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We all approach sunglasses very differently.  Some people invest in one pair of high-quality, expensive frames and wear them constantly.  Some people buy all sorts of different pairs and switch them out on a daily basis.  Other people couldn’t care less about sunglasses, buying whatever cheap pair looks the best at the drug store.

But whatever your stance on sunglasses is, when summer rolls around, you know you need at least one pair to accompany you on all of your summer fun in the sun activities.  We’ve rounded up the very best, most unique sunglasses to make you look good all summer long, whether they’re made out of wood, crafted out of denim, feature bendable or foldable frames, or are just straight-up good lookin’. Read it on Parade.  


[GIFTED] Leather Charging Wallet 

Here's a fun party trick: ask someone what percentage of charge their phone has to fall below in order to make them anxious.  You'll learn a lot about them.  The people who say 80% and under are completely addicted, the people who say 50% and under are moderately addicted, and the people who say they don't feel anxious at all (and are kind of relieved when their phone finally dies and gives them freedom from constant contact) are LIARS.  

Regardless of how anxious you get about your phone's dwindling battery life, being out and about and not having a functioning phone is a problem we all can relate to.  How will you be able to meet up with people? How will your girlfriend keep tabs on you?  How will you possibly even stay alive without checking your Instagram feed once per hour?

So, to answer this universal problem, there are now hundreds of portable chargers on the market.  Some are better than others, but even if they're small, they require space in a bag, which means they're great for women, not so great for guys who want to go to the bar with just their phone and wallets in tow.

Well, never fear—this Leather Charging Wallet ($120, Nomad) has a charger built right into a regular leather, slim-fit wallet.  When your phone is low on juice, you just open up your wallet, plug in your phone, and get charged up.  No accessories needed. 


[GIFTED] Fries!

As we get older, our tastes tend to get more refined.  You used to love to down whole bottles of Snapple Pink Lemonade but now you can't stomach how sickly sweet it is.  You used to hate spinach and now you think it tastes pretty damn good when sauteed in olive oil with a little garlic.  Life is weird, and so are our tastebuds. 

But there are some people for whom this phenomenon doesn't exist.  Their eating habits never graduated from the preferred dinner of eight-year-olds (french fries and chicken fingers).  You spend a lot of time coming up with restaurant suggestions whenever you get together because this person won't eat [insert delicious ethnic food here].  But, listen—you can roll your eyes as much as you want, but when it comes down to it, you can't REALLY argue with this fact: fries are delicious.  Pizza is delicious.  Chicken fingers are delicious.

So, embrace the infantile eating habits of your stupid friends and enjoy the simple things in life, like french fries, hot out of the fryer.  Sit together and pore over Fries: An Illustrated Guide to the World's Favorite Food ($11, Amazon) and tell him how right he is and how wrong you were about kale chips.  And, hey, if you want to make french fries fancy, just add some truffle to it.  TRUFFLE FRIES.  SO ADULT.   


[GIFTED] Poolside Ale

You begged your parents for a pool when you were a kid, and maybe you got one, or maybe you didn't (I did NOT get one).  Why?  Simply put—summertime activities revolved around whomever had a pool (underground always trumped aboveground in the backyard pool hierarchy).  If you had one, your popularity and social status skyrocketed.  If you didn't, you were left trying to convince your friends that running through a sprinkler or setting up a Slip 'n' Slide was just as fun as diving into a pool (wrong x 1,000).

And even though you're an adult now, having access to a pool (whether it's on the roof of your swanky apartment building or in your very own backyard) still makes you mega popular.  Everyone wants to get the hell out of the city in the summer, and if you've got a pool, a grill, and a fridge full of beers, your friends will make their way to your door in droves.  Yes, even if you live in NEW JERSEY.    

And what better beer to provide your friends with for poolside imbibing than Bell's Brewery Poolside Ale, which invokes every positive summertime memory around swimming.  The memories associated with being insecure in a bathing suit should stay where they belong—in the back room of your memory.  


[GIFTED] Damn it Feels Good Mug

Sometimes it takes a huge amount of energy to just get out of bed, get dressed, and get to the office.  Then, you get to the office and you're bombarded by a ton of stupid emails before you even have a chance to breathe or regulate your morning caffeine intake.  

It's frustrating, but there is something about getting down to business, knocking out emails, crossing shit off of your to-do list, and generally being a responsibility champion.  Real gangster shit right there, I'm tellin' ya. That's why this Damn it Feels Good Mug ($15, Meriwether)—filled with strong coffee—is perfect to accompany you on a morning of getting shit done.