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[GIFTED] Lazy Oaf Pizza Plate 

There are two types of people: people who like to cook homemade, nutritious meals, and those who like to order take-out.  Like, a lot of take-out.  Take-out in the morning, take-out in the evening, take-out at supper time (I guess the Bagel Bites jingle writers never noticed that "evening" and supper time" are one in the same).

I don't know how those people can possibly spend that much money on shitty, unhealthy food constantly, but you know what?  LIVE YO LIFE.  It can get a bit depressing eating out of paper bags and boxes, though, so if you've got a take-out junkie in your life, help them assemble a least a little dignity by buying him a couple of these Lazy Oaf Pizza Plates ($25 each).  Made specifically for scarfing down hot, cheesy slices of 'za on, they're the perfect gift for someone who has Dominos on speed dial. 


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Get the Look: Jake Gyllenhaal

When Jake Gyllenhaal first entered our collective consciousness, he was the boy next door with the puppy dog eyes who embodied everything women consider “cute.” But little Jake has grown up a lot since Donnie Darko, and in Southpaw, which opens this weekend, he’s less boy next door and more Incredible Hulk. We can help you co-opt Jake’s leading man outfits—the six-pack and veiny arms are all on you.  Read it on Made Man


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Best Men's Espadrilles for Summer

People have been sporting espadrilles since the 14th century, and the reason for their endurance could be attributed to the fact that they’re really, really comfortable.  They’re less formal than boat shoes but more formal than sandals.  They’re beachy and fun, and will look equally appropriate whether you’re hanging out by the pool or headed to the bar for some summertime cocktails on the patio.

And nevermind the fact that espadrilles used to be considered peasant shoes—now they’re favored by the jet set, and that’s why you’ll see a ton of good-looking offerings from designers across the board. Read it on HiConsumption


[GIFTED] Craft Beer BBQ Sauce Set 

During the summer, there's nothing better than beer and BBQ, so why not combine the two?  You think that's crazy?  YOU'RE CRAZY.  This Craft Beer BBQ Sauce Set ($35, Williams-Sonoma) offers three BBQ sauces made with high-quality brews (like Southern Tier Pale Ale, Shiner Bock, and Boulevard Pilsner) to create slather-worthy sauces for all of your summer BBQs.  It's the perfect gift to bring to a friend's BBQ, or it's the gift that will keep on giving to you, all summer long.      


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Uber-Fashionable Clothes for Kids

When you have a baby, you have a ton of clothes gifted to you—everyone LOVES buying pithy onesies for new babies. What you don’t tell anyone is that in the first few months of your child’s life, that kid is not wearing ANY of those clothes. Why not? Because somewhere between the first four days and first four months of that kid’s life, you and your child enter into a weird feral state where you’re both exhausted and cranky and covered in spit-up. You don’t have time or energy for “cute” clothes…for either the kid or yourself. You are merely SURVIVING.

But somehow, you get through that stage and advance to toddlerhood. Although you’re still tired, you have a little more energy to put toward dressing your kid in something other than a plain white onesie you bought in a four-pack from Target (and by now your kid is—hopefully—no longer throwing up every five minutes). So, in celebration of this milestone, we rounded up 9 über-fashionable outfits for your kid. Your kid will be the best-dressed child on the playground, and these clothes are so well-designed that you’ll look at them and be jealous that they don’t come in your size. Sorry, mom. Welcome to motherhood; your kid will always be cuter than you…well, except for those awkward pre-teen years—THAT’S your time to shine.  Read it here.