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[GIFTED] I Love Etsy Pin

Everyone makes something nowadays, as evidenced by your cousin who is a lawyer but makes beaded bracelets at night or your friend who plays in a rock band but also makes artisanal soap in his bathroom. And we, as a society, love it.  We eat that shit up.  We're suckers for anything billed as "handcrafted" or "artisanal" or "small batch."  Small batch bracelets?  Okay, I guess we'll go with it.  

So for your friends who hawk their wares on Etsy, or for the people who just like to buy handcrafted crap online, give them this I Love Etsy ($17, Madama Robe) so they can advertise that they spend all their money on hand-etched stemware and the like.     


[GIFTED] Claire Underwood is My Spirit Animal T-Shirt

OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD.  It's here, it's here, it's here.  House of Cards—everyone's favorite show about America's favorite sociopaths, Frank and Claire Underwood—is BACK and available for streaming as of TODAY.  

Now, Claire Underwood has always been 50% sex goddess with a short haircut and 50% reptilian monster with black dead eyes, but as we saw in the Season 3 trailer, Claire might be the undoing of the whole crazy scheme that won Francis the presidency.  She says, "We're murderers, Francis."  He counters, "WE'RE SURVIVORS."

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. BINGE WATCHING HERE WE COME.  Wear this Claire Underwood is My Spirit Animal T-Shirt ($25, Skreened) while you're watching (aka: wear it for the next 48 hours). 


[GIFTED] Two Weirdos Card

Because we've now entered a society that is built on technology, we've developed a culture that exalts and reveres nerds.  At least adult nerds, that is.  Nerds are cool, weird is in, LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY.  Yeah, let it fly... to a point.  Even though geek culture is considered normal, you still have a friend that has always been just a little too weird.  

Maybe he just doesn't know when to stop talking about Star Wars in social situations.  Maybe he loves pickles too much.  Maybe he goes on OKCupid dates and spends too much time watching the football game on the TV on the wall behind the girl he's certain never to see again.  Maybe he wears a windbreaker as his regular jacket.  All of these small reasons add up to why you were certain that he would be single forever. Or, at least single until he meets a divorcee who has lowered her standards enough to tolerate him and his pickles and windbreakers.     

Surprise!  He found someone just as weird as he is.  She likes pickles, too.  She LOVES his windbreaker. They're getting married.  Goddddd bless 'em.  Attend their Star Wars-themed wedding and give them this Two Weirdos Card ($5, Wit & Whistle).  They found love in a hopeless place.


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] 15 Items to Perk Up Your Office

We’re almost done with February.  By now, all of the positive thinking you promised yourself that you were going to apply to your work life when you rang in the new year has likely dissipated.  Your desk is a mess.  Your “positive attitude” towards your boss or your co-workers either never materialized at all or has waned like a sunset.  This is no way to live.  You need to take things into your own hands before you have yet another emotional breakdown when someone asks you to do “just one thing, real quick” at 4pm on a Friday.

Start slowly, by perking up your office/cubicle/stupid open office desk space that has proven to be the opposite of contributing to a more efficient work environment.  Inspirational prints and colorful accessories won’t make you completely happy, but it’s better than nothing, right?   Certainly better than the raise you didn’t get this year, amiright?   

Read it here


[GIFTED] DIY Screen Printing Kit 

You've got an artsy friend.  She's a fountain of funny phrases.  She's pretty good at designing things.  She'd love to make t-shirts, but aside from paying a premium and navigating ridiculous sites that favor Comic Sans like Cafe Press and Zazzle, she's only got one option: and that's to go old school and do some iron-on work.

The problem with iron-ons?  They rarely work, and when they DO work, they're still scratchy as hell and can't be washed.  Sure, you can wear it once for a bachelorette party or something stupid, but what if you actually want to make something that can have some longevity?

Enter the DIY Screen Printing Kit ($200, DIY Print Shop), which is the best gift your artsy friend will ever receive.  It's a full-on printing press that comes with everything needed to silk screen awesome t-shirts. Custom-printed t-shirt from your friend expressing her love for you?  COMIN' YOUR WAY.  NO DOUBT.