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[GIFTED] ECreamery Personalized Ice Cream Pints

When someone is sick (or recovering), you send flowers.  That's acceptable and nice.  A perfectly good gesture.  But think about it: what the hell is a sick person going to do with flowers? 

"Stare at them from their sick bed and think of me fondly!," you hope, but mainly, they're going to put them somewhere and never look at them or think about them again.  So why not get them something that will actually aid their recovery, like massive amounts of junk food?

The Get Well Soon Collection ($50, ECreamery) provides the convalescent with 4 pints of (fully customizable) ice cream that are delivered to their door overnight on dry ice.  ECreamery also allows you to personalize ice creams for non-sick people (imagine ice cream emblazoned with "Mom's Anti-Aging Cream").

Hey, the only two times you can eat a bunch of crap and not feel bad about it is when you're sick or when you're pregnant.  The recipient will be happy to indulge.  Trust me. 


[GIFTED] Triumph & Disaster On the Road Grooming Kit 

There's a guy you know that is constantly on the road, and constant travel can be absolutely brutal on someone—physically and mentally.  He sees the inside of a hotel room more than he sees the inside of his apartment.  He sees that one Delta flight attendant more than he sees his dog.  Help make his days on the road a little easier with this Triumph & Disaster On the Road Grooming Kit ($55, Room 2046), which includes travel-ready tubes of cleansers, soaps, and moisturizers.  They can be applied in a hotel room bathroom, an airport bathroom, an airplane bathroom, or, you know, in the mirror at home (yeahhhhh right). 


[GIFTED] Kitchen Knives Cutting Board

There are a million knives that you can use in the kitchen.  A paring knife, a carving knife, the straight-up old reliable Chef's knife.  But when you get into the more specialty knives, you get a bit confused.  Do you really need a meat cleaver?  What the fuck is a mezzaluna?  Most home chefs will tell you that you only need a few knives, and the rest of the specialty knives are purchased by either professional chefs or douchebags who spend a ton of money on kitchen acoutrements that they never, ever use. 

This Kitchen Knives Cutting Board ($60, Pop Chart Lab) pays tribute to all of the knives there are out there, so they have presence in your kitchen without you having to buy them all.  Look at how smart you are.


[GIFTED] Custom Portrait Stamp

When you're getting married, you send out an INCREDIBLE amount of mail.  Brides are probably the only people that are even keeping the US Postal System in business anymore.  When was the last thing you got anything in the mail besides a Save the Date or wedding invitation?  Exactly.

So, since you'll be sending literally the most mail of your LIFE, pondering why stamps cost SO MUCH, and hand addressing envelopes until your hands bleed, and the like, you might as well have some fun with it.

And what's more fun than getting a Custom Portrait Stamp ($100, Stamp Yo Face!) made out of your FACE?  Send a picture of you and your fiance to Stamp Yo Face! and they'll get cracking, making you a custom portrait that you can stamp alllllllll over your various wedding shit.  


[GIFTED] EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask

Snorkeling: the scared person's way to experience the ocean.  Okay, okay, the REALLY scared person's way to experience the ocean is via a glass-bottomed boat, but seriously.  Snorkeling (as compared to scuba diving) is pretty lame.  But for whatever reason, some people LOVE snorkeling.  My guess is because it allows you check out what's under the sea without having to get certified or have to use an oxygen tank. 

Thus far, though, snorkeling gear has been pretty lackluster.  You affix this ridiculous apparatus to your face, jump in the ocean, and try not do drown as water inevitably gets into the snorkel's air hole. That's why the snorkeling afficionado's life will be CHANGED by this EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask ($60, Decathlon) that has a seal to keep water from entering.  It's space-agey shit, no doubt, and it comes in a variety of colors, making this avid snorkeler the coolest guy on the boat.