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[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Celebrity Faves: Alex Guarnaschelli

You’re always watching commercials and seeing celebrities talk about how they love a particular brand of orange juice or TOTALLY use that down-market at-home hair dye, but you never know what they actually use. Does Kyra Sedgwick really love Tropicana? Does Tina Fey actually use Garnier hair dye? With Celebrity Faves, we’ll find out the products our favorite celebrities can’t live without, and then tell you where you can buy them for yourself. You’re welcome.  

Alex Guarnaschelli is a powerhouse chef who you’ve surely seen all over the place—from judging on the Food Network’s Chopped, to hosting her own cooking show Alex’s Day Off, penning her own cookbook, and running her chic Manhattan restaurant, Butter, she’s a busy woman.  Check out some of her favorite products here


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Best Briefcases for Work

They always say, “You should dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” and while that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to strut into your relaxed, business-casual office in a three-piece suit every day, it does mean that you should gradually up your style game as you advance in your career.

And believe it or not, it starts with the accessories—a nice tie, a good watch, and yes, a killer briefcase. If you think people don’t notice the crappy bag you’ve been hauling to work, you’re wrong. People notice and judge accordingly. It’s time to invest in a nice bag.

You can get a starter briefcase for under $300 or, if you just got a big promotion, you can treat yourself to a briefcase that costs right around what you pay for a month’s rent. The less expensive one will get you on the right path to at-work stylishness, and the uber-expensive one will be with you for years to come. Check out 25 of our favorites on HiConsumption.


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] 10 Best Exotic Condiments

If the condiments hanging out in your fridge’s door are completely pedestrian (mustard, ketchup, and mayo?  Yawn), it’s time to inject some international flavor into your kitchen.  “But I have Sriracha!” you say.  Yes—we can all agree that Sriracha is delicious, but it’s become so popular that it’s quickly becoming as ubiquitous in home kitchens and on restaurant tables as Heinz ketchup.  So, we’ve compiled a list of 10 exotic condiments worthy of space in your refrigerator door.  Eat up.


[GIFTED] Make Your Own Panties Set 

If you've been to more than one bachelorette party, you've been blown away (no pun intended) by the sheer amount of penis-shaped things that are made for the growing cottage industry of bachelorette parties.  Penis straws, penis cookies and cakes, penis hats, penis necklaces, penis glasses, the phallic list goes on and on and on.  

The dick thing has gotten so overwhelming that now there's a contingent of women that explicitly threaten their loved ones with death if there's so much as one penis-shaped straw in attendance at her bachelorette party. Some will say, "Oh, you're no fun!  What's a bachelorette party without dick stuff?"  Some people firmly believe that you don't know your best friend until you observe her wearing a necklace made out of tiny penises in public.  Those people need to TALK TO SOMEBODY.  

Listen—if a bride-to-be doesn't want to spend a whole weekend festooned with penis-shaped acoutrements, give into her wishes.  You'll get better service everywhere you go, because yelly bachelorette parties that roll up to a bar 20 people deep with various dick-shaped products all over themselves are the stuff service industry veterans have war flashbacks about.

Ditch the dicks and buy up a bunch of these Make Your Own Panties Sets ($20, Uncommon Goods). They're still semi-risque (UNDERWEAR OOH LA LA), but they're adult in a way that a giant inflatable dick with a face on it isn't.  The perfect bachelorette party activity—you've found it.   


[GIFTED] How to Age

There are some people who age gracefully.  They embrace getting older in a dignified way, so dignified that you don't really notice until you're invited to their 60th birthday and you're like, HOLY SHIT, HE IS OLD. These people are the best case scenarios.  These are the Diane Keatons and Robert Redfords of aging.  

And, on the other side of the coin, there are people who age horribly.  As my father would say, "time has not been their friend." But we're not just talking looks—which is where age tends to show up first—we're also talking about behavior.  

You can pick the person who's terrifed of growing older out of the crowd quickly.  It's the woman dressing like a 20-year-old and embarassing her adult children.  It's the ridiculous old man tooling around in a new convertible with his ludicrously young girlfriend.  These are the Kris Jenners and Donald Trumps of aging.

And for those people, we have this How to Age Book ($12, The School of Life).  The perfect retirement gift, 60th birthday gift, or maybe we should just all send a copy to Donald Trump. Each and every one of us.