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[GIFTED] Be Thankful Canvas

It's Thanksgiving, so if you're reading this post, that means that you've made a conscious decision to be on your phone/computer/tablet instead of spending quality time with your loved ones.  GREAT JOB. 

While this Be Thankful Canvas ($58, Bourbon & Boots) isn't my style (it's in the vein of LIVE LAUGH LOVE, don't you think?), it reminds me of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions was when my little brother would make us all go around the table and say what we're thankful for, and we'd get to my grandfather and he'd say, "NOTHING."

Memories are something, aren't they?


[GIFTED] Escape the Ordinary Dopp Kit

In your dream life, you are vacationing very, very often.  You're going to exotic places that are mentioned in rap songs.  You're hanging out on a yacht while sipping champagne. 

In your dream life, you are CERTAINLY not blowing all of your money and vacation time attending 27 weddings in places like Old Lyme, Connecticut and Cold Spring, New York. 

This Escape the Ordinary Dopp Kit ($60, Kate Spade) will remind you—wherever you are—that you SHOULD be somewhere fabulous, not traveling BY YOURSELF to Washington, DC for work trips. 


[GIFTED] Whale Wood Tongs

Have you ever been prepping for a dinner party, thinking, "You know what would really make this whole thing be REALLY great?  If my cooking utensils were more nautical."  Well, never fear.  You can toss a salad (in the LITERAL, non-sexual sense) with these Whale Wood Tongs ($50, Horne).  Maybe a watercress salad.  WATERcress, get it?


[GIFTED] Vampire Killer Kit

Halloween is a holiday that's dedicated to sugar (as evidenced by previous sacchrine gift suggestions), but for you savor-toothed-tigers out there who prefer salty to sweet, there's nothing more appropriate than this Vampire Killer Kit ($65, Mouth).  A gift box filled with garlicky products like garlic dill pickles, garlic salsa, garlic and basil crackers, and more, any recipient of this box will be stopping vampires dead in their tracks with one breath. 

They will also not be going home with any sexy firefighters, nurses, or police officers after the Halloween party, but that's besides the point.


[GIFTED] Badge Rings

Let's explore the idea of a "badge of honor."  I'm sure the phrase goes back to the early days of the military, where guys got award "badges of honor" for doing something heroic, like shooting down an enemy fighter plane or torching a village of innocent civilians.  NOWADAYS, if you make it through anything remotely challenging, whatever you get out of it is considered your badge of honor.  For example, if you make it through a particularly CRAZY night of drinking, the mystery bruises you wake up with are considered your badge of honor.  What a HERO you are.

But look at these rings.  Whether you think they'e collegiate, old-timey, or Hunger Games-y, these Badge Rings ($59, With Care Goods) are pretty badass, and will help you continue your delusions that you've done anything worthy of claiming an honest-to-God badge of honor.