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[GIFTED] Domino Earrings 

One of your friends is so fashionable it hurts.  There you are, trying to make whatever generic shit you bought from The Gap look cute, and she rolls in wearing a scarf she made out of old beach towels and shoe strings and somehow looks like she belongs on the cover of a magazine.  She could wear Pharrel's Arby's hat and make it look cool, you would get laughed out of town if you ever tried to wear it.  Some people can just do that kind of shit.  They can make it work.  

And if anyone can make these giant Domino Earrings ($36, Melody Ehsani) look cool, it's this friend.  They're unique, badass, and will NOT look good on you.  Stick to your pearl earrings, and buy a pair of these for your friend.  She can rock them.  You can watch.   


[GIFTED] Mistaken Lyrics Coaster Set

There is always one girl who consistently gets song lyrics wrong but still sings the absolute LOUDEST out of anyone.  You have to admire her confidence (or complete lack of self-awareness), but holy shit, girlfriend even gets the songs wrong that everyone should know.   

Next time you show up to one of her parties where she'll undoubtably spend the night disrespecting everyone's personal space and yelling incorrect lyrics into their ears, gift her this Mistaken Lyrics Coaster Set ($25, Red Envelope).  Not only is it an INCREDIBLY appropriate gift, it'll protect her table from sweating drinks.  No word on how to protect your ears from her yelling, though.  You're on your own. 


[GIFTED] Dranks! T-Shirt

Hayyyyy, summer is in full swing and it is motherfuckin' FRIDAY.  Time to get drunk on a patio, right?  RIGHT.  This Dranks! T-Shirt ($28, Buy Me Brunch) is the perfect thing to wear to any and all of your summer soirees—happy hour drinks, BBQs, douchey rooftop parties, drinking on your dad's boat...the possibilities are endless. 


[GIFTED] Fine & Raw Cowgirl Chocolate Bars 

Yeah, yeah, yeah—we've all had our fill of artisanal chocolate.  OR SO YOU THINK.  Check out these Cowgirl Chocolate Bars ($36) from Fine & Raw Chocolate, a Brooklyn-based (surprised?) company helmed by a South African chocolatier.  Raw chocolate bars featuring ingredients like sea salt, espresso, and ginger packaged with labels featuring vintage pin-up cowgirls?  Giddy up.  


[GIFTED] Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow Laundry Bag

Doing laundry when you have 24/7 access to a washer and dryer is a incredibly easy thing, but when you live in an apartment without a washer and dryer, the very idea of having to do laundry throws you into fits of panic.  That's because doing laundry is a PROCESS.  You have to load up all of your dirty laundry and haul it in a sack down the street to a laundromat.  Once there, you have to bargain with people who don't speak English in order to get some quarters.  You have to bang on the machines to get them to work, and then sit on a tiny bench with several other dispondent people who would rather be doing a million other things than sacrificing two hours of their precious weekend time to this tedious chore.       

You start wondering why you didn't listen to your father and take a career in finance.  Those finance bros may be living a miserable existence, but their apartments definitely have an in-unit washer/dryer. 

Career regrets aside, when you realize that you've started wearing your bathing suit as underwear, you know that you can no longer put off doing laundry.  You start bargaining with your partner.  You offer them money.  You offer to cook for them.  You offer them anything, ANYTHING to take care of the laundry this week.  They never agree, of course, because they hate doing laundry as much as you do.  You go through this cycle constantly.  That's why you need this truth-telling Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow Laundry Bag ($25, Bad Bat Designs).  It won't make you hate doing laundry any less, but it will stare you in the face in the corner of your room and shame you into doing it.  Why?  Because nothing is more shameful than having to go out in the world naked because you were too lazy to clean your clothes, right?