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[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Best Slip-On Shoes for Summer

By the time summer arrives, we barely want to wear shoes of any kind. Our feet have been trapped in heavy wool socks and boots or dress shoes since October, and they’re looking for liberation, even if it’s just for a few months. That said, you can’t spend the whole summer in sandals, unless you never plan on going anywhere besides the beach and your back yard.

Slip-ons provide a happy medium between sneakers and sandals. You can wear ‘em sans socks so you’ll feel decidedly off-duty when you’re wearing them, but you won’t feel underdressed in a nicer setting like you would if you were sporting sandals. Truly, slip-ons bridge the gap in your summer plans, so we’ve rounded up 15 of the best of them. And really—who has time for laces when you’re trying to tackle all of the fun things you’ve got scheduled?  Read it at HiConsumption.


[GIFTED] Spool iPhone Dock

Because we are so beholden to our various devices, we live a life cluttered with endless cords snaking their way around everything in our homes and at our offices.  I like to think of myself as someone who seeks to live an uncluttered life, but even still, you'll find an ugly brown extension cord with a Macbook charger and a iPhone charger plugged into it sticking out from in the middle of my couch, which is ground zero for any at-home work.  

That's why you can get very interested in docks.  There are a ton of device docks that promise to free you from the cord monsters and bring some order and beauty into your life.  Most do a shitty job of it, mainly because they only accommodate your phone without your case.  Who wants to take their case off every time they want to charge their phone?  Nobody.  

That's why the Spool iPhone Dock ($65, Bite My Apple) is so awesome.  It's beautifully designed, using wood and felt and can accommodate various devices (like both your iPhone and your iPad), even if they've got cases on them.    


[YOU'RE WELCOME] 10 Amazing Mother-of-the-Bride Gifts

When you’re planning your wedding, there are about 10,000 things to consider.  The big things—like the venue, the caterer, the dress, the bridal party—take up time, of course, but it’s the little things that end up taking up the majority of your time without you even realizing it.  Things like fighting with your mother over whether or not her best friend from high school that she hasn’t spoken to in 30 years really needs to be invited or figuring out what favors you’re going to give out or explaining to everyone WHY you want to have an adults-only reception take up an INSANE amount of time.

That’s why when it comes time to figuring out what gifts to give to your bridal party or your parents, you often come up short.  You wish you had more time to think about it.  You wish you had put more thought into it.  So, if you’re getting married anytime soon and don’t want to be FILLED WITH REGRET the day after your wedding, take a gander at these suggestions for amazing, thoughtful Mother-of-the-Bride gifts.

They’re all guaranteed to make her sob uncontrollably, but that’s a given, since nearly every mother is a blubbering mess on her daughter’s wedding day.

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[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Best Sneakers for Summer on HiConsumption

You’ve gotten to the age where you’re old enough to question whether or not you should be wearing sneakers at all. Who are you, Dennis the Menace? Are boat shoes and loafers the most casual shoes you’re allowed to wear outside of the gym during the summer season?

Nope. Trust us on this. You can pull off sneakers your entire life, but being able to make it work starts with choosing the right pair to sport (classic profile, clean and unscuffed) and the right clothes to wear it with. Some guys look their most handsome wearing a fitted black suit and a pair of classic black Converses. And so, we’ve rounded up the best men’s sneakers to wear this summer, regardless of whether you’re just out of college or approaching a mid-life crisis. Read it on HiConsumption


[GIFTED] The Great Wide Open 

We'd all love to be outdoors all the time. You've got some marijuana-smelling cousin or former classmate who LOVES to corner you at a bar or family function to tell you about how great it is to live "off the grid" and not be "a slave to the man," but for us 9-to-5-ers, that's just not a reality.  That's why The Great Wide Open ($47, Amazon) is an important coffee table book for outdoor enthusiasts to have.  The glossy, photo-driven book will hold you over in between your vacations.  Another bonus?  Having it in your home will make you look outdoorsy, which is attractive to men and women alike.