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[GIFTED] Sleeves are Bullshit Tank Top

SUN'S OUT, GUNS OUT, MOFOS.  Summer is officially here, and there's no better way to trumpet the season of beachy weekend getaways and happy hour drinking on patios than with this Sleeves are Bullshit Tank Top ($28, Buy Me Brunch).  Who needs sleeves?  Not you.  


[GIFTED] Fuck Yeah Friday T-Shirt

You never thought you'd relate so closely to the song "Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend" but life, in general, is pretty disappointing.  As millenials, we've been brainwashed into thinking that we should DO WHAT WE LOVE, so we're completely demoralized to find ourselves just trying to get through the goddamned week, every week, for what seems like infinity.  But guess what?  People have been doing that shit forever. Your grandparents did it.  Your parents did it.  EVERYBODY's working for the weekend, the song says.  So, solider on through the work week, bust out of the office at 5, and pull on this Fuck Yeah Friday T-Shirt ($28, Buy Me Brunch) before heading to the bar.  Cheers.   


[GIFTED] Bettie Page: Queen of Curves

We're so used to seeing casual nudity everywhere that it's hard to imagine a time when a photo of a woman in a bikini would seem scandalous, but in the puritanical decade of the 50s, it WAS.  That's why Bettie Page was so badass.  Arguably the most recognized pin-up girl from that era, Page is honored in Bettie Page: Queen of Curves ($35, Amazon), book featuring 250 never-before-published photos of Page in her prime. 

This book will be the perfect gift for any riot grrls or rockabilly dudes you know who only drink Sailor Jerry and drive hot rods. 


[GIFTED] Cinco de Mayo T-Shirts

If you're planning on celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, you better do some INTENSE preparation.  

1. Empty your stomach of any contents.  If you're going to be stuffing yourself with guacamole and queso and burritos and churros, you're gonna need the space in there.  

2. Stop drinking.  Have a drink in your hand right now? Throw that glass at the wall.  You need to DRY OUT in preparation for all of the cervezas and margaritas and tequila shots you're going to be downing.  

3. Prepare your outfit. Loose pants. Enthusiastic t-shirts, like this Guacamole T-Shirt ($22, Buy Me Brunch) or this I Love Tacos T-Shirt ($28, Buy Me Brunch).  Sombrero optional.  Actually, no.  Don't wear a sombrero.  You'll look like a dick.  


[GIFTED] Space Cadet iPhone Case

GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR TOM—do we have a gift for any nerd who loves space.  Maybe your space-lovin' friend will never get anywhere nearer to space than watching shitty/awesome movies like Armageddon over and over again (unless she cozies up next to crazy old Richard Branson), but she can feel positively INTERGALACTIC with this Space Cadet iPhone Case ($28, Kate Spade).  

Give this to ya friend and she'll be like, "HOUSTON, I HAVE NO PROBLEM ACCEPTING THIS GIFT."