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[GIFTED] Heels Higher Than Your Standards Tank Top

Are you surrounded by idiots who constantly settle in life?  Whether they're settling for a shitty job, shitty boyfriend, shitty bars, shitty food—their standards are decidedly l-o-w.  Let them know that you're onto their subpar lifestyle by wearing this Heels Higher Than Your Standards Tank Top ($39, Fifty5 Clothing).  It would make great attire for a family reunion, high school reunion, get together with slobby college friends, and the like.


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] iPhone Cases for TV Obsessives

You’re already a staunch member of the fandom, whether you're in love with Leslie Knope's optimism, in love with Sophia Petrillo's zingers, or just plain in love with Don Draper (find another crush—Donny's looking pathetic these days). But if you want to take your obsession to the next level, show it on the one item you have with you at all time — your phone.  So, I rounded up 18 iPhone cases for TV obsessives to help you choose.  Check it out on Beamly.



The whole reason this site exists is because gift giving is HARD.  You have the intention of getting your loved one something truly special and enjoyable, but you can never seem to make the right connection.  This is why gift cards exist.  But we all know that gift cards are the lazy person's way out. 

Somewhere in between spending a ton of time scouting out a perfect gift on your own and just giving up and getting the gift card is where LUDI GiftBox comes in.  "LUDI" quite literally stands for "let us do it," which is basically music to your ears, right?  It's like having a personal shopper but without having to pay for it and act like a fancy person.

So, how does it work?  You tell the folks at LUDI the occasion for the gift is, select a budget (custom giftboxes start at $50), tell them about the gift recipient (the more specific you are, the more on-the-money they can be with their gift selections), and they select the products and send the gift box out for you. 

The photo above shows a custom wedding giftbox made for a couple described as "active, outdoorsy and beer-loving." The box contained a wooden six-pack caddy, a yellow picnic blanket and two beer glasses on a budget of $65.

If you don't want to get so custom, LUDI also has ready-made gift boxes for purchase, starting at $30.    


[GIFTED] Gold Champagne Marshmallows

So you're planning a bridal shower for your sister.  This is stressful, not only because you it's your sister's BRIDAL SHOWER and you want it to be everything she always imagined it would be, but also because EVERYONE seems to have an opinion.  Your mom, your aunt, your grandma, your sister's friends, and even your sister, who asks you questions about minute details even though she keeps saying over and over again that she "doesn't want to be involved in the planning."   

OKAY.  Breathe.  There are a lot of elements you need to consider when planning a Bridal Shower, but paramount is the food and drinks.  Women pretend to act all dainty, but the truth is, all they care about is exactly how many truffles they'll be able to shove in their mouths and exactly much fizzy wine they'll be able to pour down their throats at this thing.  Just remember: SNACKS AND BOOZE.  BOOZE AND SNACKS.  

You'll be the hero of all Bridal Showerdom if you serve these Gold Champagne Marshmallows ($24, Wondermade), mainly because they are champagne-flavored marshmallows DIPPED IN EDIBLE GOLD.  Come on, now.  You're a champion.  


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] 14 Statement Socks for Fall

Look mom, I wrote about socks.  Listen up: if you (or your boyfriend) even have your PINKY on the pulse, you know that statement socks are BIG nowadays, which means you’ve probably got a drawer full of striped statement socks.  This Fall, though, it’s time to get a little more brave with your sock game.  So, I put together a round-up on Made Man of 14 non-striped socks that will surely make a statement this Fall.  Read it here.