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Halloween is approaching, but that doesn’t mean you need to stuff your face with sub-par candy that you bought at the drug store in a moment of after-work stress and anxiety. Instead, pick up any (or all) of these 14 sweet treats that are decidedly-Halloween friendly (and way more interesting than an Almond Joy).  Read it here.    


[GIFTED] Six Pack Plates

Everyone always talks up wine pairings for food, but you know what also goes GREAT with food?  Beer! If you said "water," get the hell off my blog, you boring dbag. 

Yeah, yeah, pizza and beer are the classic combination, but let's go high-brow.  Have you ever had a really crisp pilsner with some oysters?  A spicy saison with some Thai food?  A chocolate stout as a replacement for dessert entirely?  Awwwwww hell yeah.

If you're well-versed in the beer/food pairing arts or about to dive in after my delicious suggestions outlined above, pick up these adorable Six Pack Plates ($10, Crate & Barrel), that will help foster your fancy beer pairings, whether you're arranging a tasting for a few friends, or for yourself, on the couch, in front of the TV, watching New Girl


[GIFTED] Sunday is God's Day T-Shirt

FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL.  For the guys who are obsessive football fans, it can become their religion.  In fact, it probably HAS been their religion for a long time.  Like, since their father imparted it to them.  Some people's religion is Judaism, other people's religion is football.  They have their father and/or their weird uncle to thank for that.     

And for the latter group of people, they worship at the temple of their couch and TV every Sunday during football season.  They take communion in the form of beer and nachos.  They develop Seasonal Affective Disorder when football season comes to an end. 

So if you know and love this type of guy, then pick him up this Sunday is God's Day T-Shirt ($16, Headline Shirts), which lets everyone know his real religious affliation.


[GIFTED] Style RX Pill Case

There are moments when you're reminded how fantastic life really is.  It's usually when you're drinking on a rooftop as the sun goes down, or at the birth of your child or something. 

And then there are moments when you're reminded how fucking terrible it can be.  That's usually when you or someone you care about are diagnosed with an illness.  Their life changes in an instant.  They're going to a million doctor's appointments.  They're having to take tons of medications.  It sucks.  But as they negotiate their new normal, you should check in on them and bring this Style RX Pill Case ($34, Inspired By Dawn).  If they're now having to take tons of medication, they'll appreciate having a fun, sleek cover for their boring, standard days-of-the-week pill container. 


[GIFTED] Pen Orgy Pencil Case

Remember the days of AWAY MESSAGES?  In the days when Away Messages were things, there was always at least one girl you knew who would put up an away message that said, "If you were my homework I'd be doing you on my desk all night long."  If your college's library was named after some old guy named James, she'd put up suggestive Away Messages like, "Spending the entire night with James ;)"  COOL MESSAGES, ya slut.

What she was doing, of course, was trying to make an evening full of essay writing and text book reading sound fun and salacious.  We still knew she was writing an essay about the mythological significance of ravens in literature for her Intro to Lit class, though. And so, for this girl, there's no better gift than this Pen Orgy Pencil Case ($13, Brit & Co.)—even if she's not a student anymore.  Her sense of humor is still the same.  You know it.