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Best Football Serveware & Gear for Game Day

Football season is upon us, and while tailgating is super fun, it’s not likely that you’re going to be spending every Sunday at a stadium, watching the game in person.  More often than not, you’ll be sitting in front of the TV in your living room, wearing sweats and eating from a big pot of chili.  Hey, both are fun, right?

But there IS middle ground if you’re willing to put in a little effort.  That’s right, you can host a game day party in your own home, giving yourself an excuse to eat way too many chips and way too much cheese, as well as drink way too many beers.  A good host has to indulge along with her guests, right?  Right.

So, we rounded up some of the best football-themed gear to get you and your guests in the mood for game day.  Whether it’s cheesy (but cute!) football-shaped platters, glasses, and ice cubes, or a bottle opener made out of honest-to-goodness goal posts from the Rose Bowl (which your husband will delight in telling every single guest about over and over until the end of time), you’ll be ready to serve with style the next time your team is playing.  Go sports!  Read it on Parade


FishHunter PRO 

Back in the day, people went fishing because they needed food to live.  Somewhere along the line, though, fishing became less of a necessity for survival and more of a hobby for guys who wanted an excuse to sit on a boat with their friends all day, drinking beer and maybe reeling in a fish every now and then.  The great irony is that "going fishing" was never really about catching fish.  It was about relaxing.  Time well wasted and all of that shit.

But hayyyyy everyone—make way for the millennials who don't understand why you would do something if there's no actual pay off in the end.  Why sit on a boat all day with a line in the water, soaking in the sun and catching up with old buddies only to catch one fish when you can bring in a whole HAUL of fish and Instagram the shit out of it?  The FishHunter PRO ($137, Amazon) will help you do exactly that.  

Cast it into the water when you're fishing, pair it with the device's companion App on your phone, and get real-time sonar read-outs that will tell you exactly where dem fish at.  Bring it fishing with your father and watch him scoff at your "stupid technology" and then see the smile fade from his face when he realizes that you've caught more fish than he ever has.  TAKE THAT, DAD.     


Animal Swim Caps 

Swimming lessons can be hard for a kid with an aversion to water, and if you're NOT the kind of parent who's technique is to just throw your kid into the pool and let them figure it out themselves, you're probably looking for a way to make the experience more fun and less scary.  With these fun Animal Swim Caps ($10 each, Finis), your kid will be the talk of her local Howard Johnson's swim class, and maybe give her some incentive to get into the pool. Godspeed.    


Best Cocktail Mixers for At-Home Mixology 

Labor Day has officially come and gone, and while there are people who are sad to see the summer go (kids, teachers, and students, mostly), there are Fall devotees who are absolutely PUMPED for a little chill in the air.  The beginning of the Fall season means that you can eat and drink pumpkin-flavored everything, change up your wardrobe (Sweaters! Boots! Scarves!), and—perhaps most importantly—you can ditch your oppressive summer schedule in favor of clearing your calendar and becoming a hermit. 


The Fall (and Winter) season is perfect for those of us who lean towards being anti-social.  Why? Because in the Fall, you're no longer bullied by work colleagues into going for happy hour drinks on a sweaty rooftop.  In the Fall, you're not expected to drag yourself out to someone's beach house only to sleep on an air mattress and spend three hours in traffic on your way home.  


And while you're using the excuse of the season to barricade yourself at home, it'd be fun to pick up a new skill—namely, at-home mixology.  Fall lends itself fabulously to brown liquors, and maybe now's the time to actually figure out how to drink them, rather than just in a glass with a giant ice cube.  To help, we've rounded up some of the best cocktail mixers, bitters, and the like to help you round out your at-home bar and make your Fall season just a little bit more boozy (while in the comfort of your own home, of course).  Read it on Parade.      



[GIFTED] Morning People Mug

There are two kinds of people: the kind of people who wake up happy and greet the day with enthusiasm, and the kind of people who don't really snap into things until around 11am.  These are the people who boast Garfield-levels of Monday morning-hating and are those who have gotten broken up with because of their grumbly, snappish nature in the early mornings.

"DON'T TALK TO ME UNTIL I'VE HAD MY COFFEE," they warn, as if that's a sensible thing for an adult with a job to say out loud to anyone.

The thing with people who aren't "morning people," though, is that they're inevitably night owls (it could be argued that the reason why they're not morning people is because they stay up so late at night—sleep deprivation makes everyone pissy).  They might not be a party in the AM, but you can bet your ass they're a barrel of laughs in the PM.

For the type of people who are just grouches 'round the clock, though, this Morning People Mug ($16, Plasticland) is perfect.  They don't like morning people.  Or mornings.  Or people.  Enjoy your coffee!