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[GIFTED] Pinterest Mug

If you mention Pinterest to a dude, he'll immediately say something like, "My wife is always on that!  She's always pinning shit. I don't understand it." 

It's true. While she lays in bed pinning into the wee hours of the night, planning her wedding, her sister's bridal shower, the color scheme in her future living room in the giant farmhouse she'll never buy, even the OUTFITS her non-existent children will wear (it's a thing, probably the craziest board that exists in Pinterestland), dude is just looking at ESPN.com or playing Solitaire.

Pinterest is the reason why mason jars played a big part in his wedding.  Pinterest is the reason why she's suddenly buying him gingham shirts and trying to convince him that he could "totally pull off a bow tie."  The Pinterest effect is impacting lives of men everywhere.

This mug ($16, Emily McDowell) perfectly illustrates this phenomenon, and is the perfect gift for the Pinterest obsessed lady and her unwitting husband.  Buy two, one for each of them.


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] 16 Gifts for Bookworms

Think back to middle school.  You were wearing oversized glasses and you were completely awkward.  While everyone else talked about the newest boy band, you had your nose in a book.  “What a loser,” they said.

Of course, life is hilarious, because you, the former “loser,” are all grown up now.  You’re educated, employed, and live a pretty fantastic life.  While you were out experiencing personal growth, the people who called you a loser were carving out a nice little hole for themselves to live in, right around the corner from your old school, coincidentally.  They are wearing hoop earrings and working in retail.  The most important question they ask throughout the course of their day is: “Is that debit or credit?”  YOU WIN, NERD.

So, we’ve rounded up 16 gifts for you and anyone else who would rather “curl up with a good book” than do pretty much anything else.  Read it here.

[GIFTED] Carpe Yolo Print

There are a lot of people who live by (or pretend to live by) the phrase Carpe Diem, which, of course, means "Seize the day."  You've seen it in self-help books, you heard it uttered by the late Robin Williams in The Dead Poet's Society, and you've seen it tattooed on broody literary types.  This went on for centuries, a perfectly good (if not a little shaky) life motto.

Then, YOLO rolled around.  You only live once!  A true, but obnoxious statement.  Throw caution to the wind, dbags!  YOLO.  Soon, it was YOLO this and YOLO that.  YOLO shirts and YOLO hats (what would Dr. Seuss say about YOLO?). 

It's inevitable that the two life mottos of insufferable douchebags would be combined and immortalized with this Carpe YOLO Print ($17, Josh Lafayette).  Hang it up at work and remember that you should seize the day while throwing caution to the wind. Carpe YOLO, man.  Carpe YOLO.


[GIVEAWAYS] Murray's Cheese Class from Better Ever After

Who doesn't like something for nothing? NOBODY. Listen up: with You're Welcome Giveaways, we're partnering with some of our favorite sites, brands, and artists to give you free stuff. Yeah, you're welcome, jerks.

When you were younger, you often joked to your friends that you wanted to get married just for the registry.  You couldn't wait for all of those fancy pots and pans and espresso makers and napkin rings!  But now that you're approaching 30 and approaching marriage, you're at a loss about what to put on your wedding registry.  You're a fully-functioning adult, so you already have pots and pans.  If you're that into espresso, you probably already bought yourself a machine.  You're also old enough to realize that you don't have the kind of lifestyle that will require real china and napkin rings.  So you end up putting a bunch of boring shit on your registry like nicer towels and sheets than you would normally buy for yourself (also, a Dyson vacuum) and secretly hope everyone shows up with checks instead.  

Enter Better After Ever, a new wedding registry that allows couples to register for experiences rather than things.  Currently available for New York City and Toronto, couples can have their family and friends buy them beermaking and cheesemaking classes, sailing lessons, and wine tours instead of towels and table runners.

And even if you're not in the market for a wedding registry, you can purchase these experiences for yourself and your main squeeze ala carte, because you are ROMANTIC and want to plan an unforgettable day together.

And speaking of unforgettable, romantic days together, the folks at Better Ever After are giving away a $100 gift certificate towards a Murray's Cheese class to one lucky You're Welcome winner (must be a NYC area resident).   

How do you enter?

Sign up below for the weekly You're Welcome e-newsletter and you'll be automatically entered to win.  Only NYC area residents are eligible for this giveaway.  Enter before 3pm ET on 9/19—the winner will be contacted by 5pm ET on 9/22.

And for those of you LOYAL readers who are already subscribers, you can enter too! Just send me an email with the subject line "I already subscribe!" and you'll be entered to win too!

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[GIFTED] Boom! Sculpture 

Interior designers are always saying that a room needs a STATEMENT PIECE.  When you're young, you're all like, "Hey, does this folding chair and Doors poster count as a statement piece?"  But now that you're an adult, you need to up your home design game.  

This Boom! Sculpture ($280, Handmade Font) is made out of concrete, making it dude approved because it's TOUGH.  It would look great in the living room or in the office, if you're the type of person who celebrates any professional triumph by screaming the word "BOOM!"  You could make it your signature statement, even.