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[GIFTED] Make More Pie Plate 

When you're hosting Thanksgiving—and I mean Thanksgiving, not Friendsgiving, where everyone is loosey-goosey with what's going to be served (Guacamole? Sure! Chicken instead of turkey? Great, who cares, let's get drunk and play Cards Against Humanity!)—things are INTENSE.  

You're dealing with your parents and your in-laws and assorted elderly relatives who have been eating X casserole for 40 years and even though it tastes and looks like slop you have to make it because they will throw a FIT if you don't.

So, you spend the whole time leading up to the big day worrying about whether or not you're going to have all of the things everyone wants and also whether you're going to have enough of it.  This, of course, is ridiculous. Has anyone ever run out of food on Thanksgiving?  It's a ludicrous fear.  There's always so much extra that it feels like a burden.  But we fear it anyway.

This Make More Pie Plate ($22, Bourbon & Boots) plays right into those fears.  An empty plate with a very direct demand/threat, with a gun included for extra emphasis.  Buy two pies this year.  No, three.  Hell, just get four.  You don't want to run out.


[GIFTED] Pumpkin Pie Marshmallows

Pumpkin Spice errrrything has reached a fever-pitch in the great US of A, and anyone who likes Pumpkin Spice is now being lumped into the white-skin-having, Taylor Swift-listening, scarf-wearing girl trope.  But let's remember why Pumpkin Spice became popular in the first place: because it's effing good.  

Go on, girl, don't be ashamed.  Drink your Pumpkin Spice lattes, order Pumpkin cheesecake—it's YOUR LIFE and Fall is a short season.  You know what comes after Fall?  The vast, depressing nothingness that is Winter. We're all about to be as cold and upset as the townspeople in Frozen and yet society is trying to loosen our grip on the last thing we can enjoy before the dead months of January and February.  Fuck off, everyone.  Pumpkin Spice forever. 

And, since we're all letting our Pumpkin Spice freak flags fly, pick up a box of Wondermade's Pumpkin Pie Marshmallows ($9, Mouth) and either bring them to Thanksgiving dinner or eat them all in your car on the way there.  No shame in your game. 


[GIFTED] Hudson Whiskey

Whiskey is very important to have around your Thanksgiving table (or any holiday table, for that matter) because everyone needs something strong to stress-drink.  Why?  Because the holidays are inherently stressful and everyone's thrown together with people they may or may not like.  What do you do when your Uncle Bob starts talking how he's totally loves gay people, he just doesn't think they should be able to get married?  Take a swig.  What do you do when your mother looks in your general direction and says, "Well, I'd just like to have grandchildren at one point."  Take a swig.  It helps.    

Lucky for you, Hudson Whiskey—which was established in 2001 and is the first whiskey distillery in New York State since Prohibition—comes in several flavors, so you can taste all of the flavors of holiday despair in one sitting.  Brilliant.  Now, let's talk about what Thanksgiving dinner must have been like during the Prohibition.  WOOF.


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Best Serveware for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that's completely centered around a meal, and no one's showing up with any gifts to distract everyone, so if you're hosting, you better have some fun serveware.  It doesn't have to be Grandma's precious china to be fun and festive, whether you're assembling a cheese tray or serving up a slice of pumpkin pie. 

Check out our favorites here.


[GIFTED] Thelermont Hupton Lap Mug

There are two kinds of people in the world:

1. People who can't sit still. 

2. People who are champion loungers. 

For the people in your life who fall into category #2, you know that they excel at laying around to the point of risking bed sores.  Spending an entire Sunday not leaving the house—not showering, not getting dressed, not doing anything productive—is their idea of pure, unadultered bliss.  These are the type of people Snuggies were made for.  These are the type of people that those couches with the built-in cupholders and power outlets were made for.  Also made for these people: the Thelermont Hupton Lap Mug ($16, Room 2041), which have pointed bottoms perfect for nestling in between lounging legs.  For more active loungers, they're perfect for sticking into sand on the beach.  No word on how they'd fare on a tabletop, but who needs a table when you've got a couch and a thigh crevasse?