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[GIFTED] Super Me Backpack

Are kids still into superheroes?  Is that a thing?  Well, if they heard about the Superman curse, they might not be so eager to become him, amiright?  WRONG.  Don't be the dick who has a few drinks at Christmas and ruins a kid's formative years. 

Embrace the childhood innocence of thinking you're invincible and possess special powers to help people you care about in times of trouble.  Get him this Super Me Backpack ($40, Uncommon Goods), that includes a cape that can be unfurled at a moment's notice. 


[GIFTED] Our Lady of TV Prints

Quick poll, ladies: who's your hero?  Susan B. Anthony?  Harriet Beecher Stowe?  Elizabeth Cady Stanton?  YAWN CITY (and I bet none of you would've named those gals off anyway).  Yeah, those dead ladies might have fought tirelessly (while wearing HOOP SKIRTS, probably) for the rights you take for granted now, but that's besides the point.

We've got some pretty fantastic modern lady trailblazers to look up to, but we're a bunch of idiots who look for fake role models in TV and movies instead of looking to real women who have actually gotten real shit done.  If we're going to do that, though, we might as well honor fictional women who are worthy of admiration, like our beloved Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope, via Our Lady of TV Prints ($31, Hey Monster).  Liz Lemon is hailed as "Our Lady of Having it All"—which was the ultimate goal of Lemon all of those seasons on 30 Rock—while Leslie Knope is referred to as "Our Lady of Ambition," which is self-explanatory if you've watched Knope claw her way to the top of her local government on Parks & Recreation.   

These prints will look great displayed—where else—above your TV. 


[GIFTED] Escape Tumblers


The [upcoming] winter months are the perfect time for wistful drinking.  That is, drinking and thinking (and maybe crying?).  The winter months also tend to be the time where you experience an unsettling combination of cabin fever, wanderlust, and seasonal affective disorder.  Hence, why you're drinking a lot and thinking about quitting your job and living in the mountains.    

These Escape Tumblers ($48, Gessato) are the perfect vessel in which to imbibe your brown liquors this winter as you dream of shipping off to somewhere exotic and less terrible than your current city.


[GIFTED] Pollen Arts Beeswax Candle Collection

Whether your cousin is a Tim Burton-loving, black nailpolish wearing weirdo or your aunt is a flowy frock-wearing, tarot card-reading Stevie Nicks-esque character, there is guaranteed to be one creep in your family who will love to receive this Pollen Arts Beeswax Candle Collection ($40, Pollen Arts)

They're handwade and look way more mystical than a Gingerbread-scented Yankee Candle.  And, as we all know, these weirdos can only cast spells against their enemies via candlelight.  


[GIFTED] Chalkboard Skulls

You can cover anything in chalkboard paint to make it a writeable surface.  Usually, though, this technique is confined to, you know, a WALL, where girls write their dinner menus on them like anyone cares.  But coating SKULLS in chalkboard paint, like these Chalkboard Skulls ($46, iamhome) is another thing entirely.

Truthfully, these can function as a cool Halloween decoration, or a year-round tabletop decoration for a creep.  Everything—from "Don't forget your keys" to "You're not getting any younger"—seems more urgent (and foreboding) when written on a skull, don't you think?  What a great gift.