatever. It was a good way to pass the time on the rare occasions when you were having a night in.  

You're not in college anymore, though, and nowadays, it's more rare for you to go out than stay in playing games.  So if you're going to be in for the night indefinitely, you might as well stock up on some good games.  Beeropoly ($30, Uncommon Goods) is basically the grown-up version of Kings, with a nicely-designed board that stands in place of your sloppily-written gaming rules.   


[GIFTED] Drink Quote Coaster Set

For the beer geek in your life, there's a lot of different things you can gift.  Glassware, bottle openers, brew kits, and the like—but if you want to be unique, pick up a set of coasters.  Yes, coasters.  They're not a mom gift anymore, I promise.  Why?  Because the perfect gift is something that someone wants but won't buy for themselves.  The adult beer geek will appreciate being able to avoid water rings on the coffee table while enjoying their favorite brew, and if the coaster set is beer-themed, like this Drink Quote Coaster Set ($32, Two Arms Inc.), all the better.  The set is made out of cherry wood and lasered with quotes that glorify beer drinking, making it the perfect gift for your favorite beer nerd.   


[GIFTED] 100% Charged T-Shirt

We are all so tired all of the time, mainly because living life is fucking exhausting.  But there are still [rare] days when you wake up feeling great.  You've got a pep in your step and you're ready to conquer the day. Of course, days like those are usually weekend days because you're excited to have the day to yourself and not have to trudge into the office.  You're ready to KILL IT at brunch and day drinks.  You're ready to be the life of the party.  You're feeling 100%.  And for days when you feel like that, there's only one shirt to wear—this 100% Charged T-Shirt ($25, Print Liberation).  Everyone will know what's up when you walk in wearing this.  Hold onto your hats, mofos.      


[GIFTED] Hangar 1 Vodka 

The craft cocktail revolution has a firm grip on our generation, so showing up to a party with a bottle of Grey Goose is fine, but doesn't make anyone as excited as it used to do.

"What the fuck?!" you might be thinking. "Grey Goose has been proven to be the most premium vodka out there and I'm gonna look like a BALLER when I show up with it."  Sure, no one's gonna be MAD if you show up with a bottle of Grey Goose, but nobody's really a brand loyalist anymore, instead leaning into the desire of wanting to try something new each time, and it doesn't really matter whether it's craft beer or a new "small batch" spirit.    

So, show up with something new, like a bottle of Hangar 1 Vodka.  Crafted in an old airplane hanger in California (hence the name) it's high-quality without being high-cost, and comes in a really cool bottle, which let's be real, everyone appreciates.