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[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Adorable Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

Halloween is almost here, and if you don’t have kids and you aren’t in college, you’ve got three options: 

1. Dress up anyway!  Just because you’re 32 years old doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, RIGHT?  WRONG.  Whether you’re going out on the town or your friend’s costume party, you never can quite shake the fact that you are a 32-year-old adult in a kitten costume (or whatever you’ve decided to dress as).  You end up either drinking too much to diminish your awkwardness, or you just leave early, walking home by yourself in a costume, feeling like an idiot.

2. Stay home and watch scary movies!  This is a solid choice.  You can enjoy some pumpkin beers, watch The Shining, and eat 700 tiny candy bars with the lights off.  But even though you think back to the last Halloween where you dressed up like a fool, you can’t help but look at people’s Instagram photos and feel like you’re missing out.  FOMO, it’s happening.

3. Dress up your dog!  Ohhhhh man—you’re the type of psychopath that will wrestle their dog into a hot dog costume, aren’t you?  You’re the type of pet owner that will take your costumed dog to a doggie costume parade in the middle of town, aren’t you?

If you’re partial to option 3, then you better get clickin’ on this slideshow, that rounds up 10 adorable Halloween costumes for your dog.  Read it here.


[GIFTED] Boozy Pop Candles

Back in your wilder days, you would go out drinking and the next morning your lover, mother, or angry roommate would admonish you, shouting, "YOU SMELL LIKE A BAR!" 

That's right, smelling like a bar called to mind all of the gross smells—sweet, desperation, cigarette smoke, and of course, the unmistakable smell of alcohol.  Now that you've settled down, though, your days of smelling like a bar are few and far between. 

Never fear, former boozehound—Jonathan Adler has just released these Boozy Pop Candles ($42 each) in scents like bourbon, champagne, and even vodka.  Now, thanks to these sleek-looking candles, your home can smell like a bar, and you can just smell like your usual scent of anxiety and unhappiness. 


[GIFTED] Shine Craft Vessel Co. Growler

More and more craft beer bottle shops are popping up all over major cities, and they're basically a beer geek's idea of paradise.  A beer geek's idea of NOT paradise, though, is mistakenly picking up a bottle of rare brew and paying $20 for a 12 ounces of it.  Not great, and it happens all. the. time

And so, that's why bottle shops, bars, and restaurants sell growlers.  Getting a growler is the perfect—and more economical—way to enjoy 64 ounces of your favorite craft beer in the privacy of your own home (re: in your underwear).  So if you know a beer geek who's also a minimalist, get him a Shine Craft Vessel Co. Growler ($60) which is handcrafted in the great state of Virginia, is gorgeous, and is available in a bunch of different colors.  


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Made Man Fall Getaways Packing List 

Fall is here, which means that you can do things outside without sweating your ass off.  I've put together another packing list on Made Man with everything you need to bring for your perfect Fall getaway, whether you're being forced to go apple picking with your girlfriend, or touring some breweries with your buddies.  Read it here.


[GIFTED] Arccos

You've played golf a few times in your life.  It's something different to do, and it's nice to be outside.  Very peaceful.  You can get beers from the beverage cart.  All of that.  But after around 6 holes, you start to get bored.  You wonder why in the hell you ever agreed to play 18 holes.  Around hole 11, your golf game begins to resemble the Battan Death March.  You ditch out at hole 15 to go get beers and sandwiches at the clubhouse.  

That's why you'll never understand the golf fanatic.  The guy who has a standng 7am tee time every Saturday to play 18 holes.  The guy who spends thousands of dollars on golf paraphenalia every year.  The guy who tracks his swing and his scores like a mad man.  The guy who watches golf on tv (literally the most boring thing on the face of the Earth). 

You don't have to understand him.  He's probably your father or your uncle anyway, and those are men you're not supposed to understand.  It's fine.  But if you want to make this golf fanatic's YEAR, turn him onto the Arccos ($400), a brand-new system that snaps directly onto his clubs, and—when paired with a companion App—tracks his golf performance (swing, speed, putting, performance by club used, etc) and gives him digestible data to review and improve his game, directly on the App.  His golf game will improve, he'll love you forever.  End of story.