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Pokemon GO has taken over.  Your Facebook feed is clogged with a combination of Pokemon GO memes you don’t understand and news stories about how everyone’s crashing their cars while trying to CATCH THEM ALL, whatever that means.  You walk down the street and have started seeing signs outside of stores, bars, and restaurants declaring that there’s a Bulbasaur inside or that they’re a certified Pokemon GO Gym.

You resisted playing it at first.  “What adult with a job and real responsibilities actually waste their time playing this?” you thought.  The answer?  Everyone.  Your brother. Your best friend.  Your babysitter.  Your co-worker.  The guy at the salad place you go to for lunch.  Your boss.  Everyone.    

So, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  Download the app and get ready to get obsessed.  To help first time Pokemon GO-ers, we’ve put together a Pokemon GO Starter Kit, with everything you need to truly catch them all.  Good luck out there, weirdos. Read it on Parade.


[GIFTED] Wooden Sail Boat 

There are two types of boaters: staunch motorboaters (get your mind out of the gutter) and sailboat devotees.  Each maintains that their way of boating is the superior way to go at it.  Motorboaters tend to be more simple—they want to be on the water, they want to have fun, and to them, having fun doesn't involve the enormous amount of work that goes into getting a sailboat up and running (what's also not fun: spending a ton of time rolling up sails after a day of boating/drinking).

That said, sailboat purists are satisfied by the work that goes into sailing.  They feel like Captain Ahab and shit.  They love to cut the motor, head into the wind, and peacefully glide across the water.  And for those people, gift them this beautifully-crafted Wooden Sail Boat ($145, Tanner Goods) that serves as a testament that when it comes to the best things in life, you have to work for them.    


[GIFTED] Wilson Brass Keyring

When you were young and broke, things like keychains mattered about 0% to you.  Here's what you had on your keyring: a bottle opener, your gym member key card, a million keys that you really no longer need to hold onto but you keep on your key ring because they're so friggin' hard to take off, and some dumbass keychain you got when you were drunk on Spring Break.  

But now that you're getting older, you want to be surrounded by nice things, especially if you subscribe to the whole "everyday carry" philosophy, which basically amounts to the thought that if you use something every day, it should be high-quality and something that you genuinely like and appreciate.  SO, if you're looking to ditch the shitty keychains of your youth in favor of an upgrade, look no further than this Wilson Brass Keyring ($15, Modern Anthology).  Made out of solid brass, its simple closure allows you to swap keys in and out easily, and the colorful rubber bit on the end adds a little stylistic flair to an otherwise utilitarian piece. 


[GIFTED] Incognito Flask

Picture it: you're going to the beach.  You've got a ton of shit to lug there—chairs, coolers, umbrellas, towels, books/magazines that you won't read, etc.  You've got a ton of beer and food, but you want to bring something else to whet your whistle.  Maybe some tequila, for instance.  Maybe some FIREBALLLLLLLLLL if you really want to have a shitshow on your hands. But you don't want to add to the weight by bringing a glass bottle.  Introducing the answer to this alcohol-on-the-go conundrum: the Incognito Flask ($7, Vapur). Lightweight and durable, this guy holds up to 10 oz of liquid (that's 10 shots for those of you playing along at home) and collapses down to nothing when empty.  Things are about to get rowdy. 


[GIFTED] Plane Industries Bags

If you know someone who spends a lot of time traveling, it's a good bet that they can tell you the small details that distinguishes one airline from another one.  Which airline has the most space in coach (JetBlue), the best snacks (JetBlue), the best frequent flyer program (Delta), always has private TV screens in every seatback (JetBlue), [typically] has the friendliest attendants (Southwest)—the list can go on forever.  

So when someone knows air travel so intimately, it makes sense for them to travel with something that has a piece of the plane (and we're not talking about the SkyMall catalog or the blanket you stole). Plane Industries Bags take old airplane seats and upcycles them into bags (and other accessories like phone and tablet sleeves).  It goes without saying that they're TSA-approved.