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[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Spooky Skull-n-Bone Round-Up

BONE CHILLING.  SPINE TINGLING.  Skeletons are trotted out every Halloween because they’re scary.  What’s scarier than a human skeleton?  A jack-o-lantern?  A creepy raven?  A misunderstood witch (thanks, Wicked)?  Get outta here.  Nothing scarier than a skull, you guys.

But, of course, that doesn’t stop people from making assorted housewares featuring the creeps.  So, we’ve rounded up the 12 skull-n-bone products that you can put work into your daily life and creep everyone out with.  Keep ‘em around even after Halloween is over.  It’ll make people think you’re edgy and weird.  And nowadays, edgy and weird is cool, right?  Right.

Read it here.


[GIFTED] Zombie Hand Ice Mold

SIGNATURE COCKTAILS.  If you're the type of precious woman who throws parties with specially-designed signature cocktails, let me tell you this: we're ALL onto you.  By serving signature cocktails, you're forcing your party guests to drink what you want them to drink, rather than presenting them with a fully-stocked bar and telling them to go nuts.  This is fine, of course.  It saves you money and it's your perogative as the host to offer up whatever the hell you want—whether it's precious signature cocktails, a full bar with all of the acoutrements, or a couple cases of warm Bud Light (my personal favorite).         

If you ARE serving signature cocktails at this weekend's Halloween party and want to get extra fancy about it, pick up a few of these Zombie Hand Ice Molds ($13, Convenient Gadgets & Gifts), which are creepy and functional at the same time.  Perfect for a Halloween party hostess on a mission.


[GIFTED] Vamp Ring

Considering the fact that you usually spend about $4 on your half-assed Halloween costume (example: that time you wore a green shirt and put tin foil on your head and said you were an "alien"), we're not thinking you'll be in the market for this fabulous, expensive Vamp Ring ($325, Michele Varian) as an accessory for this year's costume.  HOWEVER, if you're one of those creepy women ala Angelina Jolie in the 90s who thinks nothing of wearing vials of blood around your neck, you might think this ring is TO DIE FOR.  See what I did there?  Good luck out there, weirdo.


[GIFTED] Zombie Head Cookie Jar

When you're hungry, you probably mutter "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIES" (audibly or inaudibly) in some kind of Homer Simpson-esque tone.  Zombies, of course, crave brains (or "BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS") in the same way we humans crave cookies and other sugar-packed snack foods.  Now you can have the best of both worlds with this Zombie Head Cookie Jar ($25, Think Geek).


[GIFTED] Halloween Bone Cocktail Picks

If you're hosting a Halloween party this weekend (or if you're just a goddamned creep who hosts dinner parties that seeks to put guests on edge), serve your appetizers with these Halloween Bone Cocktail Picks ($11, Williams-Sonoma).  Your guests can grab a cube of cheddar cheese with tiny bones.  Spoooooky.