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[GIFTED] Taxonomy of Wrestler Names Poster

Back in the early 90s, there were legions of geeky little boys who were obsessed with wrestling.  Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Macho Man Savage—these roided out idiots were those boys' heros.  They watched fervently each week and destroyed countless pieces of furniture in their parents' houses practicing their wrestling moves on their siblings and friends.

Now those boys are grown men, and [hopefully] their obsession with wrestling has turned into nostalgia.  Help them indulge their nostalgia with this Taxonomy of Wrestler Names Poster ($29, Pop Chart Lab).  It's well-designed enough that their wives and girlfriends won't hate having it in their home, and it's a hell of a lot better than that giant "Can you smell what The Rock is cookin????" poster he's been carting from apartment to apartment for the past 15 years.   


[GIFTED] BottleLoft

If you're the type of person who perpetually has at least a six pack of beer chilling in your fridge (if so, when can I come over?), you'll want to install the BottleLoft ($38, Uncommon Goods) ASAP.  Metal strips with adhesive on one side and magnets on the other side, the Bottle Loft allows you to hang your beers from the top of a shelf on your fridge, utilizing dead space and freeing up the actual shelf for other, non-alcoholic stuff.  Imagine that.  


[GIFTED] Hidden Pocket Belt 

We all know someone that constantly loses their shit.  Even if they're only responsible for their wallet or their phone, somehow, there's always some drama about them losing it.  

That's why a perfect gift for the Forgetful Jones in your life is this Hidden Pocket Belt ($42, JooJoobs), which looks like a regular nice leather belt but has a zippered pocket on the inside that's perfect for stashing some extra cash for those times when their wallet goes missing and they've got to find a way to get themselves home.  


[GIFTED] Topo Coasters Set 

You've got a friend who plans his vacations around different national parks.  He's always talking about "natural beauty" and how he just can't wait to sleep in a tent and "become one with nature."  Sounds shitty. Whatever.  Everyone is a different, beautiful snowflake.  

Unfortunately, said friend can't spend all of his time living in a tree like a goddamned chipmunk, so for the times he's sitting on his couch at home sipping an IPA and reliving that one hike he took 3 years ago, this Topo Coasters Set ($39, Tom Will Make) will be the perfect companion. 

Crafted out of cork and carved to mirror the topography of places like the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and Big Sur, it'll make the mountain man feel like he's on the trail. 


[GIFTED] Fight for Your Right to Pate T-Shirt

It used to be that being a foodie meant that you were part of a limited, slightly oddball tribe.  You were experimenting with sous vide and exotic ingredients and everyone else was still cooking the way their moms cooked in the 1950s.  People like your grizzled uncles and hillbilly cousins would lean in on Thanksgiving and say, "I know this here turkey isn't the fancy food you eat, but you'll have to deal with it tonight."  

But then, a shift started to occur, right around the time that Food Network started to take off.  Rachael Ray made even the most pedestrian housewives switch from plastic drums of vegetable oil to fancy glass bottles filled with extra virgin olive oil (or "EVOO," as Ray would annoyingly call it).  Now people—all kinds of people—are seeking out better food.  

That's why anyone—from your uppity friend who throws over-the-top dinner parties to your brother who works the counter at Shake Shack—would wear this Fight for Your Right to Pate T-Shirt ($25, Olympic Provisions).  It blends foodie culture with urban culture, deliciously so.