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[GIFTED] Kids Sushi Set 

Your friend has a precocious kid.  She is four years old, but she's familiar with quinoa.  She'll only eat a cheeseburger if it's made with grass-fed beef.  Her favorite pizza is covered with shitake mushrooms.  Basically—this kid knows more about food than you do.  She ate sushi for the first time when she was two, you had it for the first time at twenty-two, when you moved to the city and reveled in being "authentic."

Help her become the next Chef Morimoto by getting her this Kids Sushi Set ($20, Bobbi Dazzler), complete with everything she needs to play sushi chef.  She'll be moving on from California Rolls to Dragon Rolls in no time.   


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Best Candy for Your Easter Basket

Just like Santa Claus does every December, the Easter Bunny is hip-hopping into town, making religious holidays a little more fun. Easter is a very sacred holiday for a lot of religions, but the Easter Bunny provides a furry distraction to all of this, filling everyone’s baskets with chocolate and various other sugary treats that will rot your teeth AND brain, according to your one aunt who is never any fun at any holiday gathering.

It seems like only a few years ago you were the one sleepily marching around your house following a series of clues left by the “Easter Bunny” (aka: your exhausted mother) that would lead you to your chocolatey basket bounty.

But now it’s your turn to act as the Easter Bunny for your kids or your nieces and nephews or your newly-acquired girlfriend who LOVES Easter for some reason, so you’re now in the position where you have to care about Easter and Easter candy. You never thought this day would come. It has. Embrace it by filling your loved ones’ Easter baskets with the very best candy you can get your hands on (hint: it’s not available on the dollar rack at your local drugstore). 

Read it here.


[GIFTED] Cast Iron Bottle Openers

Most beer bottles are screwtops nowadays. You're grateful for this when you're doing some illegal drinking in a park or on a beach, but when you're home and enjoying a beer after a long, tedious day, there's something extremely satisfying about using a nice, heavy bottle opener to crack it open.  It makes you feel like you've earned it (you have).  Pick up one of these beautifully-designed Cast Iron Bottle Openers ($28 each, Omoi Zakka) and get to crackin'.  



It takes a certain kind of personality to be a biker.  No, I’m not talking about the Hell’s Angels kind of biker, but a bicyclist.  The type of person that loves fresh air and exercise and is okay with arriving to work super sweaty and tempting an early death by weaving in and out of city traffic during rush hour every day.  The type of person who loves the environment so much he wants to protect it by not using up its resources by driving a car.  The type of person who doesn’t mind lugging a bike on the subway after he goes for impromptu drinks.

So, for that person, we’ve rounded up the very best gifts for bike enthusiasts. Ride on/read on.    


[GIFTED] Hot Air Balloon Necklace

Up up and awayyyyyyyyyyy in my beautiful, my beautiful BALLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.  Remember that song?  You probably do if you're old or if you're on the autism spectrum when it comes to multimedia like I am. Basically, "Up, Up, and Away" was a Lawrence Welk-y song from the late 1960s by a group called The 5th Dimension. On the surface, it's about taking a ride in a hot air balloon, but since it's from the 60s, I think we all can assume that it's about getting super high, just like "Puff the Magic Dragon" was (RIP, our childhoods). 

Pay homage to this song (or to getting high) by wearing this whimsical Hot Air Balloon Necklace ($75, Virginie Millefiori). No one will be the wiser.