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[GIFTED] The Landscape of Growing Up Print

Hindsight is always 20/20, especially when it comes to growing up.  When you're young, you feel like you know everything, and you literally have no perspective on anything because you haven't lived long enough.  Also, you haven't become jaded and apathetic yet. Ah, youth.  What a stupid, wonderful time.

In The Landscape of Growing Up Print ($32, Emily McDowell Illustrations), artist Emily McDowell turns youthful frustrations and missteps into a map with different features that will make you laugh/cry at how accurate they are and how stupid you once were, such as: 

-Mom Was Right About That Girl River

-District of Am I Gay?

-Oh My God I'm Racist Ridge

-Can't Please Everybody Ranch

This would be a great 30th birthday present or a fantastic graduation gift for a kid who has yet to realize how they'll make a visit to all of the places detailed on this map.  If they're like me, they'll make many, many visits to Can't Please Everybody Ranch. 


[GIFTED] You + Me Pendant


How do you know when you're a serious relationship?  When you've started spending all of your time together?  When you officially have your own drawer at their place?  No and No.  It's when you start saying "we" a lot.  Your co-worker will ask you what you did that weekend and you'll say, "We didn't really do anything."  You're a "we" now.  You're part of an "us."  

This is a good thing, but don't go TOO FAR and veer straight into obnoxious coupledom where neither of you exist without the other one.  This You + Me Pendant ($44, Yellow Owl Workshop) uses a Venn diagram (remember how FUN those were in math class?  No?  Okay.) to illustrate that there's a you, a me, and an us.


[GIFTED] I Do Marathons T-Shirt

We all have a self-righteous runner in our lives.  Great, good for them, they get up before the light of day and run around in circles in the freezing cold and have knee problems before they're 25. They're more active than you.  They're probably healthier than you.  They advertise how constantly their in motion via obnoxious t-shirts that say things like "EAT, SLEEP, RUN" and "RUNNERS DO IT BETTER" (whatever that means).

This I Do Marathons T-Shirt ($25, Thug Life Shirts) will be perfect for you to counter her running selfies while you're planted on the couch, binge-watching House of Cards.  Hell yeah, you do marathons (of Netflix).


[GIFTED] Book Hook

Back in the day, all bookish people were created equal.  If you liked books, you devoted an inordinate amount of space in your home for them.  Bookshelves were overstuffed and bedside tables featured potentially-dangerous, teetering stacks of half-read novels. 

This went on for years until e-readers started to take hold.  Suddenly, bookish people were able to become minimalists if they wanted to.  You could have a gigantic library of books all housed within one thin, tiny device.  Some people (like me, for example), find this freeing and wonderful.  All of your books are with you on vacation, on the subway, or at the gym.  Your tiny apartment, once overrun with books, now has space for important things like chairs and tables.    

But—there are still people (like your mom, for example) who will never, EVER, trade in their beloved books for e-books on an e-reader, no matter how many times you show them how "cool" the page flipping animation thing is on the iPad.  For staunch luddites such as these, the Book Hook ($41, Connox) is the perfect gift.  It keeps your place in your book and also puts your book on display on your bedside table in an artful way, instead of in a hoarder-esque way.    


[GIFTED] Custom Waveform Necklace

Every year around Valentine's Day (and the holidays, of course), car and jewelry companies try to convince you that the very best way to say "I love you" is by giving someone a new car with a big red bow on it or some gaudy charm bracelet.  You know what's another great way to say "I love you?"  VERBALLY.  You know, out of your mouth, to the other person's face/ears.  TRY IT SOMETIME.  

Instead of acting like a stock broker and buying your wife a Lexus and leave on a business trip for 27 days, how about you look into this Custom Waveform Necklace ($48, David Bizer)?  You can upload a recording of your voice, saying anything meaningful in your relationship ("I love you," "I miss you," "Where's the remote?," "Don't you dare watch House of Cards without me," etc), and artist David Bizer will convert the waveform of your audio recording into a necklace.  Technology meets thoughtfulness.