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[GIFTED] BirdieBox 

Your dad loves golf.  He keeps a standing tee time at the local country club.  He was subscriber #1 for Golf Digest.  He zones out for hours in front of golf on TV (which is equivalent to watching paint dry as far as you're concerned).  That's why you'll be the child of the year if you get him a subscription to BirdieBox for Father's Day.

Your dad will tell you he doesn't want anything for Father's Day because he thinks gifts are ridiculous.  "Take the money you would spend on me and put it in a savings account, or better yet—an IRA." He's LYING.  And you'll find out how much he's lying when your mother calls to tell you how GIDDY he gets when he opens up his BirdieBox each month. 

Available in one month ($45), three month ($133), six month ($260), and one year ($500) subscription packages, the BirdieBox comes filled with $100 dollars worth of merch each month—socks, shirts, cigars, snacks, sunglasses, visors, golf balls, special tees; everything your golf-obsessed dad is sure to love.    


[GIFTED] Room Service Print

You graduated from college and you officially moved away from home forever (hopefully).  But, in true form to the selfish asshole you are, you expect your parents to keep your former bedroom as a shrine to you. 

You come home two times a year, but when you DO return home, you expect to return to a room full of wicker furniture and pop punk band posters.  You want to sleep in the bed that you slept in for the majority of your life, and you want to go through a trunk full of embarassing stuff from your teen years for 20 minutes before you get too embarassed and stop.  

Unfortunately for you, your parents aren't willing to give up prime real estate in their home just to ensure your happiness during your increasingly infrequent visits.  That's right—your room is now a second family room.  You have never heard of something so frivolous in your life.  A SECOND LIVING ROOM?  What are you, the Vanderbilts? 

It's too late.  The damage is done.  Your posters are gone.  Your bed is gone.  When you visit, you have the pull-out couch to look forward to.  You complain incessantly about this, of course, but you have to gain perspective here.  Let your parents know that you've realized that you are now a guest in their home with this Room Service Print ($56, Artsy Modern).  Think about it: when you visit, you stay for free and you eat and drink for free, too.  If you wanted four-star accommodations (aka: a REAL BED), you'd stay at a hotel (except you really couldn't, because your hometown doesn't have any hotelsl, but that's BESIDES THE POINT). 


[GIFTED] Mom Said So Pendant

Literally the most infuriating thing you could hear as a child from your mother is "because I said so."  It told you all you needed to know about the power balance between the two of you.  She gave you life, she is your boss.

The frustration dissipates, of course, when you become a financially-independent adult and "because I said so" from mom doesn't hold so much weight anymore.  Take THAT, mom.  I can eat only macaroni and cheese for a week and spend all of my savings on expensive beer and brightly-colored sneakers because I'm 28 and you can't CONTROL ME anymore.

And then, when you have children of your own and you pull out the "because I said so" line, you know you've come full circle.  This Mom Said So Pendant ($58, Kate Spade) is the perfect Mother's Day gift for any mom, because EVERY mom has used that line. 


[GIFTED] Personalized Mix Tape Pillow 

There are many things that couples bond over: a love of fine wine, a love of the great outdoors, a love of John Hughes movies, a love of not being alone forever; but all of these things pale in comparison to the couple who bonded over a love of music. 

Yes, the guy who spent all of his rent money on concert tickets and the girl who wore a "MUSIC IS MY BOYFRIEND" t-shirt finally found each other, probably in the beer line at Bonnaroo.  In the early days of their relationship, they burned their favorite music for each other and spent hours debating the listenability of bands you've never heard of.  Entire vacations are planned around going to music festivals. You're just glad your friend found this guy because that means she finally stopped dragging you to concerts you literally had zero interest in going to. 

A worthy gift for this music-obsessed couple, of course, is this Personalized Mix Tape Pillow ($58, Uncommon Goods), which showcases the preimminent object of every lovelorn music geek—the casette tape—with their names written on it. 


[GIFTED] Personalized Rolling Pin

If you ever bake cookies, they're usually the Toll House kind, and it's usually because something happened and you need to eat your feelings immediately.  There's no need to decorate them all fancy-like, the whole batch is going directly into your face, probably before they're even officially done because you can't wait 9 goddamned minutes for them to cook.

But not for your friend.  No, she is a cookie-making machine.  She couldn't cook dinner to save her life, but when it comes to baked goods, she's basically a Keebler Elf.  Her cookies are always so intricately designed that you actually hesistate before you eat them.  This, of course, is a big deal for you, the human version of Cookie Monster.

Give your cookie-bakin' friend the best gift you could—this Personalized Rolling Pin ($57, Valek Rolling Pins) that will help her produce cookies that are actually stamped with her name.  How awesome is that?