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[GIFTED] House Beer 

If you are in your late 20s or early 30s, you probably wrestle with your beer choices.  Why?  Because you went to college before the craft beer revolution, which means you drank an obscene amount of macrobrewed beer because it was cheap, available, and easy on your unrefined palate.  MAYBE you'd drink a Sam Adams if you were being fancy, but your beginning days of drinking were filled with Bud and Coors and (shudder) Natty Ice.

But post-college, you got swept up in the craft beer revolution, and now you and your refined palate are kind of embarassed to order a watery macrobrew, even though you know that if you're going to drink 10 beers on the beach, it can't be a 9% ABV brew.  

Enter House Beer, which gives you the best of both worlds.  It's light enough for easy drinking on a hot summer day, but is a small enough operation to make it qualify as "craft."  Drink up.     

[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] How to Look Great at Every Friggin' Wedding You Have to Attend This Summer 

Ah, wedding season! The time in which you fork over your hard-earned cash and vacation time to stand in a big open space with a warm Amstel light in-hand, listening to two people you don’t really like commit themselves to each other for all of eternity.

Okay, it’s easy to make generalizations, and the truth is that a lot ofweddings you’ll be attending this season will be very different from one another, which means your attire and general attitude need to be different, as well.

We’ve decided to help you out. Consider this your go-to guide for what you need to wear to every friggin’ wedding you have on your calendar this summer. See you at the open bar.  Read it on Made Man


[GIFTED] Giant Playing Cards

Summertime weekends are perfect for lazing around—whether it's at the beach or in your backyard (preferably by the pool, if you're lucky enought to have one).  During those lazy days, you want something to keep you occupied, but nothing too heavy on the brain (especially if the brain is addled with a few beers).  Things like a frisbee or a deck of cards are perfect for that.  

These Giant Playing Cards ($22, Tuckernuck) are also perfect for that, not only because they're emblazoned with summertime-appropriate illustrations of ice cream cones, but also because they're large-format and—perhaps most importantly—waterproof.  



[GIFTED] Three Nights Wine Box

We're rolling up into wedding season and although most people who are getting married really only want cash to help recoup on the ridiculous amount of money they've thrown into the industrial wedding complex, there are some gifts that they'd love to receive, and chief among them is BOOZE.     

This Three Nights Wine Box ($130, Uncommon Goods) checks all the boxes of being sentimental and nice while also providing the happy couple excuses to get schloshed.  Fill it with 3 bottles of your favorite whatever (there's no rule that says it HAS to be wine), and they can enjoy your present not once, not twice, but three times.   

[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] 13 Graduation Gifts Under $75

By the end of this month, legions of kids will graduate college and be released into the real world.  They’re all shiny and happy and excited to start their lives.  They’re bursting with possibility and hope. Ah, remember that?  Remember youth?

But listen—we all know that once the graduation party hangovers dissipate, these kids are going to have to face the cold, dark reality that they have to work for a living.  They have to learn how to pay for things on their own and juggle relationships with friends and family living all over the country instead of in the dorm room next to them.  Welcome to adulthood, where the weight of your responsibilities will feel like a grand piano on your chest (and this is before you even have a family!).  Want to help a young loved one more easily transition into the hellish next chapter of their lives?  Get them one of these gifts, which you won’t have to spend more than $75 on because you’ve got a mortgage to pay for. Read it on Parade.