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[GIFTED] Cat Portrait Pendant

So you have a friend who's obsessed with her cat.  As a cat owner, her big complaint is that she can't bring her cat anywhere.  She's right, in this regard.  Dog owners can drag their dogs anywhere: to the store, to the bar, to brunch, on a beach vacation (dogs LOVE beach vacations). 

Cats, on the other hand, don't travel well.  Show me a person who tries to put their cat on a leash and I'll show you a person with clawed up hands.  That's why your cat obsessed friend will shriek with joy when you get her this Cat Portrait Pendant ($50, Jasmin Blanc Boutique).  Send in some photos of your friend's cat and the artist will create an uncanny portrait of the cat on a porcelain pendant.  Now your friend WILL be able to take her cat everywhere she goes from now on.  Take that, dog people. 


[GIFTED] Homemade Gin Kit

With the artisanal movement, everyone is becoming obsessed with homemade things.  Hey, this scarf I'm wearing might look like someone strangled a muppet and threw it around my neck, but it's HOMEMADE.  This peanut-butter-flavored mayonnaise tastes like garbage, but it was homemade by a bunch of elves who operate out of a Brooklyn storefront that looks like a bomb shelter. 

BUT, even though some aspects of the artisanal movement are a bit overwrought and ridiculous, there are a lot of good things that are homemade.  One of them, of course, is homemade booze.  You can harken back to the "fun times" of the Prohibition Era by getting one of these Homemade Gin Kits ($50) that provide you with everything you need to transform a regular old bottle of vodka into an ARTISANAL bottle of gin. 

Think about how much respect you'll get when you show up to a party with a bottle of gin that you made with your own bare hands.  What a hero you'll be.  


[GIFTED] Dust & Grooves

Your mother has complained about your father's extensive record collection for years, but he continues to cling to it (and add to it).  He's got records from James Taylor, Jim Croce, Jimmy Hendrix, and the like—basically a bunch of mustachioed dudes who played the songs that defined your childhood because they defined your father's teenage years.   

That's why your dad will love Dust and Grooves ($66), a 416-page coffee table book showcasing 100+ vinyl collectors and their extensive collections. It'll show him that he's not alone in his obsession.


[GIFTED] BirdieBox 

Your dad loves golf.  He keeps a standing tee time at the local country club.  He was subscriber #1 for Golf Digest.  He zones out for hours in front of golf on TV (which is equivalent to watching paint dry as far as you're concerned).  That's why you'll be the child of the year if you get him a subscription to BirdieBox for Father's Day.

Your dad will tell you he doesn't want anything for Father's Day because he thinks gifts are ridiculous.  "Take the money you would spend on me and put it in a savings account, or better yet—an IRA." He's LYING.  And you'll find out how much he's lying when your mother calls to tell you how GIDDY he gets when he opens up his BirdieBox each month. 

Available in one month ($45), three month ($133), six month ($260), and one year ($500) subscription packages, the BirdieBox comes filled with $100 dollars worth of merch each month—socks, shirts, cigars, snacks, sunglasses, visors, golf balls, special tees; everything your golf-obsessed dad is sure to love.    


[GIFTED] Room Service Print

You graduated from college and you officially moved away from home forever (hopefully).  But, in true form to the selfish asshole you are, you expect your parents to keep your former bedroom as a shrine to you. 

You come home two times a year, but when you DO return home, you expect to return to a room full of wicker furniture and pop punk band posters.  You want to sleep in the bed that you slept in for the majority of your life, and you want to go through a trunk full of embarassing stuff from your teen years for 20 minutes before you get too embarassed and stop.  

Unfortunately for you, your parents aren't willing to give up prime real estate in their home just to ensure your happiness during your increasingly infrequent visits.  That's right—your room is now a second family room.  You have never heard of something so frivolous in your life.  A SECOND LIVING ROOM?  What are you, the Vanderbilts? 

It's too late.  The damage is done.  Your posters are gone.  Your bed is gone.  When you visit, you have the pull-out couch to look forward to.  You complain incessantly about this, of course, but you have to gain perspective here.  Let your parents know that you've realized that you are now a guest in their home with this Room Service Print ($56, Artsy Modern).  Think about it: when you visit, you stay for free and you eat and drink for free, too.  If you wanted four-star accommodations (aka: a REAL BED), you'd stay at a hotel (except you really couldn't, because your hometown doesn't have any hotelsl, but that's BESIDES THE POINT).