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[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Celebrity Faves: Trisha Yearwood

You’re always watching commercials and seeing celebrities talk about how they love a particular brand of orange juice or TOTALLY use that down-market at-home hair dye, but you never know what they actually use. Does Kyra Sedgwick really love Tropicana? Does Tina Fey actually use Garnier hair dye? With Celebrity Faves, we’ll find out the products our favorite celebrities can’t live without, and then tell you where you can buy them for yourself. You’re welcome.  

Trisha Yearwood is a Grammy award-winning country music phenom. She broke into the business in the early 90’s and has been topping the charts consistently for nearly 30 years, selling over 15 million albums worldwide. In recent years, Yearwood has embraced her culinary side, turning her passion for food and entertaining into a Food Network series, Trisha’s Southern Cooking, a line of cookbooks (her most recent one, Trisha’s Table, debuted on The New York Times Bestsellers List), and even a line of cookware, Trisha’s Precious Metals. She lives in Nashville with her husband—another country music legend—Garth Brooks.  Read it here.


[GIFTED] Dorito Brooch 

We all knew a bunch of burnouts in college, and while they were fun to party with, you silently judged them and thought, "Sarah's a disaster—she's never gonna get it together."  While you were in the library working on your senior thesis, she was sitting cross-legged on the floor, smoking from a giant bong and subsisting on Totino's Pizza Rolls and Doritos.  

But for every 20 hot messes, there's one magical unicorn that comes out of it and is somehow super successful even though they still walk around looking like they're completely out of it.  You look at her in disbelief as she navigates the world successfully while still never getting anywhere on time or conforming to society's norms.  She's the type of person that could wear this very realistic-looking Dorito Brooch ($150, Magic Pony) on the lapel of her blazer at a business meeting and be deemed "brilliant" and "quirky" instead of "lazy" and "possibly high right now."  Kudos to her, I guess.  She's got it alllllll figured out.  Call it the Broad City effect.  



You’ve finally earned it. After all the time spent toiling away in the office during the week, or doing tedious chores all weekend long, you’ve earned yourself a day at the beach. Nothing but sand, sun, and saltwater (and, if you’re lucky—a cooler full of brews).

When packing for the beach, though, we tend to just want to bolt out the door with nothing but our swimsuits and sunglasses on. WRONG. When you get to the beach, you’re gonna be kicking yourself for not preparing properly. You’re going to want something to read. You’re going to want something to snack on. You’re going to need sunscreen and a towel.

That’s where a good beach tote comes into play. You don’t need a giant weekender bag. You don’t even want to deal with zippers. You just want something light that will carry your stuff from the car to the coastline and will stand up to water and sand like a champion. We’ve rounded up 14 of our favorite totes that will do exactly that. Picking out the perfect spot on the beach (away from kids and loud teenagers) is all on you.  Read it on HiConsumption


[GIFTED] Sob at Your Wedding Card

Whether it's a family member, a sibling, or a close friend—there's nothing that gets us teary-eyed quite like seeing someone we care about get married.  

You look at them standing at the altar, nervous and weepy and smiley all at once, and all you can see is the little kid you used to play in the yard with, the awkward middle schooler you had slumber parties with, the 18-year-old you used to sneak into bars with, and all of a sudden you're CRYING.  You're crying not just because this is such a big moment in their life, but you're also crying for the passage of time.  The people you were, the people you are, and the people you'll become.  

The feeling stays with you throughout the ceremony, while you're drinking room temperature Amstel Light at cocktail hour, and while you're dancing to the Black Eyed Peas on the dance floor. How did we get here? How are we so old?  You cry for it all.  And that's why there's no better wedding card than this Sob at Your Wedding Card ($5, Emily McDowell Studio). It doesn't come with tissues. Pack your own.  


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] 24 Mouth-Watering T-Shirts for Foodies

There are people who view food as fuel.  They eat to power their bodies, to get through the day.  And then there are foodies, who are the polar opposite to that group of FREAKS who can find no pleasure in a piping-hot wood-oven pizza or a heaping bowl of guacamole.  Foodies don’t just eat because they have to.  They eat because they love food—all food, from white tablecloth fare to greasy street food.  They want it all.  They go high-brow and low-brow.  Their social life is spent around a restaurant table or at dinner parties.

So, we’ve rounded up 24 t-shirts that will allow the foodie in your life to wear their love for food on their chest (metaphorically, for once).  Dig in.